Monday, February 28, 2011

memphis and ree and emily and me.

so, as you know, this weekend me and emily headed to memphis to meet p-dub.

we got to the bookstore at 5. we were excited. for proof you can refer to my crazy eyebrows that arrive when i'm excited.

and waited. and then 6 o'clock rolled around and the bookstore lady said we'll start calling your ticket letters in a minute. ticket? huh?

after a brief moment of panic, we got some tickets and then ree appeared. she brought marlboro man. it was romantic.

well hello there ree.

and then we got to talk to her after about 5 hours. it was great. we really hit it off. and she wants to be our bff now. she'll probably be calling us up any day now.

except for that we only talked about 30 seconds and it mostly consisted of us telling her about our endeavors to make her cinnamon rolls and how they were a disaster. and then she told us that we shouldn't talk in the kitchen cause it leads to confusion. us? talk? NEVER!

we may be the only people to insult her recipes at her book signing.

but it was probably a user-error. soo..

then saturday we were on our way back home. we decided to stop and get some doughnuts. have i told you how much i LOVE doughnuts? well, i do.

toilet, sketchy area, what more could you want in a doughnut shop?

there's just something about seeing the doughnuts. it sends me into a dream land, really.

one day, we'll get old, and it won't matter what we eat, cause our time will be limited anyway. and our girlish figures will be out the window, and i will go to a doughnut shop and get one of each. and that may be the happiest day ever.

i had a cinnamon/sugar, chocolate iced, and a cream filled [CREAM OVERLOAD].

emily had some holes, and a twist.

mmm.. breakfast of champions. it's not everyday that emily and i and p-dub are in memphis together. it must be celebrated with scrumptious food.

in other news, it's like a flood outside. we have a creek beside our subdivision and it's cup runneth over. like crazy. so maybe i will finally get some house work/laundry done, cause i do not like rain and i do not want to leave the hizz-ouse. have i told you how much i dislike rain? i dislike it a lot.

in college we were involved in the bcm, and when it rained and i finally made it across campus and to the bcm where it was warm and dry, people would look at me in pity and tell me that they had been thinking about me that day because they knew how much i hated rain. that's pathetic, but true. i really don't like rain.

anyhoo, i hope you're safe and dry and you're laundry's done.

if so, come do mine. i have no qualms with people seeing my undies, if they are folding them. amen.


  1. so we're big nerds and I like it :)

    also, i want some more donuts. like now!

  2. OMG I'm so jealous. I wanted to meet Ree so bad and I live in the same state she does!!!


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