Thursday, July 16, 2015

abe at one month.

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so yeah, he's so stinking cute.

just in the last week or so he's been grinning and giggling some.


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have you seen anything cuter?! i think not.

so, at one month abe:
  • is a great nurser. and pooper extraoridaire! 
  • has never had a good uninterrupted nap because his brothers are looney tunes. 
  • BUT he is so loved by isaac henry and grant. they fight over holding him and grant is always sneaking up and giving him sugar on the head. abe doesn't seem to mind them. 
  • sleeps a good 3-5 hour stretch at the beginning of the night and then co-sleeps with us for the rest of the night. so we're actually getting some rest!
  • doesn't love to be set down.. ummm.. anywhere. so that's just great. 
  • LOVES the outside. isaac henry says "abe just loooovveess sleepin' outside!" and he really does! you can almost guarantee that he'll fall asleep if you walk him out on the porch.
  • isn't crazy about the paci. he tolerates it occasionally. 
  • at his 3 week checkup he was back to birth weight.. 9 lb. 5 oz. and 22 inches long. 
we love this kid. i'm not gonna lie.. 3 kids is a little crazy. 3 is just a lot of kids. especially if they're all babies. but there's something about the third [so far. don't wanna count my chickens!] that's just.. i don't know.. easier? like we may actually know what we're doing this time around? i mean, we just jumped right back into life this time. church at 5 days old. firework shows at 2 weeks old. he's just going right along with the rest of this crazy bunch. and sometimes bryant and i look at each other and we're like, "we're totally nuts." but we might just be nuts enough to do this again.

isaac henry. grant.

Friday, July 10, 2015

an update.

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that was two sundays ago before grant's baby dedication at church. see how i typed grant there? totally unintentional, but i'm leaving it to drive home the point that WE CANNOT KEEP THESE CHILDREN'S NAMES STRAIGHT! ABE. abe's dedication. good grief. you wouldn't think it'd be so hard!  

anyway, this morning i needed to poop. and postpartum poops are terrifying. maybe i should be over the fear by now but i can't help but think that if i bear down real hard my uterus is just gonna plop out. i mean, the last time i pushed real hard a human came out of there followed by a huge life-giving organ. never mind that that happened almost a month ago. you can never be too cautious.

so i got the big boys all set up playing play dough. and abe was napping in the swing. and no sooner than i sit down..

abe is screaming. no surprise really since he prefers to nap anywhere from 30-45 seconds at a time unless he's being held/"nursing"..

and isaac yells: DANT JUST ATE SOME PLAY DOUGH!!!
momma, from the bathroom: grant! don't eat the play dough!
momma: ok.

so all that to say.. things are going well. you may be reading about fourth of july (which was great!) in september. but things are going well.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

isaac says.

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"momma? do i look so beautiful?!"

watching snow white for the first time, seemingly unimpressed, talking about the wicked witch:
i wish there were robots in this movie so they could just die her.

i'm taking isaac to the bathroom at cracker barrel and he spots the "women" sign.
ih: this potty is for girls!
me: well, momma can't go in the boy bathroom so you just have to go in here.
ih: it stinks in here!
me: yeah. well..
ih: i bet it's because girls have been using this bathroom. 

isaac is standing beside me at the sink and sees me wipe a dirty plate with a sponge.
ih: is that thing magic?!

we're doing bible time and reading about the israelites disobeying.
ih: again?! i'm so tired of this!!
..God probably was too buddy.

ih comes out of his room after naptime and proclaims: the king is done sleeping! i'm the king.
me: well, did the king have a good nap?
ih: i'm not the king anymore. i'm a bird.

isaac built nashville.. i'll give you one guess which building is the batman building..

