Wednesday, May 11, 2011


the past few days i have felt overwhelmingly blessed and content and happy. not that i'm not those things everyday, but i've felt it more over the past few days.

i am so in love with bryant. what a blessing to have met him when i was just 15. i got to avoid so much heartbreak and for that i am thankful! i feel like our relationship gets better and better all the time. he loves me so well. i think that's my new advice for new marrieds: "figure out what it takes to make your spouse feel so loved and then do it." bryant is probably better at living that advice than i am. but i do the laundry.

and just in case you were wondering what my old advice for new marrieds is: "wife, ask your husband for help. husband, help your wife without being asked." i wish we would have had that advice for our first year of marriage. instead of all the "keep Christ at the center of your marriage." really!? that's groundbreaking advice!!

and i am so excited about this season of my life. i've wanted for so long to be a mom and i'm finally getting that opportunity. i was telling my parents last night that people keep telling me how miserable i'm going to be this summer (because apparently this summer is the first summer in history it's going to be hot?) and i know being a parent is going to change our life and that it's going to be hard sometimes. but i want to experience those things! i have prayed for this baby and i want to experience this pregnancy! i want to experience parenthood! even the crappy parts. i know that God is going to teach me so much through this process and i'm excited about it!

someone out there just said, "she says that now." that's one of my other favorite things to hear. second only to how miserable i'm going to be this summer.

anyway, what i'm getting at is that i feel genuinely content with my life right now. i love my family. i love my friends. we are continually blessed way more than we deserve.

and because a post isn't a post without a picture, here's some grapes..

they are pretty yummy.


  1. wonderful post! loved it all! call me sometime soon please :)

  2. What amazing words of encouragement for newly weds!
    I'm so happy for you! You are going to be an amazing mother. Love you!

  3. Good post. I'm so happy for you and Bryant. You are going to be a great mom, and the thing about pregnancy is that everyone has something negative to say. Even though I was as big as a house, couldn't see my feet, and Kari had a full-on assault aimed at my ribs, it was the best time of my life. Next to being her mommy of course. Enjoy this time. It's awesome that God uses a tiny baby to teach us lots of things.

  4. youre my favorite. and i agree with you on the hot summer. dont you think the excitedness of being a first time mom might... just MIGHT trump the fact that youre gonna be hot. heres some insider info: us non-pregnant people are gonna be just as hot. but DONT let them know i told you that. i love how people always bring out the worst. my car has major hail damage, and im fully aware of that. the other day, this man came over to me at the gas station and repeatedly told me how bad my car "got it". thanks. i think i know. hah but anyways....
    i love you and am always excited for you! what blessings you have and what a blessing you are to so many people- what a blessing youll soon be to a little one!

  5. Your attitude = more refreshing than those grapes!


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