Tuesday, April 5, 2011

southern names, y'all.

so i have this affection for double names. i love my name and i would love all of our kids to go by two names. i think it sets you apart and what's even the use of having a middle name if you don't use it, right?

and apparently double names are also known as southern names.

i was looking at a website of "southern names" just trying to get some inspiration for our kiddo's name, and what did i see?

i didn't know lindsey jo was common enough to be on a list of southern names?! but there it is right between linda lou and little bun.

i'm really leaning toward little bun for the kid now. little bun coker. it's got spunk.


  1. i just want you to recognize you want to name your kid thermos, and you scrutinized me for the name "ace". just pointing that out.... and if you use "lizzie bee", you know whatll becomin to yeh from me. luh you. =]

  2. PLEASE name is Lil' Bun!! No need for the liTTLE... just shortin' it to Lil' Bun!! More spunk!! Haha... Seriously I love double names! I love them!
    My child = Bella Joy! one day! Even is she's from another country... and she has another name... i shall call her Bella Joy! :)

    I love you Lindsey Jo! SEE YOU FRIDAY! AHH!

  3. I have a double name... I hated it as a kid, but am now quite pleased with my mom's choice.... so much so that I gave my 4th born a double name. Good thing, too, because his personality is SO BIG that he needs two names! :D

  4. First of all, how is Lola Bert a girls name?!?!?! But since it is, that has my vote. =)
    Although Lil' Bun has a certain ring to it that would be too hilarious and precious to even comment about!
    I can't wait to see you Saturday!


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