Monday, April 11, 2011

beth's lingerie shower.

we made the trek to knoxville this weekend to kick off beth-ann and jared's wedding festivities. the boys had their bachelor party and the ladies did a lingerie shower for beth-ann.

here's me and the bride to be..

this is the first wedding that bryant and i are both participating in, which is exciting. well, besides our own. the cokers love jared and BA. they're getting married in like 6 weeks! soo soon!!

and on top of that fun, i got to see my besties! it was so good to spend the weekend with them. i want to squish all our towns a little closer together so we can hang out all the time. like the good ole days.

at least ami is moving to nashville soon. i need that.

figure it out and come on home to momma, ya cutey pie.

aren't they gorgeous?! i have the prettiest friends. and they're funny too. and love Jesus.

except for emily looks a little crazy in this picture..

that may be because she is a little crazy.

but back to the shower deets. beth-ann got lots of sexy stuff.

and we ate. and laughed. and played some games.

we may have pinned boy-parts to a picture of BA's future husband..

what's a lingerie shower without pinning boy-parts to something?!

we played that game where beth-ann had to match jared's answers on a bunch of questions and chew a piece of gum when she got one wrong.

she got a lot wrong. unacceptable..

but we did learn a lot about jared. and beth-ann.

and here's all the ladies that came to the shower.

i can't wait for the wedding. it's gonna be crazy fun, fo sho.

p.s. it was like 80 degrees yesterday. i read a magazine in my hammock. it was glorious. i'll take more days like that please.

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  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I loved my scandalous party and it would not have been possible without you, you hot mama! =)
    But my favorite part of the whole weekend was getting too see all of my buds. It made my heart happy. <3
    I can't wait for the wedding either! ha. You and Bryant are such a blessing to Jared and I. We love you guys!


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