Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a few things from mexicoooo.

i just wanted to share a few random pictures from our trip. we stayed at an all inclusive resort, so mostly we did a lot of laying around and doing nothing. it was glorious.

here's the beach. i was excited cause i'd never been to the pacific ocean before.

here's bryant and me lookin' hott.

try not to lust after us. i don't want to cause you to stumble.

here's a pretty sunset.

don't you love the randomness of these pictures? i knew you would.

apparently mexico's idea of a king size bed is two double beds squished up together. soo, we kicked it lucy and ricky style.

bryant was excited about the cacti.

story time.

so we're eating at one of the restaurants on the resort. asian. it was good. then this mariachi band comes in and offers to sing to us. bryant quickly declined. i thought it was a cool idea. mariachi band in mexico. sounds fun, right? so i was like, "yeah. sure. if you want to. whatever." so, the nice mexican man said, "we play for tips." but he had an accent and i thought he said "we play for keeps." as in, the song we are fixing to play you is called 'we play for keeps.' great. sounds like a good song.

about half way through bryant said, "give me the camera and some money." money? i didn't have any money. he didn't have any money either. (the restaurant was included. all inclusive. except the mariachi band apparently.) i tried to get bryant to tell the band to stop since we didn't have any tips, or keeps, for them. but he wouldn't so they just kept singing away.

and then we had to explain that we didn't have any tips for them.

i was soo embarrassed. and i understood why bryant had declined when they offered to sing for us.

here's a fuzzy picture of me being super embarrassed.

there is a happy ending. we asked them to sing to us again the next night. and this time we brought tips/keeps. and they played ring of fire. niiice.

there was an "infinity pool" at the resort. so when you looked out it looked like the pool ran into the ocean.

pretty cool.

i have one more post about mexico. it includes our outings.

bryant's choice = adventure to lover's beach. aka that big ole mountain in the pictures. my choice = a restaurant. momma's got to have her grub.


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  1. you are stinkin hilarious. i read the mariachi story to canaan cause i was crackin up. what hispanic song is called "play for keeps"??? bahahaha.


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