Friday, May 13, 2011

pregnancy: week 17.

i'm 18 weeks pregnant! what what!

there's not much to say about week 17. it was uneventful. no real symptoms or cravings.

i got some new clothes for the summer. some shorts and such. i need some more tank tops and maybe a dress or two, but i think i'm pretty set. i've been slathering myself with cocoa butter twice a day. who knows if it'll help the stretch marks, but it can't hurt soo..

i also realized that i won't be able to lay out on my stomach this summer. so my front will be tan and my back will be pasty-paste. i've contemplated getting a junky lawn chair and cutting out a big hole for the belly to fit in. we'll see.

also, people have started touching the belly, which i don't mind. bring it on! touch the bell-ay! now when the babe is out of the uterus, bathe in germ-x first and then we'll see if you can touch it. i'm not making promises.

and i think strangers can tell that i'm pregnant and not just think that i've eaten one too many doughnuts, which is nice.

that's about all folks! see, not exciting. except for the whole "there's a kid growing inside me" thing. that's pretty exciting.

btw, 16 days til we know what flavor this kid is! and tomorrow, we'll be exactly 5 months from the due date. this kiddo will be here in no time!

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