Friday, January 23, 2015

it's another brother! and are we gonna try for a girl?

so we go to the ultrasound. and i've thought it was a girl all along, bryant has majorly thought it was a girl and pretty much everyone was saying, "it's a girl!"

so the tech puts the wand on my belly and the first thing i see is the butt shot and i'm prettttyyy sure i saw something else aka a penis. this ain't my first rodeo. but i just waited. she asked what our predictions were and i said "we have two boys.. do we make all boys?" and she said, "looks like you make all boys."

there you have it.. abram bryant coker will be here in june. you can call him abe.

our third boy.

and all that fear about being disappointed. all that wanting a girl. get this.. i'm not disappointed!

at all. 

it feels so right. of course i have three boys.

and then we posted this picture..

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and as notifications started coming in and i kept seeing those two cute boys, how could i want anything different?! they are seriously the cutest little people i've ever seen and so much fun and just sweet. and i just can't wait to have abe here. the three of them are gonna be so close! and so hilarious. and i'm probably gonna be ready to pull my hair out. but it's gonna be so fun! 3 boys within 3 and a half years. this is insane!

and i'm probably gonna need a job to pay the grocery bill because can we just talk about when they are 13, 14, and 16?? yeah.

and can we talk about what an enormous gift and responsibility we've been given?? in a world where men are not the men they should be. dead beat dads and crappy husbands. men who aren't loving Jesus and leading their families. bryant and i get to raise THREE MEN. oh, it is my prayer that these three little boys will grow into men that love Jesus. and love the church. and love their wives and babies. men that people are drawn to because they are good friends. men that work hard, and serve others, and tell the truth, and live with integrity, and make people laugh. the more i think about it, the more excited i get. and terrified. but really really excited.

emily texted me and said "i think the coker bros will be the best thing ever!!" have you met my boys? they are so great. i think they really stand a chance at being the best thing ever. i hope.  

but still. people want to know.. will we have a fourth? will we try for a girl?

and here's your momma bear answer.. can we just celebrate our abe for a second? he is so wanted. he's so loved. would i love a daughter? absolutely. probably as much as i love my sons because my heart is so full of love for my boys. and really, is it even possible to "try for a girl"?? what does that even mean?? last night we were talking about it and bryant was like, "we're talking about this like we even have a choice? god's probably laughing and saying- i'm giving you 6... boys!"

and here's your semi-gracious answer.. will our family feel complete with three kids? i don't know. it didn't feel complete with just two. it might feel complete at 3. or 4. or 5. i just don't know. but taking into consideration the fact that we don't like birth control and i'm just 25, coupled with me being team "you're never gonna regret having another kid" i'd say the likelihood of you seeing a 4th coker babe is fairly high. but here's your warning.. it might be a boy.

let's end on a cute note.. isaac henry keeps saying, "i have two brothers! grant and abe! and i love abe soooo much!! everyone loves abe!!"

yep. we do.

ps: abe was super stubborn and didn't show the ultrasound tech everything he needed to and he gave us no good ultrasound pics.. like one of his wiener and one of creepy skeleton face. so we'll go back in a few weeks and hopefully get something better.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

number 3: 19 weeks.

well, i didn't do an 18 week update because i'm pretty much a failure. one day, i'll just have to explain to number 3 that i really do love them but their brothers are/were driving me nuts and there was just no time to document the pregnancy chronicles.

and then we took this picture last night and bryant was like, i don't think the black shirt is helping.. but ya know it's one of the five shirts i can wear and it is what it is. if you squint you can see that there's a belly there.

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now onto the important things..

symptoms: still feeling really great. my only complaint is the major major major breakouts. my face is insane. i usually wear the bare minimum of makeup but i've been having to wear concealer and foundation.. i do realize that "have to" is strong language, but it really is out of control. also, in grant's pregnancy my hair turned curly. strange, but true. and i'm starting to notice a little wave to my hair again.

eating: i'm trying to behave. but i'm sneaking into a habit of an afternoon cup of coffee.. if this baby is a little jittery upon their arrival, don't say i didn't warn ya.

cravings: chocolate milk, coffee, fruity gummy candy, bananas. 

vitamins/public service announcement: i've been taking the spring valley gummy vitamins and they're fine. but y'all. i switched to the vitafusion ones last week and be still my heart. i wanna eat the whole bottle right now. they are so good. do you want me to talk more about my vitamin intake??

movement: nothing consistent, but definitely feeling some baby in there.

