Saturday, November 21, 2015

abe at 5 months.

abe is 5 months old and still the sweetest thing around!

this month abe:
  • is ticklish! and laughing! like real, belly laughs! if i ever have a child that isn't ticklish, i'm not sure i could go on. 
  • is so so attentive. he loves to watch his brothers playing. and when he's watching them he'll punch his arms and kick his legs like he just can't wait to get down there with them. 
  • i think he's teething (says every mother ever.)
  • started eating solids. i skipped cereal this time around and i feel like it was the best move because he just chows down. no spitting it out ever! he's had sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, avocado, green beans, and squash. and seems to love it all!
  • kinda sorta sleeps through the night.
  • would take 2 good long naps if we were home. and he's tired by supper time so sometimes he'll take a little catnap around then too. 
  • not rolling a ton, even though he can. he is starting to scoot around a little bit. 
  • tried the exersaucer for the first time and can tolerate it for 10-15 minutes at a time.
  • is the smiliest baby. ever. i mean it. EVER. don't even try to say, yeah my baby was smiley too. i get it. i've had two other babies and they were smiley/happy as can be and sure, everyone wants their baby to be smiley and happy. but this baby. his smiles are out. of. control.

one of the bros. because they can't resist a photo shoot.

1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.

isaac henry at 5 months.
grant man at 5 months.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

reading and watching.

i love to read. always have. but what happens is that i'll get on a little reading kick there for a minute and want to read all the things and then i get burned out.

i usually like something about every book i read. i've found that when i'm having a hard time finishing a book, it's because i've read too much in a short amount of time.

i'm kinda in that burn out stage right now so i figured i'd write down what i've read lately.
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plus i just read the husband's secret but it didn't make the picture.

like i said, i liked most of these. but my faves, like here's a book suggestion! you should read these! were in no particular order:

eleanor & park - very cute story. easy read.
looking for salvation at the dairy queen - this had been on my list forever and i'm really glad i got around to it. loved it.
the sea of tranquility- young love! happy endings! yay!
the secrets of midwives- if you're thinking call the midwives, it's not that. but it's good!
orphan train- historical fiction is my favorite. this story was so interesting!
and i did like the husband's secret BUT for some reason i have a hard time connecting with stories that aren't set in the united states (this one was set in australia.) i still liked it.  

and before you go thinking i'm just a big book worm, we're total tv junkies too.

we are loving the goldbergs!!

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so so funny. it's not one of those shows you have to watch in order. you can just pick it up whenever. and it's hilarious.

nashville feels more like a guilty pleasure. but i can't stop. oh the drama!

i'm not loving this season so far, but the blacklist as a whole is two thumbs up.

oh my gosh. shark tank makes me want to buy all the things and invent all the things. we're gonna take every idea we have from now on to the tank. mark cuban?? are you in??

how do those sharks have so much money?! love it! just love it!

(sorry we made fun of you for watching shark tank em. it really it the best.)

and finally, alton does no wrong.

we only watch this as a filler but it's really fun. if you like food shows, you'll like cutthroat.

we still don't have cable. we watch all these online. and wow.. do we only have 5 shows right now?! that's an all time low.

what are you reading and watching?? i need suggestions for when i'm out of my burnout stage!

Monday, November 2, 2015


stick 'em up!

i love halloween! this year we were cops and robbers (or bad guys) and i love the way it turned out!

me and my partner in crime..

our loot..

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abe thought his money hat was so funny. when you put it on him he just lit up. so hilarious!!

and these goofy cops..

stinking precious.

we met up with some of our friends to trick or treat. look at all these cute little spooks!

as you can see grant was boycotting his costume by this point..

he was really just being a ray of sunshine..

this is real life people.

the good news is that he warmed up to the idea once we got going a little bit. he was just sooo slow and was dragging his bucket on the ground. and i'd say, "grant, do you want me to carry you?" NO! "grant, do you want me to carry your bucket?" NO!

we'd get up to each house and he'd set down his bucket and shout twickuhtweat!, get the candy from the person. go put the candy in his bucket, shout tanktoo! and continue draggin' his little bucket behind him. so funny.

isaac henry on the other hand woulda trick or treated the whole county if we would have let him. he was all about it!

our friends are just so fun. at the risk of sounding super mushy gushy, i just love them and feel so happy after we spend time together.

that's a good group.

and it was a good day! the rain held off and the boys got lots of candy and luckily they love to share it with their momma and daddy! gimme that snickers.

