Monday, March 14, 2011

monday monday.

you know those days when you have a lot to do, and you feel like your running in circles, and you aren't getting anything done? that's today.

the weekend wasn't long enough. but don't worry, i'm on spring break right now, so it's kinda extended.

friday, i had a girl's night and we played bananagrams. have you played that? it's fun. but, i love most games, soo..

saturday, bryant had to help dad with some schtuff, so me and mom and her bff, ang, went and got pedicures. i hadn't painted my toes since december. they were looking pretty rough. but now they're ready for sunny mexico!

and of course we watched a million episodes of LOST. we're obsessed. and i'm glad we didn't watch it while it was on t.v. because there is NO way i woulda been able to wait a whole week to know what happens next. you'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge. fo' realz.

a year ago today, i made this for dinner.

tonight, i'm making frozen popcorn shrimp. i might even bake a potato. we're fancy in this household.

ok. dishes and laundry, here i come.

* none of the stuff going on in my life [pedicures, frozen shrimp, t.v. shows] matters compared to what is going on in japan. my heart is so heavy for that country. my prayer is that they will turn to Jesus and he will rebuild and restore their lives.

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