Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 things that made my day.

yesterday was gloomfest. it was ugly outside and i was feeling discouraged, and kinda out of it. but three things happened that brought a little bit of sunshine into my day.

they are kinda dumb, but whatever it takes to cheer ya up. can i get an amen?!

first i got this in the mail.

it was free! i love free stuff. and i love beauty products.. not! i don't really wear makeup. but i like shampoo. and lotion. anyway in that box was this bag..

and in that bag was this loot..

some samples, coupons, and my absolute fave: LIP BALM. lip balm is one of my favorite things. you can't have too many lip balms. i always lose them and yada yada, but i got me a new one, fo' free! and it's fancy, neutrogena naturals. ooh la la. this ain't your mama's chapstick. or in my case, my husband's medicated chapstick that i always steal.

it's about time they send me something free, seeing as how i spend a lot of money there. and will probably be spending more, coughpreciousbabyclothescough.

thanks target. you're my pal.

second thing. i was really wanting a strawberry milkshake. and then when i got it, i realized it was happy hour. $1.50 milkshake, that's what i'm talking about!

i saved the absolute BEST for last. and this one is not dumb. i bought tickets to a concert. are you ready to know which one?


how exciting is that?! this is a dream come true. now i just have to anxiously await the release of her new album so I can learn all the songs and be prepared for the show! this summer is going to be the summer of seeing our favorites. we're seeing U2 for bryant in june and then dolly for me in july. i'm a little sad that there is NO way my dolly tshirt will fit because i'll be sporting a pretty nice baby bump by then. maybe i can find a new one. extra large. either way, it's gonna be awesome!

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  1. I got my beauty bag in the mail today too!.. isn't that lip balm AWESOME?? :)


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