Thursday, April 23, 2015

life lately.

blah blah blah. i don't blog. you can find me over at the instagram at lindseyjocoker. it's my mini-blog. but i know that y'all are still out there and i don't wanna leave this space! it's not time. i still want to have a voice here. it's just sooo hard to upload pictures and sit down and type it out. first world probs at their finest.

so we're going on vacation next week and i just wanted to do a little tiny update [or novel of a blog] before we go because when we get back i'm gonna light this blog up with vacay pics like a fire cracker. and when there are vacay pictures to be shared, no one cares about a picture of you covered in cotton balls..

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also, i know i'm crazy being 33 weeks pregnant (what the what?!) and heading to the beach. but i'd rather be a whale at the beach than to take a newborn. and i am going to the beach this year. so there.

anyway. cotton balls. i had mentioned [i think..] that our church did spring break vbs a few weeks ago. and it was crazy and tiring and so much fun. bryant and i did skits because you know we love to make fools of ourselves.

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i absolutely love that we both love to be goofy. how boring would it be if i was fun and bryant was a snore? way to be fun, babe! and hott.. good grief. he's a good lookin' explorer!  

and i taught kindergarten. isaac henry and grant were in child care because we only offer vbs for k-5 but isaac henry got to sneak into crafts and rec everyday. and he absolutely loved it.

he wrote his name all by himself on that craft. his s's could use some work. but he's gotten even better since then. i'm pretty impressed with him. i may be biased though. he is the fruit of my loins after all.

he thought he was sooo big. he even learned my kindergarteners' little chant and thought that was the coolest. we're definitely sending him to mom and dad's church's vbs this year. they offer it for his age and he's gonna think it's the greatest!

in other exciting news, we've been springing into spring. and hacking my lungs out every step of the way. allergies are killing me this year. but we've still been enjoying this season.

lots of zoo trips. which may be winding down for a while because holy guacamole braxton hicks/lightening crotch on the hill to the elephants.

lots and lots of outside play.

i mean. come on. have you ever seen cuter boys?!

lots of popsicles [or as grant likes to call them, ickle ickles.] already! which you know i love to document. because cute.

the boys are just becoming the sweetest of buddies. they are really starting to play together and enjoy one another and be able to communicate with each other some and it's the best. they also hate each other's guts a lot of the time and i have to pry handfuls of isaac's flesh from grant's fat little fist on the daily while simultaneously loud-talking at isaac for him to justpleasesharewithyourbrotherbeforeiloseitandthrowallthetoysinthegarbage. so that's fun. brothers.

this last weekend i managed to road trip it to birmingham with my gal emily to find out our other gal anna is having a boy baby! we're gonna be uncles!

i know it looks like she had a big hamburger and maybe a large fry while i look like i am going to eat her alive. but i promise there is a child in her womb. and i'm just thrilled that she gets to be a boy mom. i hear they're the coolest.

and the very next day i went to my friend sara's baby shower. sara happens to be my rachel's sister so i got to see her too. what a treat! 

always love time with my favorite friends. they're my heart.

and that's about it. we're just doing this thing. and it's so good.

whoo that was long. but it might have to hold you over for a while since i've been a champion blogger lately and all. i guess this is where i promise to do better.. but nope. not gonna.

sand between my toes [and all up in my humongous mom suit], here i come!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

number 3: 31 weeks.

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shoulda cupped the belly. it looks weird.

feeling like: poo. but not because of the pregnancy. the allergies are killing me! killing me i say! last thursday i woke up with no voice. none. parenting was especially fun that day. and since then i've been coughing up my lungs and blowing gross mucus out of my face all the live long day. pollen, be gone! which leads me to my pregnancy symptom that is accompanying my allergy symptoms. peeing. on. myself. these bladder muscles aren't what they used to be. and with abe pushing down and squishing everything and whatever- when i cough to hard or blow my nose... yep. pee in muh pants. so that's really really fun. other than that, pregnancy-wise i'm feeling pretty good. large.

doctor-y stuff: went back to the doc friday. he said everything was measuring perfectly. my weight was up and i was all, "sounds about right."  i told him that i felt like abe was really low [because i'm starting to feel some lovely crotch pain and like he's head butting his way out..] and the doc said, well, he is really low. and every baby that you have after him will feel lower and lower. wowsas.

food: blah. my appetite has left the building. seriously, nothing sounds good!

sleeping: not good. i'm soooo tired. i try to sneak in a little nap and another cup of coffee every day that i can.

looking forward: we're going on vacation in a couple weeks and i'm going on a little road trip this weekend, so i'm anxious to see how this big momma is gonna travel. hopefully well.

rethinking: moving grant into a big boy bed.. which is delaying the completion of abe's room/clothes organization/etc. ay yay yay.. i don't know what to do. i just don't wanna buy another dang crib..

stranger comments: today at kroger a lady was like, "you have the most beautiful boys! blah blah blah.. and i'd love to see that little girl you're fixing to have?? right??" and i was like "nope! another boy!" and isaac was screaming "it's abram!!!!!!"  and she was like "oh honey, you're gonna have a dozen babies and they'll all be boys!" "ha. ha." interesting logic.. 3 boys = 12 boys??? i'm so confused. but sounds like we're gonna need a bigger van. 