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doing bible time. reading about sarah and abraham.
ih: how old is sari??
me: sarah? she was really old!
ih: no! sari??
me: sarah??
ih: no. SARI. in your phone!!!
... siri.

me: i'm glad you're my three year old.
ih: i won't be forever.
me: why not??
ih: because i have to be a grown up like you. (sad voice) and i won't be funny any more.
me: oh i bet you will! i bet you'll be even funnier!
ih, very matter-of-factly: grown ups aren't funny.
me: you don't think me and daddy are funny???
ih: you're maybe a little funny. 

driving down the road, isaac is talking a hundred miles a minute, like always.
ih: i LOVE breakfast. but i do not like green beans.
me: you don't like green beans?
ih: momma. just never fix me green beans again. ok?

ih: momma, i think daddy needs a new hiccup truck. a blue one.
me: a pick up truck?
ih: yeah. a hiccup truck.

after falling down in the gravel and skinning his knee pretty good, he was crying. a lot. i had comforted him all i could and put a bandaid on and it was time to ride the pain out.
me: buddy. there's nothing else we can do. you gotta just be tough.
ih: *crying, lots of tears, yelling, etc.*
me: that's part of playing outside. you're gonna get hurt. you just gotta be tough. now hush.
ih: *still crying*
me: isaac. that's enough. what do you want me to do??
me: ...

Monday, June 29, 2015

abe's birth story.

well, well, well. abe is approximately two weeks old so i guess it's birth story time.

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soooo.. the last week of my pregnancy was emotionally exhausting. i felt super hormonal and very emotional and like i was on the brink of tears always. so after much deliberation the plan was to ask for an induction on the friday that i had a doctor's appointment. my "due date" was the following monday but i was just done. i would have preferred for abe to come on his own but hope was fading fast and i felt like it was best for me and for my family if i evicted abe. at first, bryant was all "you don't want an induction." but then i think he saw that it was indeed going to be best for everyone if i wasn't pregnant anymore, so he got on board the induction train.

leading up to that appointment we did all the old wives' tales including but not limited to my consumption of an entire pineapple.. which only made my tongue raw. friday we went in. i packed a bag. and i told the doc that i was done. i wanted to have abe. he told me that he didn't have room for me in the inn (unless i was in active labor, which i very much so wasn't) but he scheduled an induction for me on tuesday morning, june 16.

that weekend we prepped and tried some more to "induce" labor the natural way [brown chicken brown cow] but tuesday came and abe was still snug in there. so off to the hospital we went for what i expected to be another ordinary induction birth story..

i got all hooked up and they started my pitocin at 8:00. at that point i was dilated to maybe a 3, 60% effaced, and abe was still very high.. showing no signs of evacuation. bryant was there, obvs. my mom got there around 9:30 i think. and my sweet friend cayte [who took all these amazing pictures!] got there shortly after that. rachel was on her way home and stopped by around lunch time to hopefully witness abe's grand entrance. but he was seemingly being a slowpoke. because HOURS had passed with me on the pitocin and i wasn't feeling a thing.

until 12:30. that's when stuff started happening. and man, it was hurting.

but we press on! because epidurals slow things down, right? and i don't want to do that! i want to speed things up! so i moaned and what-not through the contractions. and i told bryant, "i need to figure out how long i'm gonna be a hero." then at about 1:20 i was feeling like i would probably want an epidural soon so i got up to go to the bathroom one last time. while i was in the bathroom, things started getting intense, surprise surprise, so bryant called the nurse for my epidural.

cayte titled this photo "when s*** got real." i think that's about accurate..

the nurse got in there and checked me at about 1:30. i was dilated to 6. i expressed my concerns about slowing things down and she said "it's pretty much now or never." so we ordered the epidural. i got cozied back in bed while my mom and cayte fanned me with clip boards and i squeezed bryant's hand off. my dad got there about this time too (i think, i just remember him praying for me and me saying, "dad. please don't touch me." haha, i'm so kind.)

then at 1:45 my water broke. and i was like, deep breath, there's my water, deep breath.

and then about 30 seconds later i was like "WHERE IS MY EPIDURAL?!" and maybe some yelling. and maybe some pleading with the lord. and maybe a cuss. i never wanted to be that lady. the one who yells during labor. i just felt like it was all drama. but it's not. it really helps. just having that release is necessary and you just can't stop it. i take back everything i ever said about yelling laboring ladies. but i was aware i was yelling and that i didn't want to be because at one point i grabbed bryant's shirt and pulled him to me and yelled "SHUT UP!!!!" and he was all, "i didn't say anything." and i was like, "I'M TALKING TO MYSELF!!!!"

