Tuesday, March 29, 2011

huuuuump day.

i made these taco stuffed shells for dinner monday. they were delish. verrrry rich, but delish.

isn't this daffodil ridiculous?! i've never seen a daffodil that looks like this, but it came with the other daffodil bulbs.. i'll probably turn this story into unsolved mysteries.

so i took this picture..

apparently i wanted to share that i had a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch and bryant had 7 peanut butter crackers at 8:30 the other night? sometimes my actions don't make sense.

you know how i had lots of projects this last weekend to do? we didn't do any of them cause it was dumb and rained and was crappy outside. no mulch for us.

we did go browse at babies r us. i wanted to get some ideas of the things i want/need at the store so that if we see something similar used, we can buy it because we've compared prices and quality of buying new. does that make sense? probably not, but let me be the delusional first time momma.

it was quite entertaining. we have obviously never been parents. or touched a stroller. but don't worry the teenage boy associate was there to assist us. and that leads me to my next point.. what teenage boy wants to work at babies r us?


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