Wednesday, February 23, 2011

prepping for p-dub.

this week i've been reading this..

it's worked out well since i feel like every ounce of energy has left my body so i just laid on the couch and read my little heart out. i was eager to read p-dub's love story cause me a my gurrrrl, emily, are road tripping it to memphis this weekend to meet the one and only pioneer woman. what what!

she's definitely gonna fall in love with us and invite us over to eat pot roast and then emily will marry a cowboy and we'll all live happily ever after. except, i'll probably have to come back home to bryant. but that's ok. he's kinda like a cowboy.

exhibit a:

it was a good book. sadly, i'm finished reading it and i have to get off the couch. and i might even leave the house, ya know, to work and stuff.

i'll let you know how this weekend goes. it's bound to be legendary.


  1. Knowing you two, the pioneer woman is going to write her next book about ya'll!!! =)
    Go get Emily a cowboy! That would be fantastic.

  2. heck yeah, a cowboy, i'm pretty p u m p e d myself :)

  3. hahaha i laughed out loud at that pic. lol so funny. have so much fun! im super jealous!

  4. So... I'm pretty much jealous that you and Em get to see each other and that the Pioneer Woman gets to see BOTH of you!!! I'm sure you will all PEA your pants with excitement! :)

  5. Love me some P-Dub!!! Nobody does a better meatloaf or better photo of a cowboy in wranglers!


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