Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a few things.

i bought some new accessories for our downstairs bathroom. i was really missing the color red in our house, and i saw these rugs at walmart. i didn't buy them at first, but every week i wanted them more. so i just went ahead and got them.

now i love this bathroom. polka dots are fun and i don't want to pee anywhere else. ever.

it's nearly impossible to take a good picture of this bathroom. my goal was to show you the rug. i accomplished that.

i feel the need to clarify that we WILL NOT be naming our child thermos, little bun, augie, or any other awful name. these name jokes are just the beginning of what i'm sure will be many jokes made at our offspring's expense. my parents make fun of me and i turned out fine.

i'm sorry if you you like those names and named your kid one of those things. really, i am sorry for your kid.

also, my parents love me. really, they do.

i'm throwing a lingerie shower this weekend. it's gonna get sexy up in here.

i think these lingerie showers are fun and nice for newlyweds. i also know about reality since i'm an old seasoned married woman. it doesn't really matter what you're wearing, the deed will be done regardless. hallelujah and amen.

tmi. sorry dad.

i'll be sleeping on clean sheets tonight. that sounds so wonderful, i may go on to bed right now.


  1. I had this lingerie conversation at work today. So true.

  2. Iknowwhatchamean about clean sheets. Nothing else like it.
    The polka dot rugs are so cute. I may have to make a midnight run to WalMart (since my sheets aren't clean anyway).... and you are CrAcKiNg me up about "the deed". BAH hahaha

  3. Oh my gosh, that's so weird because I just found a blue polka dot rug smiliar to yours! It was on sale! Your little bathroom is super cute!


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