Friday, April 22, 2011

it's not too early to think about summer, right?

good, i'm glad we agree. check out my summer goals in the sidebar.. and let me know if there's something i should add. i'm up for anything.

well, anything safe. and moderately inexpensive, but who knows, if it's really awesome, i might splurge. like dolly parton or cma festival for example..

and now for a little update..

after my shower, my hand accidentally slipped and cut myself some bangs. ok, i confess, it was intentional. i don't know why i do this to myself. i think bangs are cute, i wish i could wear them, but they just end up getting on my nerves and looking like a grease-ball. good thing my hair is growing an inch a day with these vitamins.

i bought water for elephants. i'm gonna read it.

p.s. we're planting a garden saturday, if it doesn't rain. cross your fingers that it doesn't rain. i'll be sad if it does. cause we have to mow too. our grass is still brown, but there is a jungle of weeds in the yard. like all over the yard. don't mind us, we're just the community rednecks.. at least i'm not growing corn in the garden. the neighbors would really love that.

it's 12:30 at night. that's redic. i'm going to bed before i reveal too much info about myself.

have a good friday. get it??? good friday.

let's face it, i'm hilarious. now hop on over there and look at my summer plans!


  1. #16 pick me, pick me!
    Oh shoot, does it matter that you haven't met me yet? :/

  2. i was thinking pick me for 16! then you could cross off 16 and 13 at once! :) you know you've never been to charleston!

  3. I'm on the way to Charleston. :D


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