but anyway. after my water broke, i almost immediately turned over on my side and was like... i'm pushing. WHERE IS MY EPIDURAL?! and i told cayte "i'm either crapping right now or i'm having this baby." and she was all "do what you gotta do!" and then ran out into the hallway to tell my nurse that i was pushing.

so my nurse comes in and as you can imagine it's kinda chaos. and she checks me and is like, "yep. she's complete." and i'm all "WHERE IS THE EPIDURAL?!?!" because really my greatest fear at this point is feeling the pushing.. which i am doing.. and can't stop. and they're (my nurses and mom and cayte and bryant) are like you aren't getting an epidural. and i'm all "NOOOOO!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ALONE!!!!" and they're all super supportive and like YOU CAN DO THIS!

and then this really helpful nurse comes in and she's trying to tell me how to breath but i thought she was telling me shhhh. so i was all weepy and "i can't hush. i just can't!!" and she was like, don't hush! just breath!

and then the anesthesiologist, which we used to go to church with and i DO NOT want to see me in my nudity but OH WELL cause he did, comes in and is all, yeahhhhh, we can't really do much at this point. and so i said, "THEN GET OUT!"

more chaos. or at least it felt chaotic because this was all within 15 minutes! they throw my legs up in the stirrups. i closed my eyes. and bryant's crying because he's a precious man.

and i just push because that's all i know to do and my body literally won't stop pushing.. once. twice. opened my eyes and what do ya know?! abe is out and about! at 1:59 PM.

i will never get over the immediate relief of having a baby. it's like, intense pain!!! i want to die!!!! i might pass out right now!!! ...oh, i feel fine. baby please. and then they put him up on my chest and i was telling everyone there was no way he could be 9 lbs. because he just felt so tiny. but after a minute they weighed him and such and sure enough he was 9 lbs. 5 oz. my biggest baby yet!

so there ya have it. my induction turned natural birth story. and who woulda thought, i prefer the natural! i was walking down the hall like an hour later and my recovery has been amazing!! so next time, i'll probably go natural again. or maybe i'll just have number 4 in the car because 15 MINUTES people. crazy fast!!

i just kept telling bryant, "i cannot believe that just happened! i cannot believe i just did that!" it was really empowering! i'm the queen of the world!!

and the boys came that evening and they love him. well, grant has moments of love and moments of "i don't care." but isaac henry is obsessed.

abe is a delight. i'm glad he's ours. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

abe is here!

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in case you missed me yelling it from the rooftops/instagram/facebook..

abram bryant was born! he came in a hurry tuesday, june 16, 2015 at 1:59 PM. weighing a whopping 9 lbs. 5 oz. 20 inches long? and dang cute/identical to his brothers.

he's a master pooper and the tootin'-est thing i've ever seen. so far isaac henry is head over heels and grant couldn't care less about this major life change.

i've already felt the feelings of "what have we done?!" and "let's do it again!" and it's only been three days so this is sure to be a wild ride.

i'm hoping to get a birth story pushed out (do you see what i did there??) in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

kid interview: isaac henry. 3.5 years.

blame it all on my roots.. i love surveys/interviews. it probably goes back to my teenage history of myspace and seventeen magazine. i probably have a hundred videos of me asking isaac henry questions and i'll do the same with grant and abe. i can't stop. won't stop.  

so when i saw this little survey going around the book of faces and isaac henry simultaneously came down for some post nap snuggles, i jumped on it. it was originally just about momma, but i got carried away and interviewed about daddy too. 

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1. What is something momma always says to you? um, i love you.

2. What makes momma happy? obeying the rules.

3. What makes momma sad? disobeying the rules.

4. How does your momma make you laugh? tell me funny jokes

5. What was your momma like as a child? like me when i was a baby.

6. How old is your momma? 20

7. How tall is your momma? like this tall. *reaches up over my head.

8. What is her favorite thing to do? fixin' breakfast and make supper.

9. What does your momma do when you're not around? you're all by yourself.

10. If your momma becomes famous, what will it be for? um, what you like that will make me so laugh.

11. What is your momma really good at? painting. and drawing. and going at the zoo.

12. What is your momma not very good at? her can't make bicycles. 

[me: ...bicycles?]
no! you can't build them! ..but you can draw them.

13. What does your momma do for a job? her does computer and sometimes her study. on her phone.

14.What is your momma's favorite food? pancakes and doughnuts.

