Wednesday, November 16, 2016


you know i'm a sucker for a family theme.. and this year was no different. even though the boys had opinions this year. i guess i'm destined to embrace the boy mom costumes.

we had the cutest yoda you've ever seen, chewbacca, a storm trooper, daddy as darth vader and death star belly.

we were lucky to find those chewbacca jammies at the disney store and they worked perfect for his costume! i'm all for costumes that you can use again. like.. every day. to sleep in. and they weren't super warm which was good since it was like 90 degrees! the hottest halloween i can remember. you know this big momma was glistening. 

we met up at the king's for our annual halloween party/trick or treating. and most of the grown ups actually dressed up this year!! my dream come true!!

i think my fave is lindsey and jason as pooh and christopher robin. so stinking cute!!

and all the little spooks..

i'm so thankful for these friends that we get to do life with. they're the best.

aaaaannnnd we're still eating halloween candy. although we're about out of chocolate options and you know the dum dums are long gone thanks to abe who is OBSESSED with all suckers.

Monday, October 31, 2016

grant's 3!

grant man is three!

this kid. he's so stinking lovable and such a little stinker. he's going to be our boy that does whatever he wants and is great at everything he wants to be great at. because he is just passionate about life. he reminds me so much of my brother noah.. which most of the time is a good thing but sometimes i'm not so sure! ha! 

he was so excited when he woke up on his birthday. he came running in our room and just gave bryant a huge hug and then told me that he only had 3 year old kisses to give me now. and you'll never believe it but as soon as he turned three he could jump higher and run faster! :)

we kicked off his actual birthday with chocolate donuts and had chicken "circles" (nuggets) for supper. he had MDO on his birthday so we took some cookies to share with his friends.

anytime i would ask him about his birthday party he would make two requests.. 1. monster truck cake 2. mallory. he's an easy man to please.

so we decided to have his party at the indoor playground at a church here in town and it was perfect!

they do all the work and it's pretty affordable and you get to invite 25 kids. AND THEY DO ALL THE WORK. we literally showed up with a cake.

monster truck cake? check.

mallory? check.

the kids play for an hour and then we stopped to eat snacks and cake and open presents.

grant was partied out by the end!

definitely the easiest party i've ever thrown!

we love you grant man and are so thankful for your fun spirit! happy birthday!

isaac henry's 5th birthday!

we have a five year old?!

i know. i'm in disbelief. but what a fun age! 4 was great and i know 5 is going to be just as fun.  it may help that isaac henry is seriously one of the coolest kids i have ever met.

on his actual birthday we let him pick breakfast and supper and he had very specific requests..

funny face pancakes for breakfast.. 

and "hamburgers with pickles of course, macaroni, and rice krispies" for supper..

papa and ne joined us for supper and he got lots of presents and phone calls and cards and special treatment, which i think made up for the birthday party devastation of 2016.

so isaac henry has been wanting to camp out and have you met us?? hahahaha. we don't camp. but we have been planning this backyard camp out party since the spring.

we kept the guest list small because we were full blown camping in the backyard with a bonfire and a movie projected outside on the house with popcorn and all the camp out shenanigans. it was going to be amazing.

it had been drizzling all day and all the parents were holding their breath because we had a whole lot of excited little boys ready to camp. we were pressing on! sprinkles can't stop this party!

and then an hour before the party was supposed to start and we had just set up the tent, isaac henry started running a 104 temperature. bum bum bum.

so we had to cancel the party. i'm pretty sure it was the most pitiful thing i have ever seen in my life. lots of tears were shed and not just by isaac. he is my most tender hearted boy so he was pretty sad. wouldn't you be?! and honestly, i was too. you mommas know that parties are not easy work to pull off and to do all the work and then NO PARTY?! tears. TEARS! luckily, papa and ne bought him a bicycle for his birthday so they went ahead and brought it over to dull the heartbreak. and we snuggled on the couch and watched star wars.

and luckily luckily, our tribe rallied and we were able to pull off a camp out themed lunch party after church that sunday and all's well that ends well!

since our previously planned activities wouldn't really work for a lunch party, i threw together a little nature scavenger hunt. my boys love this type of thing and it was a hit with the other kids too.

of course it was a nature scavenger hunt and some of the kids were like, "where did you hide the stuff??" and i was like... "i didn't, good luck!"

they all got a little flashlight and m&m's for completing the scavenger hunt.

there was lots of jumping on the trampoline and playing outside, looking for more "cool rocks". it definitely worked out and isaac henry was pleased. anddddd no one had to sleep on the ground. so win/win?

happy birthday to our fab 5 year old!

