Thursday, April 10, 2014

a quilt for callie.

y'all know our friends beth ann and jared. well, they are gonna be parents NEXT MONTH. crazy! i cannot wait to meet little callie. she's gonna be sweet, i just know it. and i hope and pray she looks like beth-ann. let's just say jared would not make a pretty lady and keep it at that.

so 2 weeks ago (is that right? i don't know.) was beth ann's shower and of course i was there with bells on, or hoodlums in tow, whichever picture you'd like to paint of my life in your head. i'll give you a hint, it was the latter. and isaac henry took that opportunity to poop TWICE, because he always picks the best, most convenient times to poop his pants. enough about that..

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beth looks great. she's definitely all belly and i rubbed her real good. I LOVE PREGNANT BELLIES. GIVE ME ALL THE BELLIES. i'm putting that picture away for potential wedding slide show material since it's technically grant and callie's first picture together. love at first.. proximity?

and i made her a quilt. cause y'all know me. i just gotta do the baby quilt thing. it's my fave. it's pretty much just like norah's quilt. because again, it's my fave.

but then.. drum roll.. that dark purple fabric that looks black in the picture but is really dark purple.. it's my bridesmaid dress from their wedding. that's right folks. i chopped that sucker up. and put it in a quilt. it was really my friend kelly's idea. she's brilliant like that.

how romantic right?

and i stuck a wipes case in there too. because personalized wipes cases are my jam and my girl meghan is a pro at making them.

soooo.. callie can come on out now. because she has a wipes case and a quilt and that's pretty much all she needs. but seriously, come out here so i can smooch ya. also, i promise to be a good mother in law. and dear jared, grant has the best intentions. love, lindsey jo.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

death sucks.

well, good morning to you too lindsey jo.

you know me, not one to mince words. and that's what's been on my mind lately.. death. just. sucks. so there's some fun stuff that i want to write about here soon, but i've gotta get this junk out on virtual paper first.

last friday my friend jaimie unexpectedly went home to be with Jesus. she was sick for a few days and then her body just failed her. the funny thing is, i never met her. we had tons of connections, our lives were weaved together. her brother is our friend and our friend became her sister in law. we were kindred spirits, we were walking the same stage of life, and we connected over the internet. isn't technology cool like that? sometimes it's a burden. but sometimes, it's just really cool.

sunday we went to her visitation. and i just don't get it. maybe i'm not supposed to. and y'all, i know. i know God is good. i trust Him. but i do not understand His ways. my heart is heavy for jaimie's family and other families around me that have the people they love most just ripped out of their life. this sucks. it just does.

jaimie was a beautiful young momma of two babies, loving the Lord and her family. she was so talented and crafty. and so sweet. just my kind of girl. 

 elisha was a very much so wanted and loved little boy. the caboose to a sweet family in our church.

my noah was the funnest. he was a friend to everybody. Jesus-loving, handsome, full of potential.

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i cringe when my mind whispers "that's not fair." because i know what's not fair. Jesus taking the punishment for my sin is not fair. i do not want fair.

i cling to the hope that is Jesus Christ. because y'all, death sucks. but Jesus has defeated death.

Friday, April 4, 2014


i hope y'all are right with the lord. because i've blogged three times this week and i feel like that might be a sign of the end of the world.

part of the can't blog, won't blog problem is the instagram, which is like my own personal mini-blog. i like to refer to it as the gram. anyhow, if you're over there following me you've seen this business, but i want to get back to documenting it here too. double documentation. why post pictures one place when you can post them 4 places?! welcome to the times of social media my friends. and what better way to get back in the groove than to relive an entire month of the gram together??

this dreamy kid.. he's a momma's boy, just how i like 'em.

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broke my favorite mug. that'll tick ya off. i have yet to replace it because going into world market with handsy isaac henry may result in more broken mugs, but just a reminder.. my birthday's in may.

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this was our green for st. patty's day and the extent of our festivity..

going through the boys' clothes, organizing/purging/switching sizes out.. it's gotta get worse before it can get better..

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we met papa and ne for breakfast and a dollar tree date. they're fun.

my brother was killed 4 years now. he was the first baby boy i loved and i sure do wish he was around to love on my baby boys. he was one of the good ones. i miss him.

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also, i was [still am :)] adorable.

grant the smiley..

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i was with isaac henry's class in nursery at church the other day. they are all boys and one girl. and that particular sunday the girl wasn't there. so. many. boys. so much fun!

