Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i'm watching P.I.R.

that's price is right, for all you young things.

apparently there's been some concern cause i haven't blogged in a whole week. don't worry, nothing's wrong, my life's just boring.

but since there's been such an outcry for my written word, i must oblige.

these cutesy salt and pepper shakers are my latest happy goodwill find.

i wish i had the space to collect s&p shakers. they are so fun. but we don't even use them that much, soo that would be dumb of me. but i couldn't pass these little yellow babies up. they remind me of sunshine.

speaking of sunshine. we don't have any.

i am so over winter. look in that picture. see the trash bag? my trashcan was frozen shut! so i just had to stick it on top. well actually, i just threw it on the ground cause i was fed up and my dear husband went back out in the freezing and put it on top of the trash can.

he's such a man. and that trash can is totally unacceptable.

also, i would like to send out some little valentine's packages, but i DO NOT under any circumstance go out in the snow willingly. soo, those little packages may be more like "happy week after valentine's day!" packages. i'm a baby when it comes to cold. you understand.

speaking of valentine's day, i cannot find those red heart suckers anywhere! what's february without those suckers?! maybe i'm the only dummy that can't find them, but good grief, the shelves should be lined with them. what's the deal-i-o?!

all that to say, if you are my true friend, you will go buy me a bag of those suckers and put them in the mail for me. immediately.

until i receive the package of suckers you just sent me, i'll just eat kisses.

so festive. and delicious.

kind of like me.. oh, never mind.


  1. i love how both our blogs mention the fun heart-shaped suckers. theyre my fave too! ill send you some girl cause ive been eating on them for the past 2 weeks!

  2. Kari has a Valentine for you... but her candy of choice wasn't the red suckers. I think you'll like it anyway.

  3. oh how i love your posts. always keeping me laughing. I'm there with you. I'm not big on being out in the cold. That's so weird you can't find those suckers. what the heck?

  4. So MY friends complain that I blog TOO much... at least you have people WANTING to read about you. LOL

    Keep on bloggin' cuz you entertain me girl!


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