Friday, June 3, 2011

a garden update.

i just wanted to give you a little update on our garden. i was watering yesterday and found a little buddy in one of the marigolds.

it's a frog. we have a lot of frogs around here.

side story: the other night i got out of the shower and we have a big window in our bathroom that's made of that wavy glass so you can't see the naked people inside and there was a big ole frog stuck to the outside of the window. he was hanging out there cause i had the light on inside and bugs were coming to the window. he was eating them, clever little frog.

then i looked down and saw another frog right on the ground! i was like, "wow! two frogs in one day!" and then i realized he wasn't moving, so i poked him. he was dead. all dried up.

isn't that funny?! it looked like he just walked over there and died. and then dried up. so weird.

enough about frogs. my zucchini is looking good. with lots of blooms.

and we have two little baby tomatoes!!

how cute are those?! they're romas so that's why they're weird shaped.

and now for the bad news..

something ate three of my strawberries. it's on.

and then there was poop!


three turds! can you believe it?!

i like that saying, "if you're gonna act like a turd, go lay in the yard." but if you're an actual turd go lay in someone else's yard! you don't belong here.

pesky animals. stop eating my berries and pooping in my garden. get your own ecosystem! this one is for me and the frogs!

1 comment:

  1. A few thoughts for my sweet Jo girl:

    1- the first little beastie is a toad. They do well in low water situations. The second is a frog- they need water, which is why it was dried up.

    2- Your plants need fertilizer- I suggest a handful of 10-10-10, available at Lowes or Walmart, around each plant, about 2-3 inches from the stem of each plant. Don't get a big bag- a small amount will do fine for this season, and it doesn't keep well.

    3- That is indeed cat poop. They are eating well.

    That is all - Daddy :-)


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