Thursday, May 5, 2011

pregnancy: week 16.

17 weeks! that means 3 more until halfway!

as for the 16th week..

symptoms: not much, i feel great! but, i'm definitely getting hairier. tara, get out the bleach kit! [reference to that one time i bleached my body hair in high school. it didn't turn out well. i was a goofy and hairy kid.] i'd post a picture of my manly stomach hair, but you may never come back to this blog again, and i like you and want you to come back. i might show you in person. maybe. if you ask nice and then tell me that i still look like a woman. but if that's not a sign of extra testosterone pumping through my veins, i don't know what is. so we're either having a boy or a hairy girl, which would make sense being that i'm a hairy girl..

ok, enough about body hair..

cravings/eating: fish tacos. fish. more fish. i don't know why i've been wanting fish so much, but i ate it 3 times this week. probably shouldn't eat anymore for a while since fish isn't the best thing for the babe.

*epiphany. what if the extra hair and the desire for fish are just signs of what's to come?! am i turning into a grizzly bear?!?!

maternity clothes: yes!

weight gain: who knows?! my scale/weight is back to being a lunatic, so i don't know.

stretch marks: the existing ones have been slowly creeping up my hips and i guess it's fitting that i woke up on mother's day weekend with a stretch mark on my stomach. well, two if we're gonna be technical. i knew this day would come. i'm prone to stretch marks and have about a million from puberty. it was just a matter of time. so with stretch marks arriving at 17 weeks, i'm excited to see what my belly will look like at 40 weeks. beautiful, i'm sure. happy mother's day to me.

other stuff: ok, so what i felt was definitely the baby moving around in there. it's been moving a lot! i've read that most people feel their babe at night, when they go to bed. but i feel movement throughout the day and mostly at dinner time and rarely when i'm going to bed. this kiddo just wants to be different.

also, i got my first cloth diapers! well, they aren't mine. i have no intentions of wearing them. but i'm pumped.

i got 4 happy heinys mini onesize and they sent me a free onesize (the green one). i can't wait to put a little butt in that fluff! they're so cute and tiny! and don't you worry your little self, i'll place a more gender specific order once we know the gender specifics. in three weeks!!


  1. Lindsey Jo!! You look so beautiful!!!! I'm reading your blog and I just wanna cry! I am definitely having sympathy hormones :) (though hopefully not the testosterone ones)

    I am just so excited for you and brybear and this baby. I still think about this baby all the time and I just love him/her so much already! I CANNOT wait to see you in less than two weeks! :) :)

  2. I can definitely share my bleaching expertise with you.

    Love that belly, and the fish craving is awesome. I had a week that I loved to eat Krystals and chocolate doughnuts. Yeah.

  3. I second Emily, you really are so beautiful! Definitely got that motherly glow. =) I'm so excited and loving that baby bump. It's hard to believe 3 weeks will be the halfway point for you guys.

    Love seeing you last weekend, but not gonna lie, I'm pretty pumped for the circumstances of our next encounter. haha! Love you!

  4. You are looking amazing with your pregnancy. I love the cloth diapers, btw, I kinda of wish that I would have went with those.

  5. I love you my beautiful girl! But I am concerned about the cravings...your mom craved beanie weenies when she carried you. I think a little bit carried over. (Beanie or weenie...I'll let you decide.)


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