Thursday, October 30, 2014

grant at 12 months.

well, our baby is one! he still feels like he should be a little baby to me. but he's really not. and this month has proven that! he's just growing up and changing and it's all so bittersweet.

and isn't it always so suiting that the last pictures are the absolute hardest. i'm like, let's just get through this one last time! and he's like, no. 

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this month grant:
  • is just getting more funny and mischeivous by the day.
  • he gives the sweetest snuggly hugs and the best big ole smooches. 
  • definitely still a momma's boy.
  • lives to aggravate isaac henry. he wants what isaac has and will not settle for anything less, lest a tantrum ensue.
  • we think he's gonna be a little athlete. he's got the best hand eye coordination and loves throwing balls and stuff like that. 
  • when i was around 7 weeks pregnant, grant decided he was done nursing. just. done. which led to a lot of discomfort on my end since he went from nursing at least 5 times a day to zero.. in a day's time. that was fun. but he's done great. loves milk from a sippy, just doesn't love holding his own sippy. he'll bring you the sippy cup and make you hold it for him. king grant. 
  • speaking of the food situation. oh my. this boy EATS. like, more than his brother. and i'm fairly certain that if there is food within his line of sight he wants to eat it and he will continue eating it until you remove him from the food. he's a hog.
  • has 4 teeth and more on the way. his two front teeth have the cutest gap i ever did see. 
  • 21 lbs. and a little over 29 inches tall. wearing a solid 12 months.
  • says momma, dada, bubba, ne [sometimes, like twice], papa, ball, hi, bye bye. 
  • loves the swingset, walking with a push toy [or make shift push toy], balls, all things edible and some things unedible, playing peek-a-boo, being sung to and held, and having socks put on his feet [strange]. 
  • dislikes having his nose wiped, not being coddled to sleep, and not getting his way.
this year has been awesome. i am so so glad grant is ours. he's a hoot and so sweet and we just love him and can't wait to see him grow into more of a little person.

that was fun but now it's done. [daniel tiger fans?]

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isaac henry at 12 months

Monday, October 27, 2014

grant is one!

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happy birthday to our blue eyed, gappy toothed boy. our hearts doubled two years ago when he entered the world with a splash [literally!]. we love you and your mischievous streak. you're our pork chop, grant man!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

a shower for katie claire.

a couple of weeks ago we had a shower for meghan at our house. she's having katie claire in january and i.cannot.wait. babies are just so exciting and when it's the first it's more exciting and when you love the parents a whole lot it's even more exciting, so really i'm just super excited. and then to top it off she's got a double name. that just gets me. it's like a special club that i am glad to welcome katie claire into. ha!

of course i had to make her a little quilt..

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those name quilts are my very favorite. and i picked her up some cute girly outfits because i cannot say no to the girl clothes! boy clothes are like.. a navy shirt with a pocket. but girl clothes! bows and polka dots and cute cute cute.

our little "theme" was apples so i did a few chalkboards and we had some apples and banners. pretty simple but i think it was cute..

one lady from our church makes cakes and she made those chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling. oh. my. they were sooo good!

and the other ladies from church all brought food and it was yum!

i just love shower food.


i'm so thankful for meghan and her friendship. it's so funny to me how you think you've made all the best friends you're gonna make and then more just come into your life and you can't imagine not having them.

cokers love the dukes! can't wait to smooch katie claire!! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

numero 3.

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i'm a little scared and a whole lot overjoyed. and genuinely surprised? although i don't know why since we were "taking them as they come". don't you worry, pictures and weekly updates of pregnant lindsey jo are coming to a town near you. if it ain't broke don't fix it.

and ummm, how cute is grant?! isaac henry was THE.SWEETEST. when we told him and i'll try to post that video because it's precious and involves my bare belly so who doesn't want to see a piece of that?! we knew he'd be excited because our creepy psychic child has been saying "momma is having a baby!" loooonnnnggg before we were in fact having a baby/knew we were with child. prophet isaac henry.

