Monday, April 18, 2011

new things.

i finally got a wreath for my front door. i love it!

and i got some new flip flops. here's me modeling them with what remains of my glittery toenails.

i was feeling middle-schooly at the time, but now i'm wondering how i'm gonna get this dang polish off. don't lie, you know you've glittered your toes. and that means you know it's a bugger to get off.

they are comfy! btw, i was voted cutest toes at church camp one year. don't be too jealous of my cute toes. i don't want to cause you to stumble, that's not what i'm about.

truth be told, it wasn't an official vote. and my competition was sparse.

and here's something, i joined pinterest. it's essentially a super easy way to bookmark stuff and share what you bookmark. and it' addicting. you can see my pins here. and i'll invite you to join if ya want. just let me know.

*bryant just informed me it's like twitter for bookmarks. i don't tweet, so i wouldn't know. i think twitter is goofy. that and every time i go to say twitter i say tweeter. and then i sound like a big redneck that can't pronounce words right and that grills out in her pajamas with no bra on and wonders why no one will buy the house next to her.

and just cause i think it's funny, i've got a watermelon in my fruit bowl.


  1. I made those pizza bites on your size bar....they were delicious. i used biscuits instead of pizza dough...cuz thats what was in my fridge...gotta get thrifty when you don't wanna go shoopin.

  2. I so bloody confused. How do you to the pin thing..GRRRRRRRRR

  3. gorgeous toes! seriously, beautiful, touchable ;)


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