Monday, July 11, 2016

pregnancy round 4: 20 weeks. and a name!

we went to our big 20 week ultrasound and number 4 is still very much a boy. and we named him!!

bryant had mentioned truett a few weeks ago and i just added it to the ever growing list of "yeah, that's fine." i just wasn't loving anything. everything was just ok. but then he mentioned it again and i was like.. YES. that's his name!! i think it just fits our family so much. and i love that it means little and honest.

paul is my pap's name and he is one of the greatest men i've ever known. i love that all of our boys are named after men that we would love to see them grow up to be like.

(review for the curious georges in the bunch. isaac henry named after my brother noah isaac. grant wilson named for my dad, wilson being my maiden name. abram bryant named for that hunk i married.)

so, truett paul. that's our boy.

other than that no big news. we're just trucking right along. i feel great! i've got curly hair. today i leaned over to bryant and whispered "i want sausage balls." i'm starving. and i'm holding onto summer with a clenched fist but i already feel fall and NOVEMBER sneaking up on us.. 4. all the wide eyed emojis.  

Sunday, July 10, 2016

june is over? ju-lying.


i just can't get enough of sweating to death and having all the good times.

garden update: it's a mess. no. seriously. it's a jungle. but it just makes it more of an adventure to find veggies to pick! my flowers are finally blooming and making my heart happy.

we've also been enjoying finding, catching, chasing, watching, or killing all the critters (depending on the day and the critter) around our house lately.

church update: vbs is over and done. it was pirate themed this year. arg matey. and it was so fun!! and exhausting..

we also just did our sunday school teacher appreciation and i didn't get around to doing the cute pictures i've done in the past, but the boys made these sweet lightening bug crafts and i just love isaac henry's handwriting.

good times update: yep. we've been having them. i'm equally thankful and annoyed that my boys [so far] seem to be extroverts. we will LITERALLY spend everyday for a week with our people and they will wake up the next morning asking for a play date or if we can have someone over for supper. bless them.

july 4 update: AMERICA! we ate popsicles at the seaver's house, watched the big fireworks show with more friends, ate ribs at mom and dad's, and lit sparklers and shot off exactly two duds of fireworks i bought the boys which caused them to give me major side eye. apparently my choices were very disappointing. meh. what do you want from me?

grant update: HE IS POTTY TRAINED. completely. fully. hasn't had an accident one time. praise god from whom all blessings flow.

and before you go sassing me.. it was not an easy road. oh the whining and gnashing of teeth and holding it. HOW DO MY CHILDREN HOLD IT FOR ALL DANG DAY?! holding it is a great skill except when you need them to learn how to pee because that requires not holding it and then it's like, for crying out loud would you please pee more than twice a day?!

and then we bought a trampoline in celebration of the potty accomplishments. and it has been so fun for everyone.

*it now has all the safety shenanigans and pads and nets and what not. this picture was taken during the putting it together process when the boys couldn't wait one more second to jump. sometimes we allow danger.

isaac henry update: he learned to swim! he's just a little proud of himself.

abe update: he hasn't accomplished much but he's stinking cute.

Monday, June 20, 2016

abe's first birthday party.

sometimes the best parties are just regular ole cookouts with your people. and that's what we did for abe's party. it was the best. summer birthdays are fun.

i texted this invitation to our buds and our parents..

starting the thing off real fancy.

i chose that party animals theme because i really wanted to make tiny party hats for plastic animals.

i don't know why that is so cute to me but i can't get enough.

like i said, we just invited our besties over and we had an abundance of good cookout food. hamburgers with bacon jam, hot dogs, bacon cheddar ranch potato salad, baked beans, watermelon. all the good summer food.

i fixed a texas sheet cake because it feeds a crowd, it is the best and abe doesn't have a preference yet. we ate it with ice cream. because of course we ate it with ice cream.

abe approved.

after we ate every one just hung out. the kids played in the yard with bubbles and sprinklers and the bounce house and whatever they pulled out of the garage.

abe held onto his tiger for dear life while his brothers and friends so graciously opened his presents for him..

it was a fun evening. i always feel so thankful after these parties where we get to be surrounded by the people we love and that love us.

happy birthday abe! 

abe at 12 months.

we have a one year old!

at 12 months/one year, abe:
  • grew up over night! it's like he just changed so much as far as mobility, chattiness, everything! he just feels older.
  • 6 teeth with tooth number 7 coming any day! so he's developed this annoying habit of biting you. i guess to test out his new teeth? but it hurts!! he thinks it's great. [this also meant a really really pitiful diaper rash this last month that was.. did i mention.. pitiful.]
  • loves the water! i was a little afraid because the first time he went swimming it was no good, but he LOVES it now. some of our friends have a graded pool in their community and he'll just crawl right in face first laughing as he drowns. today he was splashing around in our baby pool and just gulping down water and getting it all in his face and just laughing laughing. little fish. 
  • eats everything. loves his milk. 
  • sleeping great. he even does pretty good having to skip a nap for pool days, etc. 
  • crawling, scooting, climbing stairs, pulling up and cruising everywhere. 
  • talks so much!! he just babbles on like he really has something to say. this month he started roaring for animals and vrooming for cars. sooo cute! lots of dada talk! and when he says hi, he actually says "hey!" 
  • i'm afraid he might be a little mischievous. when you tell him no he just smiles so big and laughs.
  • buttttt... he still has the best laugh ever. 
this year with abe has been so good. he is such a sweet baby and just the perfect number 3. i am already looking forward to this next year because i feel like that's when you really get to see their little personality develop. i just know he's gonna be a good one. 

