Monday, April 4, 2011

oh the weekend.

we finally mulched. it looks so nice. much better than the bare ground.

and i'm feeling it too. i was responsible for squatting and spreading while bryant was the carrier/dumper. apparently i don't use my squatting muscles regularly enough.

don't you just love our brown grass? and don't you think i need two rocking chairs for my little porch? and maybe a springy/summery wreath or something for my door? i know, i do too.

here's a close up of my flowers. they make me happy.

i bought a cloth hammock. we had was a rope one. which gets the job done, but cloth is where it's at. it's a lot more comfortable than i look in this picture.

and i'm cuter in real life. maybe.

we froze pudding cups. it was delicious. but all we had to stick in them was spoons. it made things a little tricky.

i'm glad i thought out the background of the pudding picture. just keepin' it real with my random/messy kitchen.

we also watched a lot of LOST. we're in the last season. so close to being finished. and i'm ready. i can't take the suspense anymore. i never know what to expect from this crazy show.

and we went to the eye doctor. my vision got worse. i don't even know how that's possible since i can't see worth a nickle anyway. maybe one day i'll plateau and get lasik. a girl can dream. in case you're wondering, bryant's stayed the same.

ooh, and i made cinnamon rolls for breakfast saturday. they were just out of a can, but still.

sunday was noah's birthday so we had bbq with momma and daddy to celebrate. it was a beautiful day. he woulda loved it. and i just love good bbq.

and sunday night i attended a game night with the ladies in our community group. we ate snacks and played the game of things and it was hilarious. that game is so dang funny. it's nice to laugh with one another.


  1. 1. Your landscaping is so cute! I love it!

    2. I thought Sunday night was great too! I really liked "Things!"

    3. I hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. Game of Things? Never heard of it, do tell.
    You DEFINTELY need rockers... especially in a handful of months. That baby is gonna want to be outside rocking every day that it is above 70 degrees.


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