Friday, October 30, 2015

isaac says.

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isaac henry was supposed to be going to bed but evidently he was looking out the window in his room. he came downstairs and walked up to me and was obviously very excited.
isaac: momma! there's 2 tane-da-roos in our darden.
me: we don't have a garden.
isaac: i meaned yard.
me: kangaroos??
isaac: or maybe they were reindeer.
me: ...
isaac: it was a momma and a baby. and the baby had polka dots! and it was sooo tute!

isaac to me and bryant: do you wanna play garden of eden??
bryant and i exchange looks.. what's garden of eden?
isaac: you see the snake and you run from him.
me: who taught you that?
isaac: ohhh, no one. i just learned it myself.

overheard: graaaannt, robots don't poop.

it's around supper time and bryant jokingly tells isaac that we're gonna eat him.
isaac: nooo! don't eat me!
bryant: well then who should we eat??
isaac without hesitation points at grant.

isaac eating something and making a face. after inquiring what the problem is.. 
isaac: i'm using the teeth that are still in my gums.
me: yeah?
isaac: yeah. it hurts. but it's ok.

isaac monologuing about his soccer game (important to note, he's on the green team): and Jesus was with me. because Jesus is always with us! when i was in, he was in.
us: yeah buddy, that's right!
isaac: and he had on a green shirt.
us: ...

isaac: when i grow up, i'm gonna do things that a grown up can do..
me: and what can a grown up do that you can't do?
isaac: drink big cokes. and hot coffee!

isaac henry calls invitations (like birthday party invitations) obligations. which is actually pretty accurate.

some beans from the boys' bean box had fallen into the yard and sprouted so there were some bean plants that were quite a bit taller, and therefore noticeable, in the yard. we had also picnicked on the porch the day before and i guess bryant had thrown a few stray cheetos into the yard. isaac was outside playing and came running back to me.. "momma! come quick! you're gonna wanna see this!! THERE'S CHEETO PLANTS in the yard!!! from where daddy throwed cheetos out there!!!"

i was inside and isaac was coming in from playing outside and i noticed a ladybug on isaac's arm.
me: isaac! there's a ladybug on your arm!
isaac: well! hey there little buddy!
me: he must of wanted to come inside with you.
isaac: yeah. he's my best friend now.
almost immediately the ladybug squirted out some beetle juice on isaac's arm.
isaac: hey! he peed on me!! my arm's not a potty!! FRIENDS DON'T PEE ON EACH OTHER!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

fall highlights.

how is october almost over?! crazy! halloween is this week! and it's actually starting to feel like fall outside. we've been having a good ole time so i need to document what we've been up to.

1. crafting and fall nature hunts.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

the boys love to do crafts. especially isaac henry. so we've done lots of painting and drawing pumpkins. and i've sent them on little scavenger hunts around our and our neighbor's yard. sometimes i give them specific things to find and sometimes i say "go! pick up anything you find that you think is cool!" it's a nice change from them digging in the dirt and needing an immediate bath. we need to do it again soon because the leaves are all finally changing and i think we can find some great colors!

2. we went to the pumpkin patch with meghan and andy and katie claire. we tried a different one this year and the patch part was kinda lame. but they had so much stuff to do. we easily could have stayed all day if our boys were a little older and didn't need naps. 

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you know my boys and how much they love the pictures i force them to take in the pumpkin patch..

3. zoo trips!

we have the zoo membership so zoo trips aren't exclusive to fall obviously. but we got to go to the zoo recently with aunt em.

and then we met my blog friend caitlin and her girls there one day.

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so fun to meet her in person! isaac was so funny talking about getting to meet my friend "taitwin" and when we got back to our van and were heading home he said, "momma. i did not know dat girl." ha!

4. church retreat! we just have the coolest church family so it's always fun to spend a weekend with them.

