Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cma festival and whether i wore a bra or not. part 2.


first and foremost, look at my handsome cowboy. what a hunk.

and now for the are-teests..

that josh turner can sing. whooo. bryant said he's going to work on developing his bass singing voice and i am in no way opposed to that idea.

trace adkins is a scary man and martina is amazing.

and rascal flatts was there. they're fun.

and they handed out these little lights to shine during one of RF's songs. it was really cool looking.

once again, we didn't get home until about 2. and normally you're asleep at 2, so you don't know that you're hungry. but we were up and starving! we stopped at steak and shake and got some little burger shooters. yummm. they're the perfect little size. if you have 2 or 3.

and now for what i'm sure you really are reading for. bra or no bra? that is the question.

it's true that friday night was ultra comfy with the lack of bra, but i was really concerned i was gonna have a nip-slip all night. i just kept yankin' at my shirt and looking down to make sure i was all tucked in. so, begrudgingly, i wore a bra saturday.


i was really excited about taylor. and she can sing, but she's a weirdo. she was dancing around all loopy and skipping and stuff. it was strange. i'll stick to listening to her on the radio, cause she is just too awkward on stage. and that's saying a lot since i usually don't mind awkward.

hootie and blake and miranda were awesome.

and scary man, trace adkins, showed up again to sing hillbilly bone with blake.

and band perry came. and sang their creepy funeral song. if i die young, please do not wrap me in satin and sink me in a river. and for crying out loud, do not hold my funeral at dawn. who would show up at dawn?!

with that being said, i like band perry. i just think she is gonna have a freaky funeral.

and no bra sunday! but i wore a cami with one of those built-ins. so there was ample coverage. and comfort.

it was a fun weekend. there were great acts every night. definitely worth staying up super late 4 nights in a row!

and last but not least, the longer we were at the festival the more and more we were thankful for a son. we'll now be trying for all boys. or 17 boys and 1 girl. in that order.

put on some clothes, ya hoochies! unless you're hot, sweaty, and pregnant. then take that bra off! amen.

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