Friday, March 4, 2011

my deepest apologies.

i've really stunk at this blogging stuff lately. it's a wonder you're still around. except for it's only been a week, so i don't feel that bad. but let me catch you up on what's going on.

i've been: working occasionally. watching tv. taking naps. eating saltines and sipping ginger ale.

i've been tired and nauseous. it hasn't been fun. but i'm kind of happy about it, because it proves that there is in fact a baby in my uterus.

that's right folks. take a look at my little handsome/beautiful baby. it's real tiny right now.

WE ARE PUMPED. and consider this your fair warning that this blog is fixing to turn into "lindsey jo is pregnant and she won't shut up about it... and there she goes over-sharing again. tmi."

and in case you can't tell by my ultrasound, i'm just brand new pregnant. maybe one day i'll show you a picture of my gassy/bloated/chubby belly and we can pretend it's the baby. it'll be real attractive. and it'll make me feel better about myself. no more sucking it in for me!

and while i'm sharing, i feel like a preteen with these hormone induced pimples. no thanks, i'm an adult. i did my time, and i'm over the back-ne.

i told you, i'm super hot right now. pimply. bloated. eating snacks every thirty minutes. this is the life. but seriously, it is. cause i'm having a baby!

i'll try to blog again this week, but i make no promises.


  1. This post makes me feel good. I've been waiting for this to be blog-public news, and now I'm excited for the Pregnancy Chronicles.

  2. how exciting!!! so happy for you. congratulations. take care of yourself!

  3. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YEAH BABY COKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so happy for you sweet friend!!! You are going to be a wonderful mother, and Bryant will make a hilarious, and groovy dad. =)

    Love ya'll!

  4. I know that we had never met, but I do know a few of your friends. I want to say that I really enjoyed reading your blogs! Congrats by the way! Being a new mommy is amazing!


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