Thursday, May 12, 2011

thursday morning.

WARNING: if you don't like pictures of dead animals, you will not like this post!!

or maybe you will. take a walk on the wild side.

thursday morning, i had my alarm clock set for 5:30. i was scheduled to be at chicfila at 6:30 to pick up breakfast for a board meeting at 6:45. i would leave the meeting early to get to my dentist appointment at 8:00.

this is what actually happened.

6:50 - receive phone call from our secretary asking if i need help bringing the breakfast in. i was still asleep.

7:00 - run out the front door. see a dead rabbit in the middle of the road right in front of my house. i don't have time to deal with this. i'm already late.

7:15 - arrive at meeting 3o minutes late.

7:50 - leave meeting early for dentist appointment. i'm the employee of the year.

8:07 - arrive at dentist. get teeth cleaned. i complain about the sensitivity i've been having since they filled a cavity in november. i'm told it could take up to two years to go away. funny how the cavity didn't bother me until they filled it..

8:45 - drive home. pray that a vulture has swooped down and carried the dead rabbit far far away so that i don't have to deal with it. or at least that it isn't squooshed all over the road.

9:00- try to shovel a half wobbly half rigamortis rabbit off the road.

9:01 - rethink shoveling the rabbit and call momma to tell her about the grossness i am experiencing.

9:10 - second attempt at shoveling rabbit.

9:13 - go inside. wash my hands. get some water. go back outside. sit in rocking chair. stare at rabbit.

9:20 - give myself pep talk. "lindsey jo! get it together! you're no wimp! get out there and clean up that rabbit!!"

9:25 - sandwich wobbly/rigamortis rabbit between shovel and scrap wood. deposit rabbit into trash can.

9:30 - wash my hands of this.

normally i'm not against dead rabbits. they eat my plants and they should die. but they should pick a better place to die than right in front of my dang house. go off in the wilderness or something!

dang rabbit.



    You just made me cry at work!!!! I am laughing so hard!!! I love you so much. you are wonderful. we should live closer together!!!


  2. OHHH Blogger is so back up :) So As I was eating dinner last night (Turkey Dog) I decided to read this. I had to quit. Not sure what a turkey dog has to do with a rabbit but none the less...they rested in peace together. LOL


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