Friday, April 29, 2011

pregnancy: week 15.

i don't think there's much change from last week, but..

and just in case you were wondering about the baby daddy..

he's about the same size.

looking back at week 15...

symptoms: the only thing i've really noticed this week is acne. boo that.

cravings/eating: tacos. chocolate milk. applesauce.

maternity clothes: i'm wearing maternity pants almost everyday. still in normal shirts for the most part. and this just in, the poofy crotch is starting to not be so poofy. so does that means my actual crotch is getting poofy and filling out the poofy pants?

gender: come quick may 31!

weight gain: ok, so after i weighed at the doctor, i weighed on my wacko scale to compare. i think my scale at home is like 2 lbs. off from the doctor's scale. but either way, it looks like i've gained weight this week. like 3 pounds. i blame easter candy.

other stuff: i just read somewhere on the intranet that at this stage in pregnancy, people sometimes experience nose bleeds.

this is my prayer:

dear lord, please do not let me have nose bleeds. you know i have a phobia of them. and if my nose starts to bleed it will not be a good situation. nose bleeds do not fly with me. they freak me out. amen.
seriously, if i get nose bleeds, i don't know what will happen. probably the world will come to an end.

in more exciting news, I THINK I FELT THE BABY MOVE. it was on thursday after i got out of the shower. of course, i've never felt a baby move inside of me before, so it could be my intestines doing a dance for all i know. but it felt like a poke/rub/tingly-but-not-really from the inside. real quick and then it was over. then i felt it a few more times once i laid down. i'd like for there to be some more definite movement next time. don't be so mysterious kid!

also, i've taken 75 prenatal vitamins. i don't know if you care about that, but i thought it was interesting and shows that i've been pregnant for 75 days, give or take a few since i forgot a few days.

and if the bay-beh is born on it's due date, which is unlikely but possible, i will be pregnant for 168 more days. not too shabby..

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