Friday, April 22, 2011

pregnancy: week 14.

whoo hoo! moving right along into the 15th week!

check out that belly! get it kiddo!

as for the 14th week..

symptoms: same ole stuff. feeling good for the most part. gassy and such, which is to be expected.

cravings this week: chocolate chip cookies, good fish tacos or any tacos, cinnamon rolls, egg rolls.

maternity clothes: i got some shorts at goodwill for $4. and they don't have the HUGE belly panel, score.

gender: we made our appointment to find out may 31! it can't come fast enough. momma wants to know what kind of kid is in there.

weight gain: this just in, according to the doctor's scale i've only gained 2 lbs. since we found out i was pregnant (which was around 5 weeks). that's excellent and maybe my child isn't that huge after all.

other stuff: we listened to the heartbeat again. best. sound. ever. it was going strong at 146. way to go, heart! doctor says to drink more water. i don't think it's possible, but we'll see. he claims this will solve all my problems (numb hands, cramps, etc.)

hopefully i'll feel this kiddo move in the next few weeks. i'm so pumped about that.

also, have i mentioned that my doctor wears a bow tie? well, he does. it's fun.

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