Thursday, March 24, 2011

our mexican outings.

the other times we stayed at an all inclusive place (in jamaica) we didn't leave the resort. this time, we left for two things. one of our friends from church had suggested this restaurant, the office. it had a really cool atmosphere and good food.

we walked about 5,000 miles down the beach to get there. and we were kind of worried at first cause the only "restaurants" we were seeing on our walk were crazy bars having wet t-shirt contests and stuff.

luckily, there were no contests going on at our restaurant. or i may have had to participate..

we had calamari for an appetizer. i didn't take a picture, cause we inhaled it immediately. i had been looking forward to that calamari all week. mmmm.

i had fajitas. very good guacamole and rice.

bry had sea bass tacos. they were really good too. there was a lady making the corn tortillas from scratch. pretty cool.

and we had coke in bottles. i love coke in bottles.

for our other outing, we took a water taxi out to "lover's beach". there's all these mountain-y rocks. it almost looks fake. like the fake rocks on rides at amusement parks.

this little arch is one of cabo's main landmarks.

cool, huh?

i just couldn't get over the rocks..

and we saw sea lions! i've never seen anything like that in the wild. so i was freaking out. there were a ton of them. and they were roaring.

i just googled what their sound is called. i woulda called it a bark. but i guess roar makes sense since they are sea lions.

we had a lot of fun. and i'm happy to be home. now, i'm just trying to get back into the swing of things.. ugh.

i've got quite a few projects up my bryant's sleeve for this weekend.. i'll let you know how that goes.


  1. SEA LIONS!!!! Get out of town!!!! That's CRAZY!!! Why didn't you bring one home!!! Now... that would have been a good blog story!!!

    Suggestion - you have bry bear have been on MANY fancy vacas like this... i think it's time for either:
    1. a double date vaca (aka invite me and jacob) OR
    2. a GIRLS trip!! :)

    you pick!

  2. I love this. Glad you had fun, but I'm thrilled that you are back home. I've been worried about that you and that kiddo you're carrying, getting some crazy Mexican-food-borne illness or something crazy that you would only see on TV. Phew. Glad you two are safe.


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