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we had spring break VBS last week and i had first graders with my girl kali. she's one of our awesome teenagers. don't mind us, we're just over here being secret agents, discovering Jesus.

isaac found a marker. bryant asked him what color his hand was. he said, "dreen. me da hulk."

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colors aren't our strong suit.

had a lunch date last week with one of my besties tara and her daughter kari. ih and kari are so sweet together. love them.

i usually don't buy the premade dough. go homemade or go home. but it's lightning mcqueen y'all. and cookies and lightning mcqueen are isaac henry's favorite things. so i had to..

"chacha teen tookties" I LOVE TWO YEAR OLD TALK.

flannel and overalls..

went to dunkin for a free iced coffee monday. ih wanted "chock-it ice peem". he settled for some "rolls".. a boy after his momma's own heart, or maybe her sweet tooth.

these lips were made for smoochin'..

some bubble gun action. good for minutes of entertainment!

did you make it through all that?? you're a true fan. i'll give ya my autograph next time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

whistle while you work. pray while you clean.

i'm convinced dishes and laundry will be the death of me. and toys.

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seriously, i think i could constantly pick up toys, do dishes, and rotate laundry and there would still be more to do. and i might be awesome in a lot of ways but i am not a woman who delights in the loading of the dishwasher.

and even though it does not come naturally to me, i've really been trying to do my mundane tasks with a joyful heart. and i've found something that helps! now don't get me wrong, most days i still loathe the laundry, but this trick helps.

so if you're looking for a little joy while you clean, pray for your family!

as you fold that laundry, pray for the person that it belongs to. those footie jams = a prayer for isaac henry. that button up (iron free, hallelujah!) = a prayer for bryant. those 87 burp rags = 87 prayers for grant. those yoga pants = a prayer for myself, because why the heck not?! these are the people i love the very very most and suddenly not only am i serving them by washing their clothes, the laundry feels a little more meaningful. is that dumb? i don't even care!

i recently went to a women's event at church and the speaker suggested praying these scriptures for your children [or yourself! or your spouse!] as you clean a specific room of the house. i think this is brilliant! i'm sure you could come up with more scriptures to pray but i'll share the ones she provided..

if _____________ confesses his sins, He is faithful and just, and will forgive his sins and cleanse him for all unrighteousness. 1 john 1:9

wash ______________ thouroughly from his iniquity, and cleanse _____________ from his sin. psalm 51:2

create in _______________ a clean heart, o God, and put a new and right spirit within him. psalm 51:10

may ______________ come to Jesus, he who labors and is heavy laden, and He will give him rest. matthew 11:28

may ________________ put on the whole armor of God, that he may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. ephesians 6:11

may _________________ stand therefore, having girded his loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod his feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; above all taking the shield of faith, with which he can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one. and may ___________ take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. ephesians 6:14

jesus said, i am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger. may ______________ feed on the bread of life. john 6:35

if any thirst, let him come to me and drink. may _____________ drink of the living water. john 7:37

just wanted to share this little tip with you. i hope you find it helpful. or maybe your kitchen is always clean and/or you are super duper joyful always and you don't need tips for cleaning joyfully. but y'all hear me out.. i pretty much am praying "create in my a pure heart" all the live long day. no shame in this game.

peace out on the hump day. dishes call. like always.

Monday, March 31, 2014

grant at 5 months.

i'm late, i'm late! grant man is 5 months old and i feel like this month was a big one for him. just coming into his own, i guess..

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at 5 months:
  • bryant saw him army crawl a little bit. and i've seen him try really hard. he wants to move!
  • is a rollie pollie. spends a lot of time on his tummy. 
  • playing more with toys and loving his jump-a-roo and exersaucer.
  • still moist. but he is spitting up less over all, which is preferred.
  • y'all. he's a chunk. he's moving out of 6 month and mostly into 9 month clothes at this point. still cramming him into 6 month winter stuff on these colder days. 
  • has slept through the night a few nights in a row now. i'm hoping it's a new normal and not just a phase. he's still being swaddled and i'll keep doing that until he expresses that he wants change. if it ain't broke..
  • still rocking the nursing. we tried some cereal a few weeks ago and wasn't very interested. tried again a few days ago and loves it. we tried bananas last night and he scarfed those down too. 
  • still won't take a bottle and i've pretty much given up because.. what are you gonna do?! with him starting solids and hopefully a sippy cup soon, eh. it's no big thing. 
  • his leg strength is crazy. i think he might get up and walk away here soon.
  • loves being talked to, tickled, and playing peek-a-boo.
  • constantly fixated on big bro. he's very interested in what isaac henry is up to! 
  • has been battling a never ending chaffing/rash/awfulness. but he is taking it like a man. i mean, doesn't complain AT ALL. but i know it's gotta hurt. those chunky thighs man, they're cute but they cause the chafe..
  • if he can get to his toes, he's sucking on them. it's adorable. 
  • if you're laying or sitting beside him and he wants your attention he'll start smacking you with his arm or kicking you. for some reason that cracks me up.  
grant is a rock star of a babe. he is just so easy going and lovable. seriously, the best second baby to have. so laid back. easy to please. and them cheeks. to. die. for.