 9 weeks to go until we're a family of 14! this is happening.

Monday, April 13, 2015


our easter was super low key this year. we didn't do any big easter egg hunts or anything. and our church had spring break vbs all week during easter week. and it was from 1-4 every day soo.. nap time. needless to say we were all exhausted by the end of the week. [it was so worth it and so fun! just very exhausting. for everyone! no naps all week. crazy!]

we had good friday service at church on.. get this, good friday. and it was so so good.

and because of the week of no naps i was not willing to sacrifice any more by the weekend! so i asked mom and dad if we could spend time with them saturday evening instead of on sunday. and of course they obliged because they love us so. 

but first, we let the boys do a small little hunt in our yard for some goodies from us. i got them a few new books each, a movie, some bubbles, and some water guns i picked up on clearance last summer. and we filled 12 eggs for each of them. half m&ms, half peeps. aaaand they both hate peeps. lesson learned.

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grant thought every egg was a ball and would pick one up, yell "ball!" and throw it. he was not very successful in collecting his eggs.

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isaac loved every minute of it. and once he had collected all his stuff, he was all, "can we do it again?!"

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i think we're gonna host a big hunt for all our friends next year. i bought a bunch of eggs on clearance this week, it's in the works folks!

so saturday evening we went over to mom and dad's and grilled burger which is right up my alley as of late. and they had a little hunt for the boys too. they got candy and new soccer balls and soccer goal from papa and ne.. they aren't spoiled at all. 

of course we went to church on sunday morning in our happy clothes. i had taken the boys into crazy 8 a few weeks ago to get them new button ups and as soon as we walked in isaac henry said, "i want the orange." of course. and done.

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look, it's the cutest boys in all the land..

they were surprisingly cooperative for my little photo shoot after church. easter miracle!

and then aunt em came over sunday afternoon for a little visit. i had told a friend at church that emily was coming over and she was a little confused that i had a friend and a sister named emily. ha! same person. she's just the sister god let me choose.

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and she's a good one.

don't fret. sunday night i made easter ham.. sandwiches. he is risen indeed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

isaac says.

some of isaac's art..

this is a picture of me with abe in my belly. and "girl hair".

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a picture he drew for his friend olyvia for her birthday. it's them holding hands. he's obviously the orange one and she's the pink (because she's a girl.)..

singing the transformers theme: robots in disguise... scrapers. (translation: da sky scrapers)

after a week of being sick but was finally fully recovered, isaac henry was eating dinner. we make him try everything. he ate a green bean and exclaimed: i think this is making me go back to sick!

bryant talking to me: i feel like sax deli is kinda a hipster place.
isaac singing: hamster hamster hamster.

bryant: hot dogs have been giving me heartburn.
ih: why do hotdogs give daddy heartburn?
me: because he's old.
ih: no him's not! he doesn't have whiskers!
bryant: yes i do! (points to his goatee)
ih: nooooo. like papa. papa has whiskers in his ears too!

isaac henry yelling from the bathroom: MOMMA!!!!
me: yes isaac?
ih: momma, i love you. BUT. i need you to come wipe me..

after those ice days we had a while back..
me: isaac henry. call queen elsa and tell her to stop making it snow!
ih: momma. her didn't make it snow. god did. you have to ask him.
ih [praying]: god, please stop making it snow.
ih [to me]: .. he said no.

ih: momma, your booty is getting big.
me: what did you just say??
ih: well, your booty is just gettin' bigger.. probably because of abe.

ih comes downstairs carrying two 3 lb. weights.. "momma? wanna make some big muscles??"

me and bryant talking about what the next few weekends had in store..
me: ..then we have brent's wedding.
ih, interrupting: GRANT'S WEDDING?!?!
me, sarcastically: yeah isaac. grant's getting married.

ih: do you know how to drive an airplane?
me: nope. but granddad does. he used to be a pilot. now he's retired. that means he got old and quit his job and now he just goes out on the boat and fishes a lot.
ih: WAIT. granddad is a pirate?!?!

something i'm very passionate about is the boys knowing how to cook so i have isaac henry help me prepare some part of almost every meal. so far, he seems to really love to cook. so one day we were cooking and..
me: isaac henry, you're such a good cook. do you think one day you'll cook for your wife?
ih: ummm.. how about.. she cook for me?
me, defeated: ...

after helping him in the bathroom one day..
ih: i can't wipe myself because i'm not a grown up.
me: you don't have to be a grown up to wipe yourself. do you want me to teach you?
ih: ok! and then i'll teach grant!

ih: we need to go to the store today. 
me: what do we need at the store?
ih: pickles. potatoes. oranges. apples. bananas. and a cookie... and a birthday cake.

talking about Jesus washing his disciples' feet with ih during family devotion..
ih: daddy! you washed my feet today.
bryant: yeah, i did. that's a way i served you.
ih: ..and you washed my butt!
bryant: ...

isaac henry retelling me a convo he had with some of his buddies: they said santa claus was real and he rode reindeers and gived presents. but i told them santa claus is dead. right momma?

i want to apologize in advance for my child's brutal honesty and the dreams he is likely to kill at christmas time. at least your child's dead dreams will have some company.. dead santa.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

number 3: 29 weeks.

