Thursday, April 14, 2011


i did a team chapel. cause it's my job or something.

i write the devo notes on swag post-its that bryant got when he was trying to get a job in college. we have so many post-its.

my bible looks like this throughout..

lots of pages covered with post-its.

to the chapel (and all day, for that matter) i wore some maternity capris. they make my crotch look a little poofy. but the poofy crotch is much better than cramming my ever expanding body into jeans, that may or may not button, on a hot day. anyway, some of the girls were giggling during the devo. they could have been giggling at anything, they are teenage girls, but i can't help but think they were giggling at my poofy crotch. it's not like i can hide it. what's a girl to do?!

also i wanted to tell you i have been drinking a lot of water. apparently it's good for the bambino.

so i took a picture of this water that i was drinking at the time..

and then i spilled it. because that's what i do these days, spill drinks.

did you know "spilt" isn't a word? it's "spilled". whatev.

this has happened in multiple restaurants, emily's car, my living room. pretty much everywhere i drink a drink, i spill it. i'm now convinced that it's a symptom of pregnancy.

and we were responsible for snacks at community group.

i brought straaawberries and snickerdoodles.

and i had an afternoon snack.

from sonic. tots and a cherry limemade. delish.

i love sonic, so i will share a few fun facts about my life and sonic with you:

1. sonic was/is one of the main hangouts where i grew up. i spent a lot of nights and afternoons there. we'd meet there before school and after school. it was the place to be, or at least one of the top 5 places to be.

2. i worked at sonic for two weeks before i got my real high school job at captain video. (think of a mildy sketchy video store and add tanning beds and that's captain video.) i love sonic, i do not love working at sonic. it's sticky.

3. on my second day of work at sonic, i got hit by a car. well, actually i was pinned between a car and a truck. i didn't know how to react, so i just went inside and kept working. i guess the two drivers worked it out. i mean there was a lindsey jo shaped dent in dude's truck door, so i'm assuming he didn't just leave. my entire body was bruised. i shoulda gone home, dumb 16 year old.

and just for fun, one more story from my high school years..

it was the first day of school, senior year. i was on my way home, and i was involved in a three car bumper bender at a stop light. my car was first in line and wasn't even scratched. the other two cars were scratched and banged up and stuff, but i thought that since my car was fine, i could just go home. ummm, i was wrong. a cop called me. "please return to the scene of the accident, ma'am." oops. once again, dumb 16 year old. don't ever leave the scene of the accident if you were involved in the accident. that's called a hit and run. i'm real bright.

also, i picked bry up from the airport yesterday. he's been working out of town and i've hated every minute of it. PTL he's home!

that's praise the lord, for you hoodlums.


  1. Profilic this morning aren't you? You forgot the spill at True's...I've still got little coca-cola spots on my shoes. I love you, you little turkey. :-)


  2. i tripped on stairs a lot when preggers... so i was definitely probably slightly more clumsy.

  3. attention! attention! DO NOT CLEAN OUT THE LITTER BOX! Now I know you don't have a cat ....but if you did you shouldn't clean the litter box when you're pregs. know why? well I'll tell you why! Toxoplasma...parasite...can be acquired congenitally from cat feces. Interpretation...bad for baby :) Just thought you should know I may have actually learned something at UT....but only this :D

  4. Now your just being cruel. Can you make a snicker doodle strawberry Sandwich??

  5. I remember that Sonic job experience. It was awesome. Except for you getting hit by a car. I LOL'ed at this stuff, good times.

  6. hurray! my car got a shout out!


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