Thursday, June 2, 2011

i married a man who builds me stuff.

we've been using bryant's bachelor-days tv stand. and it does the job, but it looks junky. and you can see all our movies and crap. i wanted something nice, that covers up the wires and schtuff.


so since bry is on vacation this week, he volunteered to build me something. it probably woulda took the average man a week, but bryant is so goal oriented and when he starts a project, he will work 'til it's finished. that means we stayed up to 2am working on this dang cabinet [mostly him]. and then the next day did a little more work. and recruited some finishing help from my daddy and my pap when they showed up for our gender reveal party.

that may be the last time they come to our house for a party. ha. but he/we/they finished it and it looks sooo good!

here's some action shots..

it was so hot and sweaty. he was probably hating me. but how cool is it that he cut out all that wood and screwed it all together and built something?! bryant's quite the seasoned furniture builder these days.

and without further ado, here's my new faux apothecary table/tv stand/awesomeness..


isn't it beautiful?? i can't get over it! it really makes the room look different. i love it!!

way to go brybear. you're such a man. and i promise to give you at least a one week break before i come up with a new project for you, i mean us.


  1. that is soo beautiful!! oh my goodness!! way to go bryant!! he is as crafty as you are lindsey jo!

  2. It looks incredible! Way to go Bryant!


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