Monday, March 28, 2011

do me a favor.

the favor is simple really.

first, go into blogger. if you have blogger that is. and click EDIT PROFILE. then check the box that says SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS. then put in your email address and click SAVE PROFILE.

what this will do is, it will allow me to reply to your comments. and my reply will go to your email. i love all your comments and it makes me feel like a jerk when i click reply and there's no email to reply to! because then i can't reply. and it makes me sad, because i want to reply, i really do!

don't make me feel like a jerk.


  1. See I so did this. I had no idea. My resolution is too blog 2x a week. So this is good information. My husband is suppose to be encouraging me..LOL...I have to finish something.

  2. My most sincere apologies Mama Coker. =)


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