15.What makes you proud of your momma? um, making a car.

16. If your momma were a character, who would she be? a different lightening mcqueen.

17. What do you and your momma do together? draw and sing! la la la!

18. How are you and your momma the same? we put on the same shirts and we'll match!

19. How are you and your momma different? we wear different clothes.

20. How do you know your momma loves you? this much! *stretches arms out.

21. What does your momma like most about your daddy? playin' with him and having dance parties.

22. Where is your momma's favorite place to go? at vbs. and at play dates.

23. How old was your momma when you were born? maybe 2? 

1. What is something daddy always says to you? i love you.

2. What makes daddy happy? obeying the rules and staying in my room and not taking away stuff.

3. What makes daddy sad? when we don't go with him and he's all by himself.

4. How does your daddy make you laugh? tell funny jokes.

5. What was your daddy like as a child? he played toys. he loved to dance! dance dance dance!

6. How old is your daddy? this much.

7. How tall is your daddy? 80 lbs.

8. What is his favorite thing to do? play with me. like robots.. and playing volleyball! like when you throw it to daddy and then throw it back to me and then throw it back to daddy. like that.

9. What does your daddy do when you're not around? ummmm... plays with grant. and i help momma make eggs. and pancakes.

10. If your daddy becomes famous, what will it be for? him will be funny, jokes!  

11. What is your daddy really good at? making motorcycles with those blocks and that screw driver.

12. What is your daddy not very good at? hanging up pictures when the walls are so high and him can't reach it.

13. What does your daddy do for a job? him go at work and make coffee there. him make coffee at his work? 

[me: i don't know.] 
maybe we should call him..

14.What is your daddy's favorite food? pancakes. and stuff.

15.What makes you proud of your daddy? taking pictures. 

16. If your daddy were a character, who would he be? a famous man. or a race car. ohhh, a so fast race car! of all of the world! he'll drive on buildings. on computers. on noses. wait. not noses. *giggles. that's funny.

17. What do you and your daddy do together? play toys. jumping jacks.

18. How are you and your daddy the same? we can both stand on one foot and we build stuff.

19. How are you and your daddy different? we put on different clothes. him wears work clothes.

20. How do you know your daddy loves you? him makes a heart. i just feel my heart beep.

21. What does your daddy like most about your momma? singing with you.

22. Where is your daddy's favorite place to go? at work.

23. How old was your daddy when you were born? maybe 6 months?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

number 3: 39 weeks.

i don't even have an official chalkboard picture to share. but who cares? will abe care? not likely. abe, your momma got huge because you lived in her body. hopefully when you're reading this she will no longer be huge but she makes no guarantees.

and bryant brought this shirt home from work for me and i feel like it's fitting.. because i could probably bust through a brick wall with this jumbo belly. and this was like last week or something so i'm probably even huger now.

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oh yeah!

so why? why?????? do i say dumb stuff like, "he's gonna come early. i just KNOW it."

because he's not here. well, i mean, he's here in the sense that he's still very much so in my uterus but not here in the sense that other people can hold him because that would be weird and probably painful.

feeling: fine, physically. just fine. i mean, heartburn, large-ness, can't sleep worth a lick, yada yada. but really i feel fine. little to no contractions. but y'all, i'm just emotionally spent. my patience is gone (bless my sons. and my husband.) and i feel kinda like i'm on the brink of tears/nervous breakdown at any moment. and i emotionally ate an entire bag of peanut butter m&ms over the last two days.. the party size. so if that's not a sign of the times, i don't know what else i can do for you.

other stuff: i'm envisioning abe with dark hair. will it happen?? time will tell. still loving ice. all the ice!!! and pooping about 5 times a day which is giving me false hope that my body must be getting ready, but i'm not believing the lies because in reality there's probably just no room for the poop. i'm just tired of pooping. i go to the doctor friday and i'm hoping he's gonna check me and be like, "it's a miracle! you're having this baby today!" but doubtful because #pregnantforever.

i'm planning on eating a whole pineapple while sitting indian style tonight and then i will seduce bryant into getting this babe out ross & rachel style, because you know he wants a piece of this. should make for an exciting tuesday evening.

over and out. specifically the out. yes. i'm talkin' to you, abram.
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