Saturday, June 11, 2011

cma festival and whether i wore a bra or not. part 1.

i love country music. and bryant finally likes country music. it only took me 7 years to convince him..

so we got tickets to all 4 nights of the cma festival this year. don't worry, we got the cheapo seats. you know my motto, concerts are about hearing the person, not seeing them.


bryant had to work, so me and meghan went to the festival during the day. it was crowded and freaking hot. but we had a good time. and got some sun. and sweat out about 15 pounds. each. and we saw a whole lot of scantily clad women. lucky us! however, i can't blame them too much. it was hot, and in those temperatures, people have to go to extreme measures to ensure comfort..

we saw gary allan.

and craig morgan. his violinist goes to church with us and plays the violin at church! cool, huh?

and we saw a whole buncha other folks too.

then i met up with bryant for the night time concert.

i was a big gross-o.

now get ready for some awful, taken from the cheapo seats, concert pictures.

great show! ZBB and jason aldean rocked it!

and my main man brad. it just doesn't get any better than brad.

with alabama!! how cool is that?!

so thursday night i got so miserably hot and had been that way all day, i just had to take my bra off. ladies, don't lie, you know how good it feels to break free from that undergarment! as soon as it leaves your body, your comfort level sky rockets! now that may be tmi for you, but it was quite hilarious shimmying my bra off in a public place. [i sure wasn't going to go to the bathroom and miss the show just to break free!] i guess there's a first time for everything.

and it really did make me feel better.


i had every intention of going back all day with meghan. but i was pooped from thursday. we didn't get into bed until 2:30-3 am. and i just was not feeling sitting out in that hot all day. so i skipped out.

and since i wasn't out there all day, i wasn't quite as gross by the time we got to the night time concert.

and to save myself from the feat of shimmying off my bra without being noticed by innocent bystanders, i just didn't wear one. problem solved.

i wasn't impressed with keith urban, but i'm not a huge fan anyway. i'm also not a big fan of sugarland, but i left the show liking them a whole lot more! they're fun. i wanna hang out with jennifer nettles. this may be because of her rendition of my anthem, bootylicious. i don't think you're ready for this jelly. i just don't want her to sing the stuck like glue song.

and shania came out to introduce sugarland, but didn't even sing. and right when i was starting to feel like a woman! what a tease!

and the head liner, reba. fancy was her name.

she didn't sing that much, which was disappointing.

stay tuned for part 2 which will include more professional photos of the concerts on saturday and sunday night. and i will tell you about the bra situation. i know you're dying to know what my wardrobe choice was.

hold your horses, it's worth the wait.


  1. so thankful to know all about your bra or lack there of! though actually i am impressed with the bra shimmy.

  2. Thanks for getting that stupid Stuck Like Glue song in my head goob!

  3. I'm proud to know you didn't wear a bra, but I don't know if I'm more proud of that or the fact that you took your bra off!

  4. In the wise words of Andrea Duncan, "Girls, get UNBOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That is our response to having to wear a bra all this story truly hit home with me.

    You're a hoot. I'm super jealous you got to see Brad. But I'm glad you had a good time. Part 2 can't come soon enough...=)


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