Saturday, May 28, 2011

pregnancy: week 19.

i'm 20 weeks pregnant. do you know what that means?! HALF WAY BABY!! that's nuts!

please excuse this week's picture. we were out on the lake all day today, so i look frazzled and a tad bit burnt.

in the 19th week of the pregnancy..

symptoms: still sick with dumb allergies. it snot fun. get it? it'S NOT fun. snot. everything else is fine and hairy dandy. i've been super blessed in this pregnancy. i hope the kiddo's this easy when it's living outside the womb.

weight gain: i said last week i'd gained like 10 lbs. but i think 7-8 lbs. is more accurate. i'll update you after my doctor's appointment (tuesday) though, cause you know how trusty my scale is.

eating/cravings: popsicles and cereal. i've just been hungrier this week. maybe the kid is hitting a growth spurt, and the only thing to satisfy it's needs is a daily afternoon bowl of cereal.

movement: YES! the kid is going to town! and bryant felt a movement from the outside on wednesday night! but seriously, the babe has been super active the last few days. it's pretty cool that there's a human moving around in there.

stretch marky-marks: yes and yes. my new life motto is - get new marks and keep the old, some are silver the other gold.

gender: can you believe we'll know what kind of kid this is in THREE DAYS?! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

other schtuff: i picked out a crib. and i have a possible dresser picked out, but i'm still praying about it. since it's such an important decision and all.. and i got more summer clothes with my birthday money. shorts and t-shirts. my standard uniform. you don't realize how many clothes you wear until you don't have any that fit.

pep talk: three more days, lindsey jo. and then you'll get to shop and plan to your little heart's content. hold it together. it's just 72 hours. be an adult. you can do this.


  1. if by 36 hours, you mean 72, then yes... :)

    but I AM SO EXCITED TOO! i was thinking about that bebe today and getting to know what kind of bebe it is.

    you better call me! I don't think i can wait for the declaration of the pinata!

  2. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S GO GENDER!!!!!! I'm ready to know about little bun!!!!!!
    Hold can do it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you are just so cute! i have really enjoyed reading all of your preggo posts and seeing the tummy grow! can't wait to know what you're having!!!


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