Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my birthday..

was yesterday. it was a good day. i got lots of cute gifts and cards and gift cards. i slept late and didn't do too many chores. and i got to talk to a bunch of people that i love. that was my favorite part.

bryant took me on a hot date. i wanted to go to blue coast because of my constant craving for fish tacos. but when we got there they said they were out of fish. what?! don't you know whose birthday it is?! so we left and went to a japanese restaurant instead. then we went to maggie moo's. it was a delicious birthday dinner, even without my beloved fish tacos. and he bought me an ice cream maker. and it's a big momma one. 6 whole quarts!

i'm pumped about the ice cream we're gonna be churning out this summer! i'll make this and then i'll turn right around and make this.

i love ice cream.

so that's that. i'm 22. here's to an exciting year! the year i will be married for 4 years and give birth for the first time. and the year for a bunch of other exciting stuff i'm sure.

also, we're contemplating bryant doing a guest blog. what do you think? do you have any questions for him? any ideas about what he should blog about, besides how wonderful it is to be married to me? or should he just wing it? maybe a vlog?

this could get interesting.


  1. AHHH i freakin love homemade ice cream! i'm going to drop out of school and pitch a tent in your backyard. that way anytime you make ice cream, i'll be there.

    what i want to hear from bryant:
    -thoughts on fatherhood
    -any embarrassing/funny stories he has about you, particularly from high school
    -what he wants to do with the youth group
    -a list of his favorite things you cook
    -where does he see your blog in five years?

    he should probably start his own blog to answer all my questions.


  2. Happy birthday!! Hope that ice cream maker will come in handy this summer!


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