Thursday, September 4, 2014

we moved!

well, we bought our dream house and we've been in it for a week now.

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it needs a little elbow grease hence the crickets here on the ole blog. i just can't seem to find time for much else but house stuff and child rearing. but don't fret, a house tour is coming to a town near you once it's presentable.

i've over the moon in love! i can't wait to smooch bryant here, and drink my coffee on that porch, and plant a little garden and some flowers, and raise up all the babies. in this house.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

grant at 10 months.

oh hello, it's just the mother of the year checking in.

on the day of grant turning 10 months, not only did i nearly forget altogether, but i misplaced the charger to my dead camera and my house was in the state of we're-moving-tomorrow so i couldn't find it and my phone memory was also completely full.. then i had to go digging for a onesie that didn't have a sweet potato stain which was quite the challenge. good thing grant is a photogenic little booger. and here we are, like a week later.. yikes. #secondchildprobs

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grant this month:
  • this kid is a firecracker! where did this come from?! soo mischievous. constantly getting into something. it's a little peek of toddlerhood. you say "no grant!" and he just looks at you with a big smile and says "heh heh." and goes back to what he's doing. exhibit a: he broke the dvd player with his little pointer finger.
  • grant's laugh = a drug.
  • cruisin' all around. and he's a monkey. climbing always!
  • finally got two teeth! his bottom middle. praise jesus it wasn't that front tooth! 
  • exclusively eating table food with the occasional food pouch when we're on the go. he drank out of a sippy cup once this month, apple juice. so needless to say, he's still very much on the boob. very. much.
  • his favorite food is scrambled eggs and any kind of meat. he likes most stuff though. 
  • words: momma, dada, bubba, hi, byebye. he wants to say papa so bad. and he's just babbling all the time!
  • claps, blows sugars, gives high fives.
  • still hates sleep. that's just fun times all around.    
  • grant is so funny. but in a different way than isaac henry. i'm loving seeing his little personality come out! 
  • something new this month (i think?) is that he LOVES being chased/chasing! if you crawl after him or let him crawl after you, he cracks up and goes soo fast!! he loves it! 
grant man is such a joy. he's his momma's boy for sure. i cannot believe he's fixing to be one! 

1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months
7 months.  
8 months.
9 months

isaac henry at 10 months.

Friday, August 22, 2014


this feels weird, i know. but the Lord works in mysterious ways like technology and such and anyway, i've got this friend..

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she's gorgeous, right? once again, i know.

that's emily. as you can see she's a bombshell. but also she's just so much fun. seriously she's gonna make the coolest wife [besides me, but i'm taken]. emily lives in the nashville area. i won't tell you exactly where because you might be creepy. but she's more than willing to meet you in a well-lit area. ha!

she's an occupational therapist so she's got lots of fun stories. she's smart, compassionate, hilarious, and up for a good time. she's the best friend. she likes outdoorsy things like camping and rock-climbing and running. she likes orphans and adoption. she's a dog person. and she likes the mexican food. that's a requirement, you must love salsa. her family isn't crazy, which is always a plus.

and here's the real great thing, she loves Jesus. like, a lot. i love her heart for Jesus.

really i just love her. she's a big weirdo, but in the best way possible. 

if you think you'd like a date, holler at me. i'll hook ya up.

no weirdos allowed, unless you're the good kind of weirdo, like emily.  

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

isaac says.

i'm making breakfast for dinner.
me: isaac henry! do you want a plain biscuit or a jelly biscuit?
isaac henry: A PLANE BISCUIT! like dusty crophopper!!!

i'm in the kitchen. from the living room..
isaac henry: uh-oh momma. there's some poop in there..
me: what??
isaac henry: there's some poop in there.
i come running into the living room expecting poop who-knows-where..
me: where's the poop?!
isaac henry: in my butt. *laughs*

grant is crawling on top of isaac henry because he's a monkey.

me: what do you want for breakfast, buddy?
isaac henry: hmmm... cookies. *side eyes, giggle*

isaac mysteriously busts his lip while playing outside. i get him calmed down and he's sitting in a patio chair. he looks over at me and says: ya know what would make my lip feel good? a popsicle.

isaac henry: oh momma! george is so sad. boo hoo hoo.

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me: why do you think george is sad?
isaac henry: me tink dat da man with the ye-wow hat give george a spankin'!

we're getting up for the morning and ih goes straight to playing.
me: hey man! where's my morning hug???
isaac henry, motioning to himself: it's still in my body!!

we're going for a walk and a jeep with the top down drives by.
ih: momma! a jeep!
.. a few seconds later a jeep with the top up drives by.
ih: and a jeep with a lid on it!!