summa babe, i love you. also you're killing me with the hormone induced pimples and throw up and exhaustion. lay off me kid. 

have all the babies!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

business in the front [room]. party also in the front [room].

when we first moved, i had a hard time adjusting to two living spaces. i just tried to cram everything into one space because i was used to the jumbo living room at the old house. obviously that didn't pan out. so we have our living room (you can see here!). and our front room. we use this room for downstairs toy city and this is where we gather for community group.

enough mammer jammer. here tis. the front room in all her glory..

above is the view from the french doors/dining area.

this is kinda looking over from the stairs..

we ordered that couch from ikea and so far i've been very pleased. you can obviously tell it's not high end but for a washable $300 couch, i don't think you can beat it.

i definitely need some throw pillows for the couch. just add it to the ever growing list of more crap to do.. 

there's also this great window seat in the front room.. i love it! i had a hard time deciding what window treatments to use on these windows because we do use this area for seating and the beadboard makes things a little tricky and this room gets so hot in the afternoon so i needed something that would block the sun and yada yada.. i ended up making these roman shades from the cheapo mini blinds.

they were time consuming but very easy and i love how they turned out.

here's the view over to the front door from in front of the fireplace..

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like i've said, we don't use the front door. but there are the stairs and if you kept walking, you'd end up back in the living room.

the fireplace and looking back into the dining area..

those french doors are awesome because you can close that and gate off the hallway leading to the living room and the children are trapped in the front room. ha!

a little collage wall on the half wall beside the stairs..

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and that's it!

stay tuned. the more rooms i faux clean, the more rooms i blog!

Monday, October 20, 2014

isaac henry's ernge birthday party.

in april, we threw my dad a surprise party for his 50th birthday and no joke, isaac henry has been talking about his own party ever since. everytime we asked him what kind of party he wanted, he'd say "ernge, my fave-it tuh-ler." he's obsessed with his favorite color, orange, and knowing everyone else's favorite color. and he never changed his mind! not even once. SINCE APRIL. so it had to be an orange party. isaac henry's only requests were that his friends come over, eat orange cake, and have orange balloons. 

that i can do. we kept the guest list smaller this year because it's the first year that ih really has friends and could tell us who he wanted to invite.

i did my chalkboards because i just can't quit them..

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and made his orange cake.. it's two bundt cakes cut and iced together. i was pleased with how it turned out.

we had the party from 11-1 so we served pizza for lunch (it's kinda orange, right?) and some other orange foods..

another chalkboard..

and orange balloons, his other request..

we actually blew these up on his birthday eve because we wanted them to be there when he woke up on his birthday morning. it was so cute. he came down the stairs and said "momma! it's my birthday and i just now turned three!" we gave him his presents from us on his actual birthday..

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we also met bryant for lunch at firehouse (isaac's other obsession) because as isaac pointed out, "they have sandwiches AND cookies!" ha.

ok, back to the party..

papa and grant.. 

isaac and his friend kari..

and their mommas..

thankful for that girl and our lifelong friendship. it's so neat to see our kiddos playing together when we used to be the kiddos playing together!

isaac and grant got a swingset as their big gift from us and papa and ne. and it was perfect! the weather was great and it was so nice for the kids to be able to play outside..

this is isaac with his best friend, jack..

they're so sweet together. i hope they're friends forever.

we asked all the guests to wear orange. and grandma showed up in this..

hahahahaha. i was dying. isaac henry didn't even recognize her. she started walking toward the house and isaac shouted, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!" and after we explained it was grandma, he said "you look like a clown." so funny.

ih got lots of cool new toys..

that had to be immediately opened and tested out..

then we ate cake..

he blew each candle out individually. so cute!

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eating with his lady friends.. kari, mclaine (my clainey, as isaac refers to her), and josie (jack's big sister)..

besides isaac henry's buddies and the grands, we had a few of his adult faves there too..

aunt em..

and meme and dede..

don't you love friends that are more like family?!

it was a great day.

i loved celebrating our big three year old. and he had a blast at his ernge party!
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