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whoo hoo! 29 weeks! that means 30 weeks is next week and there's just something about that number.. THIRTY. ten weeks left! crazy!

doctor-y stuff: we went to the doctor last week and got an ultrasound. don't you worry, abe gave us no good cutesy pictures to share.. just a bunch of his creepy skeleton head and a clear shot proving he's still very much a boy. the ultrasound tech said he's head down (which could change but probably won't.) and way down low, ready to go. and ya know how i've felt smaller this time, like abe can't possibly be as huge as grant was (9 lb. 4 oz.)?? welllll... he's already 3 lbs. and measuring a little over a week ahead. so, he's big. and i mean, i know i have large babies. but if he's gonna be 11 lbs. or something, he can just come on out a week early. because dang. everything else at the doctor looked great. everything i'm experiencing is normal..

what i'm experiencing: lots of braxton hicks, mostly when i'm being more active than the sloth that my body desires to be. shortness of breath. car sickness. not sleeping well/having a hard time going to sleep/crazy dreams. and general large-ness.

food: same ole same ole. sweets!

weight: i honestly do not know. because i honestly do not care. i mean, i don't want to be unhealthy. but i also want a milkshake, sooo..

baby buys: we bought the last few things we needed because target was having a good sale on baby gear and we needed to pick up a few boring things like an extra baby monitor and a sound machine. i also decided on abe's quilt and bought the fabric for it.. and it is still just sitting in a pile because the thought of cutting eighty 5 inch squares makes me say, "ugghhhh." 

hey! we're having a baby in 2 months!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

number 3: 27 weeks.

well, i'm pregnant.

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abe, we love you. we really do. please don't hold a grudge against me for not blogging about your in utero state as often as i blogged about your big bros.

symptoms: some things have changed over the last 3 weeks! this just in, i feel pregnant. i'm often out of breath and mildly uncomfortable. can't sleep worth a dime. braxton hicks contractions like whoa, which i never had with isaac henry or grant, so that's real fun. it's basically just cramps to the max. yesterday we were at the zoo and we were walking up hills and i felt like my stomach might explode. and holy car sickness! i've always been prone to car sickness, even as a kid. but it's ramped right on up with the ole pregnancy. like, every time i ride in a car i feel like i'm gonna pass out/barf. which makes me a tad nervous for some longer road trips we've got on the calendar next month.. momma might be takin' the wheel.

movement: yes. yes. yes. so much!! isaac henry has even felt him kick a few times and the first time he did, ih was amazed and was all, "MOMMA. IS HE ALIVE?!?!" ha. yep, definitely alive. abe really favors the right side of my bod so i feel him under those ribs a lot!

food: blessed food. still loving tangy and hamburgery things but some stuff that really stands out as of late is chocolate ice cream, sweets in general and cereal.

doctory things: we go next week for my last monthly appointment before we switch to every two weeks. that feels monumental. and we get to have an ultrasound! so so excited to see abe again!  i love technology.

thinking about: how abe is viable now! i know it's been a few weeks since we crossed that line, but it's always so cool to think about. if abe was born today [which we obvs. don't want, but IF] he would most likely survive! how cool?!

baby buys: i hit a big consignment sale over the weekend and rounded out abe's summer wardrobe. we still need to pick up a few things like another baby monitor camera and some nursery decor. we sold our old rocker and bought a new glider and ottoman, that finally arrived after two weeks of drama [i'll spare you the details but it was insane and made me wanna cuss] so bryant put that together last night. things are moving right along.

Monday, March 2, 2015

grant's shenanigans from 11:30 to 12:30 today..

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retrieved 3 lettuce leaves from fridge and ripped into tiny shreds all over the floor.

unrolled a half a roll of charmin.

climbed onto counter and attempted to take a bite out of an avocado.

emptied 12-14 items from the kitchen trash.

found 3 jigsaw puzzles and dumped them on the floor.

threw half of his lunch across the room/onto the floor during lunch time.

fell and mysteriously busted his lip complete with a mouthful of blood and hysterics.

moved kitchen stool over to the sink and proceeded to eat a few bites of this morning's pancakes that were in the sink full of dirty dishes with a fork also found in the sink full of dirty dishes. 

lord knows i love all of my children equally but today, isaac henry is my favorite.

dear jesus, let nap time last at least 2 hours today. amen.
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