Sunday, May 22, 2011

pregnancy: week 18.

19 weeks pregnant! and i got to be in beth ann and jared's wedding on saturday, therefore, here's a bump picture in my fancy dress..

in the 18th week..

symptoms: i was super sick this week. allergies. boo that. but pregnancy-wise i feel good. i guess that's why they call the 2nd trimester the honeymoon period. besides the fact that i'm still hairy. and some other things that don't hurt but shouldn't be written on the internet.. cause i'm a lady.

weight gain: regardless of how whacko my scale is, i can't go on blaming it. i've gained about 10 lbs. depending on when i weigh, etc. that's pretty much on track. i think.

eating/cravings: i've lost my appetite. probably from the sickness. it can feel free to return any time.

movement: baby is moving all the time. but you still can't feel it from the outside.

stretch marks: yep. still getting them. no more belly ones yet there's more belly ones as of sunday morning. and the other ones are making themselves right at home. there's one near my groin. really?! is my groin growing?! this is ridiculous.

gender: well, ya know how i've thought boy all along. i'm kinda thinking girl now. and bryant said he still thinks boy, but kinda hopes it's a girl, so we can be more surprised and everybody will be wrong. but more people have been guessing girl and changing their guess to girl lately. this is fixing to be the longest 10 days ever. and the kid better cooperate and show the goods, or they're getting a spankin'!

other stuff: we've decided on our names. we've been set on the boy name, but were struggling with the girl name. but we've finally decided and i'll tell you in approximately 10 days!!!


  1. You are just too precious! Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. I can't wait to see that belly... and feel Kari's new friend moving in that belly! I just realized she'll be getting close to a year old when Baby C is born. Just old enough to seem like a giant, and make her momma want another baby. I see a pattern forming.


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