Friday, April 8, 2011

pregnancy: week 12.

onto the 13th week!

so obviously there's a bump. i'm not even trying to figure it out any more. it may be 90% momma and 10% baby, but it's there, so i'm embracing it. and blaming it on the abnormally large child.

everyone's different. don't judge me. or my huge child.

p.s. we traveled this weekend. so this wonderful picture of me looking a little rough was taken in a hurry. and i'm actually 13 weeks and a day. our picture's a day late. it's a secret, we have to pretend that we're on top of things over here.

symptoms: feeling good, but i got a new symptom! my fingers have been getting numb at night, like right before i go to bed. dr. google says this is common.

sleeping: fine, but i've been waking up earlier. whatev.

cravings/eating habits: nothing really stands out this week. overall, i feel less hungry than i have.

maternity clothes: i got some capris and a few shirts. i'm embracing the bump! and those stretchy pants are comfy!

gender: still thinking boy mainly, but i've gone back to having no clue.. kind of. bryant says boy.

this week of pregnancy was pretty low key. which is fine by me!


  1. Haha just wait until it's your feet that are going numb. Restless Leg Syndrome was just funny until I started experiencing it. That is what I hated the most.

  2. Oh, I can relate with the numb hands thing - and bless your heart. It's no fun. But, in the end it's all worth it. Even taking off your rings in the middle of the night because your fingers were swelling and in the middle of your bed and not having a clue you've done it. Until you wake your husband up at 2 a.m. because you think you've lost your rings. Imagine explaining that one to Mr. Martin. Uh huh.

  3. you're presh! love the pics. keep em coming!


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