Friday, April 15, 2011

pregnancy: week 13.

you know what happened to the baby this week? it got vocal chords. and i'm sure a bunch of other stuff happened too, like it gained 5 lbs. cause it's momma ate a whole bag of bbq potato chips. i'm not talking grab bag, folks, this is the real deal.

this picture is a reflection of 70% momma, 20% chips and dip, 10% baby. or if you are feeling kind today, 100% baby. you should be kind.

symptoms: feeling good mostly. still having numb hands/arms at night. bryant asked me this week if i was getting hairier, after observing the hair on my stomach. if so, that's just what i've always wanted.. as if i'm not hairy enough already. also having some weird sensations that dr. google says is my uterus stretching, doesn't that sound fun? and the spilling stuff, which i deem a symptom.

sleeping: i was super tired this week. lots-o naps.

cravings/eating habits: chips and dip are my life. i have no interest in healthy food at the moment. i did manage to choke down some fruit. ptl for prenatal vitamins that fill the gap!

maternity clothes: i'm in them and loving every stretchy minute of it. minus the poofy crotch action.

gender: one thing's for sure, we're either having a boy or a girl.

other stuff: we're going to the doctor this week, so that promises to be fun. it will also result in knowing how much weight i have gained, being that my scale is a lunatic. i'll let you know, unless it's like 100 pounds and then i'll hide so that i and my abnormally large child won't be criticized.

and i felt kind of emotional this week. ok, i felt REALLY emotional this week. i've missed noah a lot this week and had lots of thoughts about what he would of been like as an uncle and just pretty much wishing he was around. that and thinking about other crappy life circumstances that are out of my control. and i have all these irrational fears that something is going to go wrong with the baby, even though there's no sign of anything going wrong.. i guess it's normal to worry, even though i know God has it under control. i just need to focus on all the prayers that were prayed for this baby's existence and all the prayers that are prayed everyday for this kiddo's health and salvation. it really is amazing how much this baby is already loved and here i am dwelling on the crappy stuff that might happen. that's dumb and it's satan trying to steal my joy, and i'm tired of it.

so to sum up week 13, hormones + satan = dumb. stretchy pants + junk food = smart.


  1. Whenever Satan gets into my thoughts like that, I try to comfort myself with the words of St. Julian of Norwich: "All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well."
    Basically, God's got your back.

  2. every time you say abnormally large child i laugh out loud. that and poofy crotch. be thankful i'm not too geographically close to you during this time in your life or i might be tempted to poke the poofy crotch.

    also, i'll be praying for you--specifically against satan and negative thoughts!!! i've been overwhelmed by just little moments of God's faithfulness today (even when i am so incredibly unfaithful to him!). i'll be praying that God will reveal little pieces of his faithfulness to you! ( and that the doctor sees an itty bitty penis on friday?!?!?! haha :) )

  3. I love your precious belly....know why??? cuz there's a precious baby in it. I bout died when you said you were gonna eat five more smeeps....but then I was like WAIT! baby needs smeeps too! Praying!

  4. I am praying for your little bundle of joy, and for you and Bryant. Having a baby is a huge deal, and it has a huge impact on you physically, emotionally and also as a couple. Ya know what those irrational fears mean? That means you are becoming a MOM! I felt them too, wondering if every twinge of "pain" I felt was something going wrong, until the end when Kari had a full-on assault waged against my ribs. That's when I was just ready for her to be here already. But I promise, it truly is the most amazing experience you'll ever go through. Just think, Baby has Uncle Noah watching over him/her. That's pretty awesome. I love you. And Baby.


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