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and of course, bryant and i love doing the talent show at the retreat. we talk about it all year, coming up with jokes and whatever. we did a few acts this year but my favorite part was bryant and jacky doing a 10 minute medley.

they are nuts. you can call them white lightening and black thunder.

this year we stayed over an extra night with our youth.

they did a ropes course which was fun to watch. i stayed on the ground because abe (or because i don't like having panic attacks in front of teenagers. whichever.)

and we did lots of other fun stuff too.

i love those kids.

5. (and finally!) we went to the orchard with some of our friends. it was so fun! we rounded up a bunch of people so they gave us a group rate. $5 for the orchard, pumpkin patch, all the activities, hayride, a cookie and an apple cider slush! yes please!!

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that's a whole lot of little boys!

are they not the cutest?!

are we not the cutest?!

it's been a fun few months.

Monday, October 26, 2015

a super hero birthday party for isaac henry and grant man!

it's october and that can only mean one thing.. it's birthday time around here. isaac henry turned 4 on the 17th and grant man turns 2 tomorrow! so saturday we had a party! and since i'm the momma and i can do what i want, we opted for a joint party this year under the guise of "won't it be sooooo fun to have a birthday party with your brother?!" and good news! it was fun!

we did a super hero theme. it was super fun.. ha. but seriously, there is so much cute stuff you can do with super heroes so i had to be careful not to go overboard. i think i did an ok job balancing low-key/appropriate and special/fun.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

for decorations i made this cool spider-man that was shooting web at you when you walked up on the porch. other than that, i just had action words printed on cardstock taped around. BAM! POW! ZAP!


it was supposed to rain on saturday all. day. and i was so pouty and stressed because i was really hoping for an outside party. and we got our wish! it sprinkled just a tiny bit but we were able to stay outside for the whole shebang! praise the lord!

captain america, is that you??

i love these babies. and their parents. i'm so thankful our boys have cool friends with cool parents.

there were a few of their buddies that weren't able to make it this year and we missed them!

the party was at 12 so we had hot dogs and super hero cheese sticks and chips and fruit. nice and simple!

and for the first time ever, we had games! and activities! i've never felt like our kids were old enough to enjoy games and stuff at their parties but this year was the year that changed!

aunt em wasn't able to come to the party this year so she sent the boys' gift ahead of time and i'm glad she did. i needed something to occupy the kids while the others finished up lunch and a parachute was the perfect thing! the kids loved it! thanks em!!

for games we did a little "super hero training."

they practiced their jumping in these hula hoops..

it was extremely organized.

i love this picture because it's one you are going to be able to look back on and see mom-style of the time..

leggings and tunics! ha.

the little super heroes practiced their bravery by balancing across a pit of lava and fire! so scary!!

the kids LOVED that! isn't it funny, the things that you think are gonna be lame, the kids wanna do over and over?!

then these bad guys brought bombs to our party!! 

the goal was for the kids to pop the balloons. and what it turned into was mass chaos and chasing balloons around the yard because it was so windy.

it turned out fine though. most kids popped a balloon? maybe? only a few tears were shed, so success?

and because we don't like bombs at our party (!!!) we shot the bad guys with our spidey web..

good dads.

that was our games! and we bought a bounce house, so the kids played on that and the swing set too. and fyi, i feel like we've already got our money's worth on the bounce house.

now let's take an intermission to look at these SUPER cute babies..

i went box mix on the cake and they were just delicious. box mix forever!

we couldn't light the candles because of the wind so we made them pretend to blow them out! ha!

good enough.

and my second pride and joy of this party (spider-man being #1.) was this fun punch box..

each kid got to punch in a circle and there was a huge punch balloon and a ring pop (isaac henry calls them crystal suckers) inside. i thought it was cool. and we're soo saving this box for every party ever. so much better than a pinata! bryant says we need to refill it and just have it at our house for whenever people come over. "thanks for coming, feel free to punch a circle on your way out!" it really is that fun!

it was a good day. a tiring day, but a good day. i hope the boys felt loved. i know i did. i have amazing parents and we have amazing friends.

happy birthday isaac henry and grant! you are 2/3 of my favorite little boys ever!!  
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