Thursday, March 24, 2011

pregnancy: weeks 8, 9, 10.

well, i am 11 weeks pregnant today. so i thought i'd do a little recap from the past few weeks. i'm gonna try to start doing them more regularly (like, weekly) but the last few weeks weren't that eventful, so this will do for now.

here's some "belly" pics. whatever that means. i take them on day 1 of the week, which is saturday for me.

*disclaimer. i'm not skinny to begin with. and i'm aware that this "bump" is probably bloat, especially in the 9 weeks picture. but then again, my kid's the size of a lime today, so that's gotta take up some room, right?

9 weeks. and 10 weeks.
11 weeks (today!).

i'm gonna do these updates survey style. it's organized. and popular. and easy.

weight gain: i haven't gained any weight, but i feel like my pudge is getting bigger. it's real attractive.

symptoms: i had some intense nausea early on. but i'm feeling better the last two weeks. i just can't brush my teeth without gagging. peeing a lot. hungry a lot. i'm always willing to take a nap.

stretch marks: i was born with stretch marks.

sleeping: fine, thank you. weird-o dreams.

cravings: i had been craving slaw, which i don't even like that much. i really wanted pancakes one night, but once they were fixed i was not interested. and then butterfingers. and sometimes i want chips and dip really bad, but that might just be cause they're good.

maternity clothes: no. i thought i could hold off, but none of my summer/spring stuff fits, so there may be some shopping in the near future.

gender: we don't know officially, but as of today, bryant and i are both thinking boy.

other stuff from these last few weeks: we had a doctor's appointment at 10 weeks 4 days. the doctor tried to hear the heartbeat with the doppler and couldn't find it. i've never been so nervous. but it all worked out cause we got to have another ultrasound and see the kid again. it'd grown so much since the first ultrasound and the little heart was beating away. i loved hearing that sound! my doctor says everything is looking good. we're moving right along. not much longer and we'll be out of the first trimester!

also, there is so much stuff for babies. i am overwhelmed. and researched-out. there's no way they need that much stuff. we may just be reverting to the olden days for the rearing of this child.


  1. You look great! Never had a baby, so no advise...HOWEVER I did inherit my husbands to boys now 11/15 on a full time basis. Babies terrify me! Congrats! I hope that baby has your sense of humor :)

  2. I wish you were my neighbor.... we could share stories about weird pregnancy dreams over coffee.. or maybe just butterfingers and milk. :D
    Can't wait for you to feel that baby moving and grooving. SOOOO exciting.

  3. They need a lot more than you think. I also had cravings for beef jerky and pickles. The second trimester is the best.

  4. I've already told you my rules of pregnancy for you. (1) Babies need: love, a house, food, clean clothes and diapers. Beyond that they don't really care much, for a few days at least. (2) Do not go to Babies R Us. It will scare you. (3) In the end, you can only research so much. And then your brain will turn to mush and you'll simply walk into the store and pick things out because you like them. That is, after you've realized that rule 1 is true and then rule 2 can be amended because you are no longer feeling that you have to have a $900 crib/stroller/car seat or whatever the people at BRU are telling you.

    I like that belly. :-) I like you.

  5. you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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