Monday, April 25, 2011

gardening extravaganza.

saturday we took advantage of the pretty weather and recruited my parents to help us build some garden beds.

[p.s. my momma mowed down our jungle for us. cause she rocks. i'm really sad that you didn't get to witness it.]

i have been wanting a garden so bad. gardens just scream HOMEOWNER to me. gardens and painted walls, they make me feel grown up.

here's my daddy hammering away.

get it phil.

see that striped lawn chair in the yard? holding down that chair with my butt was my main job.

moving right along..

here's the garden with just dirt..

and then plants!

i did help plant the plants. really, i did!

we did strawberries.

and in the other bed, we did tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.

hopefully we will have a bountiful harvest.

also, our tree in the front yard died. it was traumatic.

so my daddy just ripped it out of the ground. with his bare hands.

it was funny. and we replaced with a little bradford pear.

please live long and prosper mr. bradford. i don't want you to experience the same long and painful death that miss maple did.

and possibly the most exciting news of all, we planted two pine trees in the back yard!


what? you don't see the mighty pines?

maybe that's because they're 6 inches tall.


here's the other twig tree.

bryant inserted his hand into the picture so you could see the size.

they were the free trees from lowe's on earth day. they crack me up. but don't you worry, with all the love and care i plan to give these trees they will grow into mighty pines!

if we don't accidentally mow them down first.


  1. love the new raised beds.. I think I need to do something like that here too!
    we also got some free trees from Lowe's this year.. as the ones we got and planted last year for Earth Day were mowed over by my hubby.. oops!! ;)

  2. your gardens look soo great! i'm so excited about them! :) Let me know when you start reaping your harvest!

    also, those lil pine trees are hilarious! I hope they grow real big one day haha.

  3. i got a pine tree like that at school in the 3rd grade. we planted it, and i named him lenny. the next day my mom ran over him with the lawnmower. talk about heartbroken.
    love the garden! i like how it's in actual beds (not actual beds, i guess), instead of just hanging out in the dirt.


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