EXCITING NEWS: we go tomorrow to see baby and hopefully see if baby is a brother or a sister! i'm rooting for a sister, but trying not to get my hopes up because i don't wanna be disappointed if there's a weiner.. i mean, as disappointed as you can be about the miracle of life.

when i know, you'll know!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

a review: reese's spreads.

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i know, reviews aren't typically my thing. but influenster (have you signed up yet??) sent us some reese's spreads to try out for free. so here i am to tell you what we thought!

as soon as isaac henry saw the jar, he was starry eyed and like, "WHAT'S DAT?!?" so we prepared our plate of strawberries, apples, and pretzels and went to taste testing.

and it was yum! the texture is a little gritty but i don't feel like it was off-putting. and the taste was really good! a little more chocolate-y than a reese's, which really works for me because i'm not the hugest fan of reese's pb cups.

at $3.99 a jar, i'm not sure it would make it onto my regular grocery list, but it is a nice treat and i'd probably buy it occasionally. i think i actually prefer it over nutella! and we all know how yummy that is!

i can't wait to try it on waffles and i heard through the grape vine that you could make granola balls with it, in place of the peanut butter, which i'm sure is delish!

thanks influenster and reese's!

*i received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.* 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015. so fresh and so clean clean.

don't you love a fresh slate? i know it do. one week down, 53 to go. let's do this 2015!

this year we let isaac henry stay up until midnight.
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i was kinda convinced that the child would never sleep if we didn't force him to. but he was feeling it around 11:40. he did so good until then. we watched a movie and he'd been playing and snacking. but at about 11:40 he crawled up in my lap and was about to pass out. i asked him if he was ready to go to bed and he said "no, but i may just take a wittle nap." then he kept looking at the clock [like he can tell time] and saying, "what time is it, momma? how much longer?"

he made it to midnight, by the skin of his teeth.

we rang in the new year with some of our favorite friends, cayte and jacky and their precious girls, olyvia and caylee lou.

i made a few apps and bought a cheesecake and we just sat around and talked until the ball dropped.

i was soo tired. i'm getting too old for this mess.

we all toasted with some sparkly juice because we're really wild. and we let isaac have some too in a mini stemmed glass. he thought he was so fancy! then he took one sip and the carbonation hit him and he hollered, "WHOO!" ha!

and isaac henry snuck a little smooch from olyvia for the new years. it looks a little aggressive from this angle, but it was just a cheek kiss. because he's a gentleman. i can't get over the dad faces!

they really are such sweet buddies. i hope they can be friends forever.

as far as new year's resolutions.. survive? can that be one?

there are a few things i need to do better: drink more water, read more bible, figure out a cleaning schedule, stick to our budget, don't be such a fatty [i'll start that one once i'm no longer housing a child within my body].
and a few goals i'd like to accomplish: finish painting inside the house and finish up little projects, prepare for and birth baby number 3.
and then the things we should all be trying to do: be a better momma, a better friend, serve others more, love our husbands well, run a household in a way that glorifies God.

so 2015 should be fun. we've already got some fun things on the docket. and we're having another baby! THREE. BABIES. and it'll be our first full year in the house. it should be good. and full and busy and all those things. here goes nothing!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

number 3: 17 weeks.

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ok, so maybe i was over analyzing my body or something with my first and quite possibly my second pregnancy. because i feel like absolutely nothing is going on. i mean, i'm getting fatter FOR SURE cause i'm a hungry hungry hippo always. and maybe feeling a flutter here or there.

i guess i shouldn't really be complaining about feeling awesome. so we'll leave it at that! here's to 17 weeks pregnant!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

number 3: 15 weeks and 16 weeks.

