Monday, June 20, 2011

bryant's father's day.

bryant just bought a weed eater. and i told him that was his father's day gift. i know. i'm the sweetest wife ever.

but i did buy him a card.

and when he opened the envelope, this is what he said, "is this penises? are those penises?! are these all penises?!?!" getting louder with every question.


he was referring to the safety pins. they do eerily resemble male genitalia.

life in our household. me trying to be sentimental, bryant yelling about penises on his card. it's never dull around here.

happy monday.


  1. They do!! That's hysterical!

  2. I saw them before I read any further. Obviously, someone in the editorial department at Hallmark is blind!

  3. Thats the same card that I got for Anthony last year.


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