Saturday, April 30, 2011

belly progression.

as my belly gets bigger, i find myself wanting to say "get in my belly!" reminiscent of a certain austin powers character. you know the one. he's scottish and a curse word may be involved in his name..

that really has nothing to do with anything, but i thought i'd share.

what i really want to tell you is, collages make it easier to compare. like, i can say my dad looks like jack black, but until you look at this collage, you may not understand. so i took the liberty to make some belly progression collages.

let the comparing begin!

definitely some growth-age! and rounding out.

weren't the collages helpful? i know. i'm here to serve you.


  1. the collages are so cool. you can see your hair has gotten longer too. It's pretty cute long! I haven't seen it that way in a while! Don't cut it lol! Glad the kiddo is doin good in there!

  2. You're so cute! Love the Bellie pics!

  3. You are AWESOME. You look amazing. I especially liked the earlier pic of Bryant doing his belly shot :)

  4. I agree with Karen, the pic of Bryant caught me off guard and I think I even snorted when I laughed.

  5. that collage is my favorite. you're adorable!


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