Monday, August 24, 2015

my hands are full.

lest you think my hands are not full, i have the affirmation from no less than 12 customers at kroger that my hands are indeed full.

"you've got your hands full!"

this doesn't offend me. because it's true. my hands are full. and my hip and my heart and my boobs and my figure and my buggy, full. and my sink is full of dirty dishes and pantry full of carbs that are shaped like a variety of animals. my bathtub is full of superheros and foam letters and dirty little boys. my washing machine is full, always. my carpet is full of crumbs. my van is full of car seats. my coffee cup is not full enough.

yes. my hands are full.

to help with my full hands, the big boys started MDO 2 weeks ago.

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it just makes them seem so big to me. they're having a blast and i'm finding out that 5 hours is not many hours at all but just enough hours for me to miss those hoodlums.

and in case that doesn't make them feel big to you.. isaac henry started soccer!

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he's very slow. but he's really good at the skills! just slow. bryant and i spent a lot of time laughing at him during practice because it's just so precious. and he's having fun. 

soccer and MDO and everything else and trying to have some sort of schedule in our family (which is so not who i am as a person, so the schedule will probably not happen) is proving that our fall is gonna be.. get this.. FULL. just like our hands.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

the upstairs.

well, we'll have been in the house for a whole year next week! i'm gonna make a cake.

the good news is is that i still looovvvee our house. it seriously is perfect and i can't see us moving out in the near future or ever for that matter. now that doesn't mean we aren't constantly up to something to make us love it more (see huge hole that's in my house right now waiting to become a garage..) (and i really really am crossing my fingers for a pool in the next few years) but i really do love it here.

which leads me to my next point.. i never showed you the upstairs. so here she is, in all her glory!

first up, isaac henry's room..

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this is the room that will likely be shared when we have a fourth. it's the biggest bedroom upstairs and would house bunks or two twins just fine. for now, isaac gets to be a king in his full size bed.

for now the train table is in there but i think we may move it to grant's room around christmas time and do some sort of lego situation in ih's room.

grant's room:

right now we have grant in the top bunk of de-bunked bunk beds and it is PERFECT!

all the boys have these big closets with two doors..

and abe's room..

it's definitely the smallest room and it's kinda boring but it serves its purpose. i mean, he doesn't even sleep in there yet, so there's not much of a purpose to serve.

the boys' bathroom..

it's really three little rooms, which i think is gonna be awesome when they're older because everyone can be using the bathroom at the same time and still have privacy.

shower room on the left. toilet room on the right.

i wanna frame out the mirror in here like we did in our bathroom and i've even toyed with painting the vanity but not today. or tomorrow.

i just can't get motivated for upstairs projects. maybe it's because it's kid zone up there and they don't care.

and lastly, the playroom..

whoa nellie. bright window. i still need to figure out curtains for in here but i'm just not in a hurry. i keep picturing drapes with bold orange and white stripes. one day i'll get around to it. (wait! while i was searching pinterest for that link i found a link about painting a big stripe on cheap white curtains.. now i've got a wild hair and may get around to it sooner rather than later!)

also, here's your PSA for the day.. that couch sucks. we got it because we had heard great things about the ikea couches (and we have the regular ektorp and love it!) and we wanted a sleeper sofa for up there because no guest room blah blah blah. it's bad. don't follow in my footsteps. i mean, it's the playroom so not the end of the world but.. biggest regret of my life. that and the one time i passed up one of those vintage ceramic christmas trees for $5 at a yardsale. i was young. i was dumb.

and this door is our laundry room..

so really we could use this room for a bedroom too one day if we had to. the only thing would be the lack of closet and the laundry room being in there.. but there're ways around that. for now i really like having a playroom because we can host community group and other events like that where there needs to be a separate space for the kiddos.

so that's it! our home sweet home.

here's the rest..
living room.
kitchen and dining.
other living room.
master bedroom.

some things have changed but not much. not much at all.

later taters.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

abe at two months.

the days just keep going on by and what do ya know? abe is two months old!