Friday, September 2, 2016

the boys.

these guys..

i wish i could remember every little thing about them. i know they'll grow up and we'll forget some of the cute stuff they do or some of the things that they loved so much at certain ages and i wish i could just record it all and play it back when i need a stroll down memory lane. 

they are just so fun and hilarious and i like them.

all three of them are going to mdo two days a week this year. the big boys love it and i'm sure abe is fine and i really really appreciate the time to get things done/veg out for an hour or so.

as far as mdo goes, isaac henry's class is full on kindegarten prep. he's such a smarty pants and on the first day when i picked him up his teacher told me "i've never seen such a good color-er in preK" the boy does love to color! he's sooo artistic. grant has the same teachers as last year and they are rock stars! his bff mallory is in his class and he only has eyes for her. he also refuses to pee at school so he just holds it. all day. abe won't nap. but he's stinking cute so they forgive him.


abe is 100% sweet and 100% stinker. the big brothers probably think he's more stinker. he just wants to play with them and by play i mean destroy everything they're doing. when they see him coming they say, "oh no! here comes big baby!" he wants nothing to do with age appropriate toys and everything to do with what the boys are playing with. you can almost always find him with two lego heads clenched in his little fists.  

he has recently started walking. some. he still prefers crawling cause it's quicker but he toddles around quite a bit. his feet are huge. we had a time finding shoes that would go on and stay on his jumbo feet. he's starting to talk a little bit more. our favorite things he says are night night and uh oh. he has the best big brown eyes. and y'all. this is his pucker..

have you ever?!


loves all things super hero and dress up. his best friend is mallory and he is loyal to her to a fault. loves loves loves monster trucks. umizoomi and curious george are his shows. appreciates a good peanut butter sandwich. has recently started enjoying coloring and will spend extended periods of time making sure his color pages are perfect. he also has gotten really interested in puzzles lately and will work on them for long periods of time. very athletic.. loves all sports but can't wait to play soccer "when i turn 3" and is constantly talking about how he wants to play football. loves to jump on the "jump-oline" totally into space, astronauts, rockets. the only thing he will even attempt to draw is a rocket ship. he still really loves babies, abe and especially truett. he is looking forward to truett so much and always is saying that truett is on our team (me, grant and tru) daddy's team is isaac and abe. doesn't love to give out kisses but almost always has a hug or snuggle to give. sleeps with his dog dog and blanket. also, he's got a temper and when he's not happy, he's 100% not happy. he's the kid that will turn the light back on just so he can turn it off. 

isaac henry.

still such a smarty. he's starting to sound out some words and can count to 100 with a little help. especially loves drawing and coloring and anything art. he'll paint or craft or draw all day. COUCH POTATO. this kid would watch shows and movies all day long. he rocks the house at mario kart and loves to play games on the ipad. prefers cheese and crackers for lunch. he is starting to get braver when it comes to trying food and will try pretty much anything. right now he's taking a break from soccer to try out baseball and he seems to really like it. plus it's just so stinking cute. he decided on his own that he wanted to start coming to "big church" with us. loves playing legos, monster trucks, and star wars. he is so funny and so sweet. always giving me compliments, "you're the prettiest momma ever!" still sleeps with his george and froggy.     

and.. we have a cat. but it's a girl! abe LOVES her. he just stands at the window and bangs on it and yells, "CAT! CAT!" she's a stray that wondered up and never left. her name is cat. and she is 100% outside. i have to draw the line somewhere.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

pregnancy round 4: 28 weeks.

helllllloooooo. i'm alive!

guys. it's only been two months since i blogged. everybody just simmer down. turns out our life is busy and any spare time i have to blog i use to do something else. so there you have it. my only excuse is my busy life. which i know you just don't understand because i'm the only busy person in the u.s.a.

and while there are a million (or 5) things i could update you on, let's get down to what you really wanna know.. how is tru?

he's good! i'm 28 weeks pregnant today.

he moves ALL the time! like crazy. i mostly just crave crushed ice, ice, popsicles, sno cones, and.. ice. it's just hot y'all. i really do feel great, just starting to be a little out of breath, which always makes me feel like a jumbo. some nights i can't fall to sleep easily because i'm traditionally a back sleeper which is impossible while i'm a jumbo because i also traditionally like to breath. my hair is curly. so funny that that happens.

