Tuesday, March 17, 2015

number 3: 27 weeks.

well, i'm pregnant.

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abe, we love you. we really do. please don't hold a grudge against me for not blogging about your in utero state as often as i blogged about your big bros.

symptoms: some things have changed over the last 3 weeks! this just in, i feel pregnant. i'm often out of breath and mildly uncomfortable. can't sleep worth a dime. braxton hicks contractions like whoa, which i never had with isaac henry or grant, so that's real fun. it's basically just cramps to the max. yesterday we were at the zoo and we were walking up hills and i felt like my stomach might explode. and holy car sickness! i've always been prone to car sickness, even as a kid. but it's ramped right on up with the ole pregnancy. like, every time i ride in a car i feel like i'm gonna pass out/barf. which makes me a tad nervous for some longer road trips we've got on the calendar next month.. momma might be takin' the wheel.

movement: yes. yes. yes. so much!! isaac henry has even felt him kick a few times and the first time he did, ih was amazed and was all, "MOMMA. IS HE ALIVE?!?!" ha. yep, definitely alive. abe really favors the right side of my bod so i feel him under those ribs a lot!

food: blessed food. still loving tangy and hamburgery things but some stuff that really stands out as of late is chocolate ice cream, sweets in general and cereal.

doctory things: we go next week for my last monthly appointment before we switch to every two weeks. that feels monumental. and we get to have an ultrasound! so so excited to see abe again!  i love technology.

thinking about: how abe is viable now! i know it's been a few weeks since we crossed that line, but it's always so cool to think about. if abe was born today [which we obvs. don't want, but IF] he would most likely survive! how cool?!

baby buys: i hit a big consignment sale over the weekend and rounded out abe's summer wardrobe. we still need to pick up a few things like another baby monitor camera and some nursery decor. we sold our old rocker and bought a new glider and ottoman, that finally arrived after two weeks of drama [i'll spare you the details but it was insane and made me wanna cuss] so bryant put that together last night. things are moving right along.

Monday, March 2, 2015

grant's shenanigans from 11:30 to 12:30 today..

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retrieved 3 lettuce leaves from fridge and ripped into tiny shreds all over the floor.

unrolled a half a roll of charmin.

climbed onto counter and attempted to take a bite out of an avocado.

emptied 12-14 items from the kitchen trash.

found 3 jigsaw puzzles and dumped them on the floor.

threw half of his lunch across the room/onto the floor during lunch time.

fell and mysteriously busted his lip complete with a mouthful of blood and hysterics.

moved kitchen stool over to the sink and proceeded to eat a few bites of this morning's pancakes that were in the sink full of dirty dishes with a fork also found in the sink full of dirty dishes. 

lord knows i love all of my children equally but today, isaac henry is my favorite.

dear jesus, let nap time last at least 2 hours today. amen.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

number 3: 24 weeks.

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moving right along!

symptoms: still feeling good good good. and getting bigger by the second.

movement: we saw him move for the first time! he's still movin' and shakin' and i love it!

food: still with the junk. and cheeseburgers. and onion rings. and sour-y fruity stuff.

doc stuff: i go friday for my glucose test. is it really sad that i'm excited about sitting alone for an hour? i might get a library book. ha!

thinking about: how crazy it's gonna be to have 3 babies! in.sane. but good. right?? it'll be good. isaac henry is really excited and is always talking about abe and how he loves him and he's excited for grant to move across the hall and be his "neighbor" he keeps saying "hey neighbor!" to grant. it cracks me up. grant is still such a baby and he'll be almost 19 months old when abe comes out and i'm just a little nervous. but people do it all the time, right?!?!

getting ready: my chore for tomorrow is to go through the baby clothes and see what, if anything, is gonna work for abe. so i can get ready to hit up some consignment sales. we ordered grant's big boy bed and wheels have started turning to get their rooms situated, even though we aren't moving grant over until may.

we're ready for ya abe! well... not really ready. but mentally ready. i think.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

valentine's party!

about a week and a half before valentine's day i was in the shower or something and thought, "we should have a valentine's party!" you know i love a party and isaac henry LOVES having his buddies over so i went for it.

how cute are my little valentine's?!

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

i kinda feel like i have the cutest boys in all the land. i guess all parents think that they have the cutest boys.. and well, they're wrong.

so anyhow, for the party..

we invited a handful of our friends over midweek for lunch and play time.

i wrote on my chalkboards or i'm not lindsey jo coker..

made some yummmmmy food. including the cheesecake. lord have mercy.

not pictured: mac and cheese.

strung up some hearts from the ceiling..

and my very favorite part.. which is kinda lame.. but we had a kids' table! i borrowed it from my momma and daddy's church, but after having it at this party, we are soo investing in one! it was so great for the kids to have a place to sit and eat and we decorated sugar cookies and it was perfect for that too!

all the boys.. and mclaine.

ha! sister stands alone!

like i said, the kiddos decorated sugar cookies and that was a big hit. lots of sprinkles were shoveled into mouths.

as to be expected, there were sprinkles EVERY.WHERE. once they were done.

isaac henry's buddy ellis gave out valentine's that had these cute mustache tats so isaac henry and reese had to put them on immediately..


the party was so fun. i'm thinking that it may have to become a tradition! hearts and love all around!

