Thursday, May 28, 2015

couch potatoes.

we watch lots of tv. lots. i won't disclose how much because.. child protective services.. but the boys enjoy a show or 5 a day. and they love to eat a picnic lunch or snack and watch a show. and although we have a sectional and a cozy but ample tv room, they HAVE TO sit right up next to each other. every. time. i think it's too cute that they want to be close to each other and it's one of those things i don't want to forget.

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it makes me smile to see their little friendship developing. and it makes me laugh. explore the space boys. explore the space.

Monday, May 25, 2015

number 3: 37 weeks.

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we made it to full term!

and y'all. i'm pretty tough. i typically live in the camp of "i'm pregnant, not dead." but... i think i may be dead.

we've been busting it to get some stuff done around here and after this last week of doing all the things, i'm ready to have this babe.

physically, i'm ready! plus the house is clean-ish, the diaper bag is packed, grant is moved to the big bed and the nursery is sitting empty, abe's quilt is finished, his room is ready for him. i am ready.

so three more weeks.. blah.

feeling: lots of contractions. LOTS. fire crotch action. i think this is round ligament pain or something?? heart burn city. out of breath. no sleep. dread going up and down stairs every. single. time. generally uncomfortable. being in this condition makes me want to never be fat. curvy? absolutely. skinny? probably never. fat, like actually obese? never ever ever.

y'all. it makes me want to exercise. 

and you know, i don't do that. so that tells you how desperate i am to be back to a normal comfy size.

doctor-y info: so i went to the doc at 35 weeks.. and he was like, "ok. we're gonna go ahead and check you and do strep b test." and i was like *wide eyed emoji* because i thought that happened at 36 weeks, so i wasn't prepared, ifyouknowwhati'msayin'. so he leaves the room and i panic text my friend tara and then i search high and low to no avail for a baby wipe and then i give up and sit on the table and resign to the fact that this man has seen me poop [delivery of isaac henry] and has had my amniotic fluid on him [delivery of grant], and he makes good enough money to deal with a 2:00 unprepared lindsey jo. all that to say, i was 2 centimeters dilated. which makes me like, what?!?! because is it time to be dilating already?! hence the last two weeks of quick! do all the things! abe is coming!!! also, strep b negative.

cravings: ice ice baby. i just wanna crunch ice. all the live long day. which is good, because i am notoriously a bad water drinker, so this ice craving is upping my water intake by gallons i'm sure!

and that's about it. if ya need me, i'll just be over here being huge.

Monday, May 11, 2015

number 3: 35 weeks.

i. am. so. preg. nant.

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feeling: large. and uncomfortable. still no swelling.. praise be! but i'm feeling pregnant. real pregnant. abe is taking up my entire body. i feel him under my top rib and trying to escape through the birth canal simultaneously. which leads me to my next assumption.. i think i dislocated a rib. and you don't realize how much work your ribs do until your rib is killing you with pain. so that's really fun. still peeing on myself and sleeping hot and bothered and lightening crotch city. so many fun things.

food: i don't really have any strong cravings except that i am really wanting to crunch ice lately. i'm not a big ice cruncher on the regular so this is new. 

thinking: that abe is not gonna stay in there 5 more weeks. i know, i know. everybody gets this way near the end. like, there's no way! i'm gonna go into labor any day!! and then they're like 12 days overdue and being induced. but i will be genuinely surprised if we last until june 15. i'm just having a lot of contractions already and feeling like he will come out a little early. probably like 30 minutes early at least..

in other news: we're getting some stuff done around here! lots of little house projects are getting knocked out and abe's clothes are all washed and organized. and i think we're back to planning on moving grant man to a big bed so abe will have a crib! maybe this weekend.. yikes. and i start going to the doctor every week now! gonna have this babe. sooner rather than later.

i'm getting excited! and mildly nervous. just one more month to go! that's insane!! pretty much every day i'm like, "BRYANT. WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY. IN. A. MONTH." and he's all, "yeah." and i'm like, "YEAH." so at least one of us is calm and collected.  

come on abram! your family is nuts and we can't wait to throw you in the mix! 

35 weeks with grant man. 35 weeks with isaac henry.

cutesy pictures of vacation.

oh the cutesy pictures.

you know ya gotta do it. if you go to the beach as a big group, you have to put on your coordinating outfits and capture the memories. i think it's a law.

here's our big ole group that still makes people go all wide-eyed emoji when we tell them that we lived together for a week..

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we have a good time.

and look, a good family picture!

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and a good picture of me and my hunky husband!

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and then there's the boys. the lovers of all memory-capturing moments.

i don't even know why i try really. except that once in a blue moon they'll give me a killer picture of them together (easter). but really beach pics were just pumpkin patch all over again.

i'll spare you the 268 pictures i took of grant looking like a cute little sweetheart and isaac being absolutely stubborn/holding up a glob of sand and looking chris farley-esque. or isaac looking with a genuine smile and grant throwing sand/looking at a bird.

this is the best i got from seriously 268 pictures..

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thanks for the memories, boys.

the men..

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the ladies..

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the babes..

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and a couple of my cute boys, because they can actually be cute in pictures if they want to be..

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

vacation [explosion of pictures] 2015.

we're home again, home again. and i'm thinking, should i really post 35 pictures of kids playing in the sand?! that's probably a snore. but then i'm like, yep. so buckle up for vacation pictures galore!  

last sunday morning we left bright and early to head to the rosemary beach/seaside/inlet beach area in florida with 3 other families. 8 adults. 8 babies [one 5 yr. old, three 3 yr. olds, three 1 yr. olds, and a 3 month old.] yeah, we're nuts.

we rented a huge and awesome house. we were the first to arrive. the drive really wasn't that bad and our children were rock stars plus isaac henry's bladder is the size of a small country.

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isaac henry wasted no time getting into vacation mode!

that night we walked down to the beach after supper where grant promptly let us know how he felt about said beach..

hate. pure unadulterated hatred.

he continued to ride the hate train for a few days. exibit b:

to his credit, he was finishing up cutting a few molars and was wayyy over tired from missing some naps and what not the few days before we left.

isaac henry, on the other hand, loved it! he couldn't get enough. and i loved having other kids there for him to play with! we went at the perfect time, right between spring break and summer break. seriously, we were the only people on the beach until friday. and even on saturday there were only about 3 other families that weren't included in our huge party. we had the whole beach to ourselves! it was awesome!!

so many babies.

thankfully grant started warming up to the sand a few days in..

he would point out to the ocean and want you to just take him out there and stand. he didn't want to go in the water but he wanted you to stand in the water. it was hilarious. but by the end of the week, he was running into the waves all by himself. he converted!

grant showed us a glimpse of his baby/girl love this week too. mallory is his age and katie claire is 3 months old and every time they were around he was right there loving on them and saying, "baby. baby." so sweet.

getting some smooches from mal..

mclaine turned 3 while we were on vacation so we had a little mermaid/ocean party for her complete with glowstick toddler rave..

party animals we are!

and of course we snuck in some beach naps..

i'm pretty sure there's nothing sweeter than a babe sleeping on you at the beach..


bryant is the best daddy. he's so good about playing with the boys. they love him!

it was so good to get away before abe arrives. we ate so much junk, laughed a lot, and i wanna go back! we had a blast.

and i love getting to see the boys enjoy their friends and new things. they're the sweetest.

and that's it! ha.

gotcha. there's still some cutesy pictures to share. stay tuned.

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