Monday, May 23, 2011

beth ann and jared's wedding.

this weekend we went to east tennessee to be a part of our precious friends, beth-ann and jared's, wedding. it was so classy. and fun!

BA was gorgeous!!

here's me and the bride.

aunt em was in the wedding too. it made for fun times. BA's bride's maids rocked!

our little family..

sneaky, real sneaky..

i wish i had more pictures, but it was hard to get pictures when me and my resident photographer were both in the wedding. the weekend was a blast! it was so fun to see these two get married. they are really perfect for one another and we love them so much!

it was very romantical.

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  1. Thank you so much for being part of the wedding!!!!! It was a blast! My bridesmaids did rock, and you looked AWESOME in that dress! Definitely the cutest pregnant bridesmaid. =)

    Love the pictures! It was such a blessing for me and Jared to have the Cokers present. You guys make a party. hehe.

    Love you!!


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