Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i need to tell you some things.

how about that shadow-less groundhog?! get it phil! spring can show up any time now. it officially has my permission.

monday we got FREE ice cream at maggie moo's for "liking" them on facebook.

if you don't know by now, i'm obsessed with ice cream. i could eat it everyday. and i love maggie moo's!! so i was super pumped about getting some of that yummy-ness fo' free!

we both got butter pecan with caramel. i was stoked, as seen in the blurry iphone picture below.

see the eyes/eyebrows? that = stoked about some ice cream.

i think in february maggie moo's is giving away free ice cream for a year. if i win that, they better watch out cause i will be eating there everyday. and then i'll be 5oo lbs. it'll be great, just you wait and see!

also i wanted to tell you..

if you come to my house for dinner, there's a good likelihood that i'll fix some sort of mexican dish. it's just that everybody likes mexican food, and let me tell ya, i make a mean fajita. who doesn't like a fajita?!

i fixed meg's mexican chicken last night for dinner. it was delish. it's being added to our rotation.

speaking of rotation.. is there anything that you cook for dinner that is wonderful? i need some new dinner stuff in my life. i feel like i cook the same stuff over and over again.

and lastly, i went to a high school this morning to minister to some hoodlums. j/k, they weren't hoodlums, they were gorgeous and definitely cooler than i ever was at that age and probably well behaved. getting to the point.. they were talking about having a famous couples party. doesn't that sound like fun?? someone should have one and invite me cause i doubt those kids will invite me, not that i want to go their party. that might be strange.


  1. I have had fajitas at your house. They were indeed yummy.

    I fix lots of things for dinner, and yet I too feel like I fix the same things. Except I bet your fixing of dinner probably leads to more healthy meals than mine. Chicken and dumplings taste really good, but the health factor is probably lacking.

  2. check out my friend from nursing school's blog. she cooks constantly and is now pregnant with twins so cooking even more since she craves everything! she has some amazing, easy to fix stuff. here's the link:


  3. 1. youre terrific. and make me laugh.
    2. i have a great poppyseed chicken casserole that youd really like. its got chicken and cheese and sour cream. soooo good! i dont know the recipe off the top of my head but ill let you know asap.
    3. can i see you soon? march maybe? when its warm?! and we can go on a picnic!
    4. im totes going to go "like" maggie moo's on fb now. thanks!
    5. love yeh.

  4. Yum! Ice cream and mexican food... Two of my favorites!


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