Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i like mail.

there is nothing like receiving real mail. i love going out to the mail box and there being something addressed to ME instead of "current resident". and i especially love it when it isn't a bill. we've been getting a lot of save the dates [wedding season is quickly approaching] and baby shower invites. i even enjoy the occasional coupon that i will use. for instance i do not appreciate gutter cleaner outer service coupons, but i do appreciate my free zaxby's meal coupon for joining their mail club. you should go join their mail club so you can get a free meal deal too. and even more than save the dates, and invitations, i love personal mail. just little cards to make you smile.

mail is by-far one of my favorite things. i think i'm gonna try to send some fun mail once a month.

on a completely different subject, i perused the internet this morning for a while and found a TON of yummy looking recipes. i linked up some of them under "cool stuff" on my side bar. ya know, just in case you feel like making me some dinner. you could even mail it to me. double whammy.

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