<3 p="">
and because i don't wanna write a whole other blog but i do wanna share a picture of sleepy eyed doughnut baby.. 

that's how we celebrated actual valentine's day with the boys. and there were no complaints. those boys are boys after their momma's heart.. sweet. teeth.

bryant took me on a hot date to the brazilian steakhouse were we ate our body weight in various meats and all i could think about was the scene from bridesmaids where maya rudolph poops in the street... this isn't happening. hahahaha.

hope your valentine's day was just as romantical!

Friday, February 20, 2015

iced in.

we've been iced in all week. there was a big ole ice storm and a little bit of snow that came through our neck of the woods and we've been trapped all week! we did venture to the kroger this morning because we were almost out of coffee and fruit. and there's more ice coming today and tomorrow so we must be prepared!

i've taken this week as an opportunity to be laaazzyyyy.. you know all that talk about gettin' stuff done? pshhh. we've been living in jams. my floors are a wreck because we've baked something almost every day and we've painted and i've been half-heartedly sweeping after meals so it's kinda crumby up in here. but, it's been a different kind of week so yolo baybay.

we've done the pillow pit a few times. i'm no good at fort building so this is the best alternative and they LOVE it. they'll play for an hour at least just jumping in the pit over and over.

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we made snow cream. nothing like ingesting a little pollution..

bryant had never had snow cream.. his childhood was lacking. but he tried it and said "it tastes like the warm bodies in texas." haha.. it really doesn't. it tastes like sugary vanilla snow.

we've done lots of crayon time. grant is really loving crayon time lately and isaac henry is starting to draw actual stuff so it's sooo fun!

we've done lots of let's drag out all the toys in here.. now let's go drag out all the toys in here.

some painting. followed by mid morning bubble baths.

bryant was stuck at home this week too. he worked from the couch in his jams. but he took a break one day so we could let the boys play outside.

isaac loved it.

grant hated it. he wouldn't even let us sit him down.

of course we've watched lots of shows and drank lots of coffee/hot chocolate too. and isaac henry learned how to spell isaac this week. so that's exciting.

this morning when i told isaac henry that we had to go to the store, he said "we're never leaving our house again." so there you have it.. i guess i'll see y'all in may?

hunkered down and longing for summer,

lindsey jo

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

brown chicken brown cow: a tour of the master.

back to the house tour! did you ever think it was gonna happen?! did you think that our house actually just consists of living areas and a kitchen?! well, wrong-o! here's where the master of the house and i sleep and shower and ya know..

so our room is kinda small. and our furniture is kinda big. but it all fits so nicely..

our ceiling/wall is open into the bathroom. which is really cool and unique. and our ceiling in the bedroom is pointy.. what's the architectural term? i don't know.. pointy.

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looking back out from over by the bathroom..

and now the best part..

you're like, ok? but i think you need to see a before picture to really appreciate my beautiful new sink and my framed out mirror and my not pink bathroom..

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that's from the previous owner. so the bathroom was pink. and the counter wasn't a sink.. it was a counter. and that is just too much to ask for me to share a sink. #firstworldprobs.

but it was all fixable so no worries, right?? well, we went to lowe's to find out how much a new double sink would cost and JUST THE SINK was over $700. seven. hundred. dollars.

so. nope.

but then craig and his list came to the rescue and we found a double sink that was the exact right size [miracle!] for TWENTY FIVE bucks. are you kitten me right now??

so the whole project, plumbing, sink, faucets, framing of the mirror, everything cost like $300. maybe $350.  

admire once more..

and then of course there are the other bathroom essentials. big tub. bigggg shower [!!!] and a toilet room..

also, that door right there on the left is our closet..

and maybe you didn't even notice because you're still thinking about my awesome sink but there is still pink tile that borders the tub and the shower.. why???!?!?! why would you do that??

but there is a fix. it'll just have to wait until i'm not gestating because apparently it comes with many a fume that can be harmful to abe. so we'll just live with a touch of pink for a while.

that concludes the downstairs show and tell. next up, upstairs!

living room.
kitchen and dining.
other living room.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

number 3: 22 weeks.

i don't know about you, but i'm feelin' 22..

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with the phantom belly again. sorry. i will cross my heart promise to not wear my black shirt again on a monday.. maybe.

symptoms: nothing really? i feel really good. and my acne is finally clearing up a litle bit. hallelu.

my lovely lady lump: i feel.. smaller? i mean, it's definitely there as far as "she's pregnant." but i just don't feel as huge as i have in the past. knock on wood. maybe abe won't be 12 lbs.

movement: yes!! i feel him often and bryant has even felt him a few times. and.. he's a hiccuper! isaac henry was a hiccuper and grant very very rarely had hiccups [if ever?] and i think it's precious. i know it's annoying for them once they're out and about but while they're inside it's just sweet to me.

food: same ole. junk junk junk.

thinking about: nursery stuff/decor. grant's big boy room. making lists of what we need for abe. browsing spring clothes as they hit the shelves. so so excited to have a summer babe! 

just for fun:
grant at 22 weeks. isaac henry at 22 weeks.

ok, after looking back at the previous pregnancies, i'm definitely bigger than i was with the other boys! hahaha.. i guess you're only as fat as you feel! and apparently i don't feel fat this time?? bring on more doughnuts!
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