at 2 months abe:
  • 12 lbs. 9 oz.
  • is still just a delight. he's such a happy boy. he's been a great eater and a decent sleeper and i'm so glad we have him. 
  • is pretty laid back. typical baby high maintenance but nothing over the top. 
  • receives approximately 754 kisses on the head every day. his head is like a magnet for the lips.
  • hates to ride in the car. which is different for me because the other boys always loved it and would fall right asleep. abe prefers to scream his head off until you lift his carseat out of the van, which is when he immediately falls asleep.
  • has maybe had a handful of good naps. it's not his fault. the bros are LOUD. 
  • loves being outside, eating, getting snugs, being sung and talked to.
  • is sleeping in our room in the pack-n-play/our bed. he has done a few stretches in his crib and has done fine, but i just don't wanna be getting up and having to go upstairs a million (or 2) times a night, so in our room he stays.
  • and finally, our favorite thing about abe.. he is the easiest to make smile! he is just soo smiley! all you have to do is look at him or say hi abe! and he's all grins!

and just for fun, here's a side by side of all the boys at 2 months..

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grant is a little chunkier and isaac is a lot scrawnier. and i don't really know who looks like who. i just know they're all the cutest. 

abe at 1 month.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

tales of the grocery: granny edition.

there's plenty of important, documentation of the family type things i should be blogging about.. like abe's dedication that happened weeks ago. but i just don't have it in me today.

instead let's talk about grocery store happenings..

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these tulips were in the clearance flowers, which is usually like flower hospice, but these weren't even close to death. and for $1 a pack, i bought all the colors. and they just make me happy.

this morning at walmart, four grannies approached me. and i'm talking grannies around 90, not grannies like my mom.

granny 1: how do you tell if this is ripe??
me: a cantaloupe? i don't know, is it if you smell it?
granny 1: well. i don't know!
me: we don't really eat cantaloupe in our house.. so i don't know either. 
granny 1: well. i guess i'll take your word for it and smell it. but if it's not ripe, i'll come back here and find you and beat you up.
me: haha *wide-eyed emoji*

granny 2 must have overheard my conversation with granny 1 and assumed i was some sort of produce specialist because she held up a plum (?) and literally yelled across the produce section "ma'am! ma'am! what is this??" and i was like, "i think a plum?" and she was like "..." and put the plum back.

granny 3 just wanted to rub abe's head, which was right up against my chest because i was wearing him in the sling and she may have rubbed a little cleavage too so that's fun. nothing like getting felt up by a golden girl in the rotel aisle. and then isaac wanted to spell his name for her, because of course he did. but she didn't understand and just kept saying "you're such a nice boy." while grant yelled COOKIE! because he wanted her to acknowledge the free bakery cookie in his hand. and everyone was really confused. 

granny 4 approached me in the baby department and i can see why she may have thought i was an expert in baby merch (see 3 small children). she wanted to know where she could find a high chair cushion because she wanted to gift the high chair she used as a child to her grand child but it needed a cushion. and i was like, "i don't think they make those anymore because high chairs come with cushions now. so if you buy a high chair it already has a cushion. i've never seen them sold separately." and she was all, "I KNOW THEY SELL THEM BECAUSE I'VE BOUGHT ONE BEFORE." and what i wanted to say was, "if you've bought one before, why are you asking me where they are??" but instead i just said "hmmmm.. i don't know. maybe look by the high chairs."

and we still managed to make it out in a mere 1 hour 12 minutes.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

abe at one month.

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so yeah, he's so stinking cute.

just in the last week or so he's been grinning and giggling some.


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have you seen anything cuter?! i think not.