when i took my glucose test a while back.. i failed. bum bum bum. so i had to take the three hour test and i was like why in the world do i have to stay here for 3 hours?! no one warned me that they take your blood 4 TIMES! yikes. the lady was all, first you're gonna feel really tired, then you're gonna wanna throw up but don't throw up because then you will have to start all over and then you're gonna be super hungry. that was a fun morning. but i passed that test so i guess i don't have the diabetes after all. ptl.

today we got to sneak a peak at truett. at my last ultrasound they couldn't see a few things, one of which was his fingers. welllll, we looked for that kid's fingers for about 40 minutes today and he is just ready to fight i guess because he would not unclench his little fists. in the quest to find his fingers we also found out that he is already 3 lbs. ..yep. and measuring at 29 weeks 4 days. dat's a big baby. which i guess i shouldn't be too surprised because i typically have whoppers, but still. let's keep it under 10 lbs. amen.

i can tell he's just gonna be a cutie. is there anything more exciting than the miracle of life?! THERE IS A HUMAN INSIDE ME. it's just so amazing and crazy and cool and it makes me all squeal-y. i just can't get over it, and it makes me wanna say HAVE ALL THE BABIES!!! FOREVER!!! because it's the coolest. it just is. but i'm also tired and 4 children is a lot of children and 4 boys is a lot of boys. so tru is probably the caboose to this crazy train. so for those that are curious.. i wouldn't say i want a fifth. but i wouldn't be mad because how could you be mad about A BABY??

one thing is for sure, i want a fourth. this fourth to be precise.

Monday, July 11, 2016

pregnancy round 4: 20 weeks. and a name!

we went to our big 20 week ultrasound and number 4 is still very much a boy. and we named him!!

bryant had mentioned truett a few weeks ago and i just added it to the ever growing list of "yeah, that's fine." i just wasn't loving anything. everything was just ok. but then he mentioned it again and i was like.. YES. that's his name!! i think it just fits our family so much. and i love that it means little and honest.

paul is my pap's name and he is one of the greatest men i've ever known. i love that all of our boys are named after men that we would love to see them grow up to be like.

(review for the curious georges in the bunch. isaac henry named after my brother noah isaac. grant wilson named for my dad, wilson being my maiden name. abram bryant named for that hunk i married.)

so, truett paul. that's our boy.

other than that no big news. we're just trucking right along. i feel great! i've got curly hair. today i leaned over to bryant and whispered "i want sausage balls." i'm starving. and i'm holding onto summer with a clenched fist but i already feel fall and NOVEMBER sneaking up on us.. 4. all the wide eyed emojis.  

Sunday, July 10, 2016

june is over? ju-lying.


i just can't get enough of sweating to death and having all the good times.

garden update: it's a mess. no. seriously. it's a jungle. but it just makes it more of an adventure to find veggies to pick! my flowers are finally blooming and making my heart happy.

we've also been enjoying finding, catching, chasing, watching, or killing all the critters (depending on the day and the critter) around our house lately.

church update: vbs is over and done. it was pirate themed this year. arg matey. and it was so fun!! and exhausting..

we also just did our sunday school teacher appreciation and i didn't get around to doing the cute pictures i've done in the past, but the boys made these sweet lightening bug crafts and i just love isaac henry's handwriting.

good times update: yep. we've been having them. i'm equally thankful and annoyed that my boys [so far] seem to be extroverts. we will LITERALLY spend everyday for a week with our people and they will wake up the next morning asking for a play date or if we can have someone over for supper. bless them.

july 4 update: AMERICA! we ate popsicles at the seaver's house, watched the big fireworks show with more friends, ate ribs at mom and dad's, and lit sparklers and shot off exactly two duds of fireworks i bought the boys which caused them to give me major side eye. apparently my choices were very disappointing. meh. what do you want from me?

grant update: HE IS POTTY TRAINED. completely. fully. hasn't had an accident one time. praise god from whom all blessings flow.

and before you go sassing me.. it was not an easy road. oh the whining and gnashing of teeth and holding it. HOW DO MY CHILDREN HOLD IT FOR ALL DANG DAY?! holding it is a great skill except when you need them to learn how to pee because that requires not holding it and then it's like, for crying out loud would you please pee more than twice a day?!

and then we bought a trampoline in celebration of the potty accomplishments. and it has been so fun for everyone.

*it now has all the safety shenanigans and pads and nets and what not. this picture was taken during the putting it together process when the boys couldn't wait one more second to jump. sometimes we allow danger.

isaac henry update: he learned to swim! he's just a little proud of himself.

abe update: he hasn't accomplished much but he's stinking cute.

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