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man he's handsome.

a stroll down memory lane..
1 month. 2 months. 3 months. 4 months.

what isaac henry was up to at 5 months..

Thursday, March 13, 2014

hello again. stuff isaac henry says, part 4?

well it's been about a year since i blogged last so i figure it's high time for another round of stuff isaac henry says. because this is my life.

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isaac randomly licks my arm.
me: did you just lick me?! don't lick me!
isaac: but! momma's duh-ih-shush!

i had given isaac a pep talk about being a good big brother and cheering up grant after he got shots at his 4 month check up. and he was super encouraging while we were in the doctor. the van leaving the doctor..
grant: whining.
isaac henry is his most annoyed voice: cheer up baby dent. we no at da doctor no more!

isaac henry is trying to retrieve his milk cup, i step in to help.
before handing him the cup, me: can you say the magic words?

after a bout of constipation, i was fixing to give ih a laxative..
me: here buddy, hopefully this will give your belly some relief.
isaac henry: no momma! no leafs in my belly! just food in my belly! 

isaac looking out our front window.
in his most depressed voice ever.. isaac: me miss jim.
jim is our neighbor that isaac has very little contact with.

bryant and i are having a conversation at dinner about going on vacation this year..
bryant [directed at me]: where would you wanna go?
isaac henry [excitement increasing with every word..]: walmart? car wash?? CHURCH???

i made a funfetti cake this week just because and somehow isaac became convinced that "momma made a take fo' daddy!!!" while we were eating it, after seemingly every bite isaac henry would look at bryant and in a sing-songy voice say "happy birthday to you!"

Friday, February 28, 2014

everybody poops.

so we're potty training isaac henry. and by potty training, i mean, we really aren't. but we're kinda pretending to. anyway, part of this facade is that we ask him periodically if he needs to go potty. he says no and then poops in his pants. it's a great system we've got going over here.

all day yesterday, isaac henry was tooting ("e-new me" = excuse me) and making poop face. and telling me he didn't need to go. you know, per our system. but he wasn't going so that's good.

well i've been selling some stuff on varage sale. which is like a virtual garage sale. see what they did there? and i'm telling you, those folks will buy anything. i made $15 for a diaper bag. that bad boy wouldn't have brought $2 in a real yard sale. so if you're gonna be out and about anyway, ya might as well meet some strangers in a parking lot and sell them your overpriced junk. 

anyway, i had a starbucks because i was gonna be sitting in the parking lot waiting on a stranger. and i had a gift card. also, i ordered somethin' off the "secret menu" and at first they were like "we don't know what that is." and i was like "fine, iced coffee." but then they googled it while i was in line and made it for me. holla!

but then the starbucks made me need to poop. as starbucks has a tendency to do. so we got home and i went to poop. and guess who decided it was time to be potty-trained all of a sudden and tell momma that he wanted to poop in the potty?! oh yes. perfect timing being that said potty is already in use. well, i got off there in a haste and stripped that boy's britches down. hustle! there's a potty situation. and guess what just fell out right on the ground.

a turd.

and really i don't know why i felt like that was blog material except for this is real life, people. real. life.

let's just keep going. i've been cleaning out the house because the walls are closing in on me. i'm calling it the purge of 2014. and here's something.. old lingerie. what do you do with it? because i'm here to tell you, the children, they change things. specifically my hips got wider and one of my boobs got bigger and i gained a lb. or 40. and back in the day when i was getting married i had a lingerie shower where i was showered with all the lingerie you could ever dream of. i won't go into specifics, but.. the children, they change things. so i have this dilemma because i don't feel like you drop those sorts of things at the goodwill but those were high dollar "outifts"..

it plagued me for weeks. seriously. i asked many a friend what to do. and the conclusion was that it needed to be thrown away. sad day. although one friend suggested re-gifting it. proven to seduce. ha!

i really think i need to stop talking now..

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it's not what you think. he was being a "chicken"..

and now that that's all out in the open, let the weekend commence! 

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