so, at one month abe:
  • is a great nurser. and pooper extraoridaire! 
  • has never had a good uninterrupted nap because his brothers are looney tunes. 
  • BUT he is so loved by isaac henry and grant. they fight over holding him and grant is always sneaking up and giving him sugar on the head. abe doesn't seem to mind them. 
  • sleeps a good 3-5 hour stretch at the beginning of the night and then co-sleeps with us for the rest of the night. so we're actually getting some rest!
  • doesn't love to be set down.. ummm.. anywhere. so that's just great. 
  • LOVES the outside. isaac henry says "abe just loooovveess sleepin' outside!" and he really does! you can almost guarantee that he'll fall asleep if you walk him out on the porch.
  • isn't crazy about the paci. he tolerates it occasionally. 
  • at his 3 week checkup he was back to birth weight.. 9 lb. 5 oz. and 22 inches long. 
we love this kid. i'm not gonna lie.. 3 kids is a little crazy. 3 is just a lot of kids. especially if they're all babies. but there's something about the third [so far. don't wanna count my chickens!] that's just.. i don't know.. easier? like we may actually know what we're doing this time around? i mean, we just jumped right back into life this time. church at 5 days old. firework shows at 2 weeks old. he's just going right along with the rest of this crazy bunch. and sometimes bryant and i look at each other and we're like, "we're totally nuts." but we might just be nuts enough to do this again.

isaac henry. grant.

Friday, July 10, 2015

an update.

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that was two sundays ago before grant's baby dedication at church. see how i typed grant there? totally unintentional, but i'm leaving it to drive home the point that WE CANNOT KEEP THESE CHILDREN'S NAMES STRAIGHT! ABE. abe's dedication. good grief. you wouldn't think it'd be so hard!  

anyway, this morning i needed to poop. and postpartum poops are terrifying. maybe i should be over the fear by now but i can't help but think that if i bear down real hard my uterus is just gonna plop out. i mean, the last time i pushed real hard a human came out of there followed by a huge life-giving organ. never mind that that happened almost a month ago. you can never be too cautious.

so i got the big boys all set up playing play dough. and abe was napping in the swing. and no sooner than i sit down..

abe is screaming. no surprise really since he prefers to nap anywhere from 30-45 seconds at a time unless he's being held/"nursing"..

and isaac yells: DANT JUST ATE SOME PLAY DOUGH!!!
momma, from the bathroom: grant! don't eat the play dough!
momma: ok.

so all that to say.. things are going well. you may be reading about fourth of july (which was great!) in september. but things are going well.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

isaac says.

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"momma? do i look so beautiful?!"

watching snow white for the first time, seemingly unimpressed, talking about the wicked witch:
i wish there were robots in this movie so they could just die her.

i'm taking isaac to the bathroom at cracker barrel and he spots the "women" sign.
ih: this potty is for girls!
me: well, momma can't go in the boy bathroom so you just have to go in here.
ih: it stinks in here!
me: yeah. well..
ih: i bet it's because girls have been using this bathroom. 

isaac is standing beside me at the sink and sees me wipe a dirty plate with a sponge.
ih: is that thing magic?!

we're doing bible time and reading about the israelites disobeying.
ih: again?! i'm so tired of this!!
..God probably was too buddy.

ih comes out of his room after naptime and proclaims: the king is done sleeping! i'm the king.
me: well, did the king have a good nap?
ih: i'm not the king anymore. i'm a bird.

isaac built nashville.. i'll give you one guess which building is the batman building..

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doing bible time. reading about sarah and abraham.
ih: how old is sari??
me: sarah? she was really old!
ih: no! sari??
me: sarah??
ih: no. SARI. in your phone!!!
... siri.

me: i'm glad you're my three year old.
ih: i won't be forever.
me: why not??
ih: because i have to be a grown up like you. (sad voice) and i won't be funny any more.
me: oh i bet you will! i bet you'll be even funnier!
ih, very matter-of-factly: grown ups aren't funny.
me: you don't think me and daddy are funny???
ih: you're maybe a little funny. 

driving down the road, isaac is talking a hundred miles a minute, like always.
ih: i LOVE breakfast. but i do not like green beans.
me: you don't like green beans?
ih: momma. just never fix me green beans again. ok?

ih: momma, i think daddy needs a new hiccup truck. a blue one.
me: a pick up truck?
ih: yeah. a hiccup truck.

after falling down in the gravel and skinning his knee pretty good, he was crying. a lot. i had comforted him all i could and put a bandaid on and it was time to ride the pain out.
me: buddy. there's nothing else we can do. you gotta just be tough.
ih: *crying, lots of tears, yelling, etc.*
me: that's part of playing outside. you're gonna get hurt. you just gotta be tough. now hush.
ih: *still crying*
me: isaac. that's enough. what do you want me to do??
me: ...

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