Tuesday, February 15, 2011

oh geez.

did you like my love story yesterday? how romantic..

i finally sent out some valentine's packages. oops on the tardiness.

bryant got me some flowers. they are on their way out. but he got them way before v-day, so that's to be expected i guess.

i'm fixing white chicken lasagna for dinner one night this week.

i'm gonna try to start coupon-ing. i tried to follow some coupon blogs, but they are just too intense for me. like 561 posts a day, no thanks. i am not looking forward to the act, but i am looking forward to the savings. we'll see how this goes.

i made these muffins.

they are banana with nutella/peanut butter swirl. and i was so pumped, cause i was like, i'm gonna share this recipe and it will be a hit! and then they weren't that good. so, never mind.


  1. Two posts in two days, i'm pumped!!! :)

    I'm coming over for white chicken lasanga. so see you soon!

    also, i loved your love story yesterday - the perfect combo of presh and hilarity.

    finally, talk to beck for couponing ideas, she's pro and doesn't post 892 million times a day about. actually she doesn't post at all so she's right up your alley!



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