Monday, February 14, 2011

a lovey dovey v-day post from 2005.

i'm sure if you've been hanging around these parts for any length of time you've met the love of my life.

that's bryant. how'd we meet? we went to high school together, the end.
real exciting story, huh?

but just cause it's the day of love, i'd like to give you some details on how we really ended up dating. just cause we were kids and young love is cute.

so 15 year old lindsey jo was quite the hit. i had quite a few little "boyfriends" that i would "date" for approximately a month, and then we'd break up. it wasn't intentional, but that's just how it worked out. it was fall of my sophomore year and i had been working my way through bryant's friends. at this point, he had a few girls that were dragging him along, keeping him on the line as a back-up. poor guy.

bryant said the first time he really pictured being with me was in a car ride on our way to an FCA event (there were a bunch of people in the car) and i was just talking away about who knows what and he could see us together for the long-haul.

fast forward a few weeks, a bunch of us had gone to a movie. i held hands with one of bryant's friends. i decided at that point that i didn't like that guy.

fun fact: when i was in high school, my parents were the king and queen of "can you get a ride home?" i hitched rides with everyone who could drive. people probably hid when they saw me coming. but i had to get home from that dang movie, bryant could drive and since i didn't want to ride home with guy-i-held-hands-with-but-definitely-didn't-like, i asked ole bry-man to take me home.

we had this deep conversation (5 minutes, tops) about relationships and i told him that one day he'd find a girl that really loved him and treated him well. those other girls were jerks. ok, i didn't say that jerks part, but i thought it, he was hott. what were they thinkin'??

he told me later that he wondered if it was me when i imparted on him that little bit of wisdom.

around november, i decided (after checking with my ever-so-wise 15 year old girlfriends) i liked him. so my bff, rachel (she's still my bff. it's really a beautiful story.), started pestering the ba-jeezus out of him until he called me/liked me back/whatever.

he called me over some meeting or something. he had forgotten the time we were supposed to be there. I FLIPPED OUT!! it got back to him that i had told people he called me.

errrrry-body was up in my biz-nass.

we talked on the phone over christmas break. i hated talking on the phone, i thought it was awkward and i didn't know what to say. he carried the conversation for sure (my, how things have changed). "i'm gonna let you go." was what i said. idiot.

he figured i didn't like him anymore. WRONG-O! i was twitterpated.

he ignored me in the hallway after we went back to school. I WAS CRUSHED! whaaaaa!!!

rachel intervened/did damage control. bryant prayed. he was sooo much more mature than me. he asked me what i wanted out of this whole thing. i guessed i wanted to be his girlfriend and badahbing, badahboom, i was.

that was january.

so we'd been dating a whole month when v-day rolled around, which was normally when i'd break up with this clown but i happened to really like this specific clown, so i didn't.

rachel was dating one of bryant's friends at the time, so they got us matching gifts. it was precious. valentine's day was during the week, so we couldn't go on a date, but bryant came over to my house after tennis practice all stinky and stuff. and he gave me our first REAL kiss, with tongue and everything!! oh em gee!

i added the oh em gee for 15 year old drama.

we doubled with rachel and her guy that weekend. rach and i gave them matching gifts too, goldfish! aren't we the coolest?! we think of the greatest ideas EVER!!

bryant's was dead.

he didn't care. he took me to 3 proms. he called me every night and came home from college on the weekends to see his lame-o high school girlfriend. he didn't call me lame-o. he brought me gummy bears at work. we made out in my driveway.

when i graduated high school, i followed him to college and married him my freshman year, even though that's exactly what "they" tell girls not to do.

and here we are today. he works really hard. he buys me doughnuts. and tells me i'm pretty. i iron his shirts when i'm not feeling lazy. and i make him three square meals a day and sometimes a snack. and the sex is good. it's really a nice gig we've got going.

we're living happily ever after.



  1. bahahah i love your closing picture.

    you are dreamy, too ;)

  2. my favorite post so far! You know, I think I was twitterpated when I met charlie too! bahaha love love love this!

  3. This is wonderful and totally made my day... well except that last disgusting picture!! haha!!!
    I love you! Hey... your valentine from me is late. Sorry. I failed! But it's on it's way now!

  4. This made me smile. And I needed that today.

  5. i can't believe you just said the word SEX on your blog.

    actually i can :)

  6. I just read this and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  7. what a sweet love story! you are too funny! and the last bits (plus the picture) are the best!! =)


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