Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a little update.

i'm just not feelin' it these last few days. with blogging. and chores. and getting out of bed on rainy days.


i finished reading water for elephants. easy read. good stuff. i must remember to see the movie.

a strawberry that was already on one of the plants we planted ripened. i wanted bryant to eat it, but for some reason he was freaked out by it. and him being freaked out made me freaked out. eventually i took a little nibble and then he took a little nibble and then i dropped the rest on the floor. oops.

i don't care about the royal wedding.

i never told you, but we finished lost. what a weirdo show. but i liked it. and i'm still confused about the ending.

speaking of tv, we watched the voice last night. it was surprisingly entertaining. but not as good as parenthood. i'll miss you parenthood. and i'll probably cry thursday over the office. don't go michael scott! i can't handle it! i'm in an emotional state!!

i've got to go to the grocery store. we're wasting away over here. ha.

and to end this post, i'm thinking brinner tonight.


  1. I thought I was the only one who could care less about the royal wedding.... phew.

  2. Same here on the royal wedding and THE OFFICE. Ugh...


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