Monday, May 9, 2011

the weekend.

i feel like we had a pretty chill weekend. saturday i went wedding dress shopping with kayla. she tried on some pretty schtuff. i'm pumped about her wedding, even though it's a year away. but that just means we get to plan for a whole year! and i'm gonna be the matron of honor, which gives me motivation to loose the baby weight after the baby is outta me.

and saturday night my husband took me on a date.

to lowe's.

i really like going there. we were scouting out some prices for the next furniture bry is gonna build. we're always up to something over here.

and then we ate at texas road house. it was yum. we hadn't ate out just the two of us in a while.

i also learned something about my new body. i had already eaten out at olive garden with kay, momma, and ang earlier saturday after the shopping. and apparently i don't have as much room in my belly area as i used to. i was so stuffed from all that restaurant food, i was miserable. like, really miserable. soo, i guess i won't be eating as much as i was able to before, anytime soon.

my mother's day was grand. my momma and daddy and husband got me two rocking chairs for the front porch. score!

and bry got some clothes for the babe. he went to babies'r'us all by himself and picked them out and everything. how precious is that?! he's gonna be such a sweet daddy.

and he planted me a rose bush. how about those $5 rose bushes at lowes? what a dealio!

and while he was out working in the yard, he found a little buddy..

it's been so pretty outside. i'm in love. now, if they'd only open the pool, so i can take my big ole belly over there and get a tan.

and i went shopping with momma today and got a whole buncha new summer clothes! ptl, cause those capris weren't cuttin' it! i was burning up!


  1. I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day! Love all the outside stuff, and we too love to go to Lowe's.

  2. oh yeah - love the rockers!!! major score!

  3. I love that you date at Lowe's! It isn't a real date if the hubby and I don't hit Lowe's lol!


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