Friday, August 1, 2014

sunday school teacher appreciation.

because we love our sunday school teachers. and while you probably don't care.. who would i be if i didn't show you cute pictures of my boys?! plus it's fun to compare to pictures from the past. you know me.. i get a kick out of those types of things.

i can't decide if this still makes sense for isaac henry since he can talk now, but oh well. i think it's adorable so i'll do what i want.

walk down memory lane.. 2012. 2013

Thursday, July 31, 2014

grant at 9 months.

9 months old?! what in the world??

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this month grant:
  • is 18 lbs. 4 oz. wearing 9 month and some 12 month clothes. 
  • still toothless. and the doc looked at his gums at his checkup and said none of them are close to coming through, but the one that's the closest is his left front tooth on top! he's gonna look like a goofball! 
  • i think we've got a climber. he loves to climb over you if you're sitting on the ground. and he bee-lines for the stairs every time the gate is down!
  • he's still army crawling and he's pulling up to stand now. 
  • he's starting to lean toward table food, but it's difficult because he's toothless.. he seriously is soo annoyed by purees these days. it's only comical until he slaps the spoon outta your hand. 
  • napping twice a day (most days. sometimes he still needs a 3rd.) and still not sleeping through the night regularly. he just doesn't like the sleep and/or he misses his momma. little rascal.
  • he loves toy cars. he always flips them over and spins the wheels with his little pointer finger. so sweet. 
  • he's so ticklish! and he LOVES the stinky feet game. it cracks him up. 
  • also loves isaac henry, popsicles/ice cream, blowing raspberries, and taking a bath.  
  • he is a momma's boy. and i love it. 
he's our joy. i want about 14 more just like him.. except if they would sleep that'd be great.

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1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months.  
7 months.  
8 months.

isaac henry at 9 months.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the facebook tale of Big Green Ball.

so we have this awful facebook page for our subdivision. people mostly use it to complain about the HOA or report missing dogs. it's really very annoying. but every once in a great while, it is used for the good.

*names, locations, and pictures were changed for the privacy of my neighbors, because maybe everyone doesn't want people to know them?

without further ado, the tale of Big Green Ball..

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i don't why that cracks me up so much. but those people were serious about finding our ball. so funny. social media..

Friday, July 18, 2014

isaac says.

me: "what do you want for lunch?"
isaac henry runs to refridgerator..

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"i'll just eat this cupumber."

anytime something spills, he falls down, etc. he says "no big problem." like a mixture of no big deal and no problem. it's my favorite.

after reading the Bible one night, "me want Jesus to come outta da Bible and give me kisses!"

during Bible time, we were reading the story of david and goliath. isaac henry interjects.. "me kill dat giant! like dis! *mimics buzz lightyear laser beam* pew pew!"

watching mary poppins. i am thrilled. we're about 15 minutes in. isaac offers this review.. "me no like this. me like lightning mcqueen." 

bag boy loads our groceries into the van and proceeds to walk away.
isaac yells, "thank you! you's a big helper guy!!!!"

i'm changing into my bathing suit.
isaac points: what's dat?
me: well.. my boobs.
isaac: noooo. dat's not boobs. dat's grant's milk. remember??

isaac breaks out into a riveting rendition of this little light of mine.
ih: let it shine. dat's ne's fave-it song!
me: yeah? what's your favorite song?
ih: orange song!
me: how's that go?
ih, singing: orange orange orange orange orange... 

isaac is "helping" me make a big batch of baby food.
ih: "what next momma? *grabs a peach.* this fuzzy apple??"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

grant's baby dedication.

sunday was grant's baby dedication. 4 babies were dedicated. look at these sweet families..
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and that's not even half the babes at our church. and there are like 5 people pregnant. so pretty much redeemer is fertility town, usa.

we are so blessed that our boys are growing up with buddies whose parents love Jesus and are teaching them to love Jesus.

this picture is gonna be one to reenact one day for their graduation slide show..

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we chose colossians 1:9-12 for folks to pray for grant.

and committed with our awesome church fam and real fam to raise him in a way that he would come to know and love Jesus.

sweet baby of mine, we love you so and long for the day we get to call you brother. i also will run laps and holler. be prepared. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

because time is a dirty rotten thief.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

summa summa summa time.

what have we been up to? well, according to my phone..

isaac said "come here grant-man. i love you." as he wrapped him up in a big ole hug..

love my sweet boys and spending my days with them.

we've been spending time with friends. lots of easy going play dates. this is isaac henry's "best friend" jack..

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i'm convinced they could play all day together. they are the sweetest buddies.

we took our teenagers to the fun center so ih got to bowl and jump..

babysitting a little bit here and there. we got to spend a few days with the boys' second cousin (is that right? i always get confused in these cousin situations.) paisley..

i felt like i had twins. it was fun. and i'm glad i don't have twins.

eating summer food..

growing summer food and flowers..

isaac henry, bug killer.

restin' and watching george.

eating LOTS of popsicles and ice cream..

redistributing responsibilities..

doin' the shuffle..

learning to wink..

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going to the pool! plus more time with friends..

and just hangin' loose..

you know, typical summer stuff. this is my favorite time of year. no. doubt.
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