Friday, May 27, 2011


we've grown a few strawberries. the first three went bad before we ate them. but i picked one and ate it yesterday. it was tiny. but there was a whole buncha yummy packed in that tiny berry. i hope the rest of our harvest is just as delicious.

bryant's sister, melinda, turned 30 yesterday. she came in for a visit this weekend. we ate mexican food to celebrate her cumpleaƱos.

and i made her a cake.

and it was gooood. i make a mean cake. i used to bake all the time and i rarely do anymore. maybe i'll start again. who couldn't use more cake in their life?!

and we saw a rainbow. the whole bow. that's the second whole bow we've seen this month!

i wanna know where tha gold at.

also, everyone is complaining about the cicadas. they haven't really bothered me. i mean, they look like demons with those red eyes. and they're loud. but they're dying in like 2 weeks.. i didn't know they died that quick. i thought they'd be around all summer. so all i'm saying is, suck it up, ya big complainers. life's too short. for us, but especially for the cicadas.

bryant's on vacation starting today. and i'm gonna smooch on him all week. just cause i can.

over and out.

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