Friday, May 20, 2011


brinner = breakfast for dinner.

and i feel like i talk about it all the time on the blog. i promise i make other meals. like tacos. but we do really love brinner.

so bryant was in chattanooga the other day on business. and he got me some aretha frankenstein's pancake mix. it's been on food network and stuff, so i was excited to try it.

and it was good. it may have been cause you use real buttermilk in the mix. i wonder if that would make the bisquik mix taste better.. not that it tastes bad. i'll take a bisquik pancake any day. anyway, i love pancakes. and these pancakes were good. real good.

also, on a completely not brinner related note, our mighty pines are dead as a doornail. bryant will mow them down for their memorial service. RIP mighty pines. way to live about a day. you sucked at life.

i even watered them and showed them love and they still died. stupid trees.

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