"my dressed up."

we're playing over at a friend's house and all the kids (except mine) are getting sun-screened. isaac comes running over to me.. "my want sour cream on me too!!!!"

isaac hands me a lego tower.
ih: you can keep this forever. and you can keep me forever. ..except one day i grow up like a man and get married and have babies.
me: ok. how many babies do you think you'll have?
ih: 7. or 8. boy babies! my name them jesus.
me: oh yeah? do you have a girl picked out that you're gonna marry?
ih: probably just jack's momma.
me: i'll let her know..

ih: knock knock.
bryant and me: who's there?
ih: chicken wing.
bryant and me: chicken wing who?
ih: ... bock.

we're swimming at my parent's neighborhood pool and buddy the elf/isaac henry is doing his standard interrogation of a man in the pool. 
ih: me i-zickt ten-we toe-ter! what's your name??
man in pool: my name's alan.
ih: what's your fave-it color?!
man in pool: well, probably blue.
ih: that's like my daddy!
man in pool: what's your favorite color?
ih: ORANGE! ... what's your last name??
man in pool: farmer. spelled F-A-R-M-E-R. farmer.
ih, under his breath: it's da farmer in da dell.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


this morning is the kind of morning where you have to ask yourself, "do i want to drink a second cup of coffee and risk pooping 4 times before noon or risk falling asleep while my children use me as a jungle gym?"

i went with the first option because i have no where to be today and i. am. so. tired. because grant has been struggling with sleep for the last.. say.. 9 months or so. insert squinty eye emoji here. to be fair, i think the current sleep destroying culprit is 4 teeth just right below the surface. and grant is all, "THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN MY MOUTH AND I CAN'T SLEEP A WINK."

also, life has been Crazy [with a capital c] as of late because in a strange turn of events, we're moving! we've been just window shopping and then a few weeks ago bryant sent me a link to a house and i was like, "yeah, i mean, i like it. but we aren't doing anything right now.." and then the next day we went and saw it cause why not? and as soon as i walked in, i was like uh-oh. cause it's perfect and it's where we want our boys to grow up and where we want to bring home the rest of our babies. and i said, "if we can do it, i think we need to do it." so we did it. we sold our house in 2 days and we move next week. NEXT. WEEK.

so pretty much we've been frying the children's brains with shows, packing, researching paint colors and replacement doorknobs, etc. it's been crazy. and good. we're excited. 

in other news..

if you are a person and you like fun, you need to have a favorite things party. seriously, just do it. they are the most fun. i went to my sweet friend hannah's the other day and it's just fun to get some new little things and hang out with your favorite girls. these were my spoils..

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i brought chips and homemade salsa this time, because i'm fairly sure that's everyone's favorite thing. i think next time i'll just bring invitations to another favorite things party because they are my favorite thing. in conclusion, have this party. and invite me.

and just because i'm a doting mother and want to brag.. we got our teeth cleaned last week and i was talking to the hygienist about when we could do a real cleaning on isaac henry because he's "almost free". she was like, "we can try today if you want." and i was thinking.. yeah. good luck with that. but can you believe isaac henry climbed right up in the chair and let them CLEAN HIS TEETH?! like, no whining/crying/complaining?!  

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he did so good! every time they'd come out of his mouth he'd look over and say "i'm being a brave boy today." i was proud.

so there's ya some random information for this wednesday. if you need me, i'll call you. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

photo shoot at 9 months.

i've decided that i might just have laura photograph our family every three months for the rest of forever. ha! we'll be the most photographed family in all the land. besides the cruises and the jolie/pitts.

here's some of my favorites from this time around..

i cannot get over grant's blue eyes! so dreamy!

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i don't care who you are.. those are the most handsome boys. ever.

grant's face CRACKS me up in this one..

again with the adorable-ness!

gah. lee. he's so stinkin' handsome!

one more round of pictures with laura and grant's first year will be over! can you believe that?! you're probably like ptl, i'm tired of seeing all this cuteness. ha! but seriously i'm gonna run out of wall space. and also seriously, grant's one year pictures are going to be at a super cool location that i cannot wait to tell you about. except i have to wait, so there's that. 

to see the rest of grant's first year, click-y click here and here and here.

Friday, August 1, 2014

sunday school teacher appreciation.

because we love our sunday school teachers. and while you probably don't care.. who would i be if i didn't show you cute pictures of my boys?! plus it's fun to compare to pictures from the past. you know me.. i get a kick out of those types of things.

i can't decide if this still makes sense for isaac henry since he can talk now, but oh well. i think it's adorable so i'll do what i want.

walk down memory lane.. 2012. 2013
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