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wow, those blurry photos are great! dearest number 3, i promise i don't love you less. i just have less time and/or energy. love, your momma.

symptoms: well, i feel really good. except i'm totally out of breath. like, when people call me they probably think they've interrupted my p90x routine but i just walked across the room. so i'm a fatty, that's good. also, the break outs. i am over it. my face looks like a pizza. and es no beuno. the kid's gonna be beautiful, cause they are stealing all my beauty.

doctor news: i went to the doctor last week and everything was good. heartbeat was in the 140s and my weight was not in the 140s. since like freshman year of high school.. ha! and my doctor was like, you've gained 5 lbs. and i was like, it's christmas and i'm eating cookies everyday and it's really not fair to weigh people during christmas and i haven't even pooped today yet. and he was like, ok.

maternity clothes: my regular shirts are running out of room and maternity shirts are a pain in the rear to find! i'm having the hardest time finding tshirts this time. tshirts! i've bought all three that target has to offer, so get ready for those to be seen and seen and seen and seen..

cravings/food: nothing really stands out. today i really wanted a chicken cobb salad from panera. i think it was the tangy dressing and gorgonzola i was wanting. so i went and got one and it was deliciously tangy! confession time, i need to drink more water, desperately. i'm really bad about it. so, here's to dirnking more! ...water.  

gender/name: we go JANUARY 21. i am chomping at the bit. i keep going back and forth, it's a boy! it's a girl! and bryant's like it's a sister! and i'm like stop saying that! we don't know! but we've nailed down names [i think. but seriously this time.] and i'm ready to know what's in there! 

and just in case you can't get enough of me or you're just bored and don't wanna come do my chores to pass the time.. 
grant's pregnancy: 15 weeks. 16 weeks.
isaac henry's pregnancy: 15 weeks. 16 weeks.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

christmas a la cokers.

here's our christmas tree!

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and just when you thought you couldn't see one more picture of a cute kid opening presents! wrong-o! and it's till december for like 24 hours so i think i'm in the clear to post this.

we kicked off our christmas festivities on christmas adam with my forever friend rachel and her husband jon.

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i fixed fajitas and we visited for a while and isaac henry was obsessed with jon. time with them is always so sweet to me. we've been friends for 15 years! isn't that nuts?! rach is one of the good ones.

on christmas eve we went over to mom and dad's house for brunch where we indulged in breakfast food, my fave. once we were done eating, the spoiling of the grandchildren commenced. per usual, grant and isaac henry received approximately 27 toys each.

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isaac henry had a very robot driven christmas this year. he got a whole set of transformers from us. and from papa and ne he got this "bad guy robot that has superman in it and can put people in jail!" that he's been asking for for months.

when he realized what it was, he looked at mom and in the sweetest voice said, "you got it for me!" i think he was just so happy that he got what he's been asking for.

grant mostly opened his gifts, pointed and said "da!" which is his way of saying "that!"

christmas eve night we went to christmas eve service at our church. i always love that service. it was cute.. during service we take communion, which isaac henry hasn't really ever seen or heard about. so bryant was explaining it the best he could during the service and isaac henry heard what our pastor said. and isaac henry knows that Jesus died on the cross and about the crucifixion. anyway, we got home and isaac was like, "Jesus's body was broken... so we have to eat him." oh my.

also before we left for service, i tried to get a picture of the boys in their cute christmas-y clothes. will i never learn?! why do my children hate me and my camera?? whyyy??? i was sweating and about to cuss or punch a kid. and bryant just kept saying, "this is momma's christmas present! look at the camera!"

eventually i gave up because we were running late, but i begged and bribed and threatened my children once we got home and actually got a few cute ones.. even though isaac henry insisted they sit on the bench and not in front of the tree like i had wanted.

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but wait! it's a christmas miracle! it is physically possible for you to sit in front of the tree and smile..

those children and them not cooperating for pictures will be the death of me. cause of death: trying to capture the memories.

after the photo shoot, we got the boys in their jams and settled in for popcorn and hot chocolate/chocolate milk and charlie brown. maybe my favorite tradition.  

and of course they were voluntarily cute for that. not that i'm bitter or anything but i'm pretty sure isaac henry said something like, "momma, we're being cute. take a picture of us!" 

then they were off to bed and while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads, bryant and i set out christmas and stuffed stockings.

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and then on christmas morning, the boys got to work. 

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evidently i'm off my game this year and didn't set out all their stuff and get a picture of it. but they both got way too much. BUT they've been playing with the stuff we got them, so i consider that a success. like i said, isaac henry's big gift was the full set of rescue bots transformers and they have become his life. grant got that elephant ball popper and a melissa and doug truck, both of which have seen a lot of play. and surprisingly, everything has found a home, which equals a happy momma.

it was a great christmas. isaac henry was super sad to see it end and is already talking about next year.

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now for 2015! quick! eat all the christmas clearance candy while there's still time!
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