and i'm so glad that i stuck with taking his monthly pictures because isn't this the most fun?!

i love seeing how he has changed! and he is seriously my only boy so far that smiled in every picture. he is so photogenic! when you point a camera/phone at him, he lights up and says "cheeeeeee!!!"

1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months.
7 months.
8 months.
9 months.
10 months.
11 months.

Monday, June 13, 2016

pregnancy round 4: week 1 - week 17.

yeah. so. i'm 17-ish weeks pregnant.

and i'm here to declare.. 4th. child. probs.

i have not been good at taking belly pictures at all. and i obviously haven't written any updates. until now!

this is one of the two belly pictures i have taken..

that's 10-ish weeks.

and that beauty is around 15 weeks. 

an update on the condition of my bod/pregnancy because i know you are DYING to know.

cravings: my cravings have been very consistent since day one. anything ice/popsicle related. those luigi italian ice cups are my life blood. mozzarella sticks and all things marinara. all the sushi.. well, all the cooked sushi.

weight gain: ?? i lost 25 lbs. in january/february and i'm not counting this time. i know i gain around 50 lbs. every dang time i have a babe, so bring it on. momma's not gonna stress about it!

sickness: not bad at all! i had a little nausea at the very beginning and threw up once when i was brushing my teeth but other than that i've been absolutely fine! there was a little bump when my doc thought that the evil thyroid was rearing his problematic head again but after another quick blood draw we found out my brain is kicking it into over drive and taking care of business all on it's own.

movement: there have been approximately two times when i have definitely known there was a baby in there. any other times i've felt "movement" it could have just been me being hungry.

gender/name: boy. boy boy boy boy. the main reason we held off announcing this pregnancy right away is because a 4th child after 3 [amazing!!!] boys is doomed to the "we hope it's a girl!!" "IT BETTER BE A GIRL." "maybe this will be your girl!!" comments and we just wanted to avoid that. we wanted to be able to say, "we're pregnant! and it's a boy!" andddd.. it is. but fourth child probs.. he's nameless. we've never had this issue before but we're drawing major blanks because we've come up with THREE SOLID NAMES already! that being said, what do you think we should name our child?? our boys have given really great suggestions so far. like Chair and Sarah.

and that's that. i'll report back.. maybe.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

we're having a baby! and it's a boy! again.

well my friends, number 4 is on his little way! i'm due on thanksgiving and i fully expect a turkey dinner delivered to me at the hospital.

we'll talk more later. i'm a little busy over here praying for sweet daughter in laws to take care of me in my old age. because y'all, it looks like bryant is THE MAN. 

4 boys.

Friday, May 27, 2016

abe at 11 months.

well, i should probably write this update since abe is turning one in like 2 weeks. i've said it before and i'll say it again, may is december so things have been crazy town over here. to my credit, i do take the pictures on time.

cutest baby around alert! i mean, i know everyone thinks that their baby is the cutest, but i can't get enough of this guy.

right?? he. is. the. best.

at 11 months:
  • abe is eating all the things. and is completely weaned from the boob and the formula. he's drinking and LOVING the milk. he puts down about a gallon a day. ok, maybe not that much, but he loves his milk.
  • the aforementioned milk consumption has lead to abe really filling out this month. he's busting at multiple seams. 
  • 5 teeth. 
  • mastered going to sleep on his own this month.. i know, it's kinda late in the game. #thirdchildprobs but he's going to sleep with no/very minimal crying on his own for every nap and bed time. 
  • really started pulling up and cruising every where. wants so badly to stand on his own. and get this.. still doesn't do a normal crawl. i think there is a high likelihood he will actually walk before he crawls. or he may never actually crawl. 
  • babbling all the live long day, cracking up at the classic nose beep, waving and yelling "hi!" at anyone that will listen.
  • throwing all the food on the ground, making his parents lose their minds. 
  • tried peanut butter, didn't die. 
  • favorite toys: cars, balls, anything tiny/choking hazard. 
  • we bought the infamous chewbacca mask this month (before it was infamous) and abe is absolutely terrified of it. which has also helped him develop an unhealthy fear of large stuffed animals and our friends' wiener dog. 
  • also hates swimming so that is just great. but, he has a righteous farmer's tan.
1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months.
7 months.
8 months.
9 months.
10 months.

i seriously have got to plan a party for this hooligan, stat.
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