Saturday, January 14, 2017

isaac says.

isaac had me lay on the ground and take this picture of him because he wanted a picture that looked like he was holding the sun..

i'm trying to get him to pick up his room..
me: it's crazy in here. let's pick up!
ih: but i never wanna pick up in here. this is how i live my life.

singing a song to his brothers: i love you i love you, i don't want you to diiiiiiiiieeeeeeee, i love you!!!!

grant was explaining to me that he had hit mallory at the pool..
ih: grant! you should never make your girlfriends cry!!

a huge loud storm had rolled through one night and i was telling isaac about it the next morning.
me: it was so loud! i can't believe you slept through it!
ih: i'm just different than you. my ears were turned off.

talking about his plans for when he grows up: i'm going to be an astronaut. i'll be a moon walker and collect rocks on the moon. don't worry, mclaine will be with me. or she'll watch the kids while i go.

telling bryant about our trip to the zoo: daddy! we saw pokey pines! did you know they can kill lions??

we visited my friend rachel over the summer when she was visiting her parents. they have a semi-scary/creepy taxidermied owl in a spare bedroom that isaac used to change clothes. he could not get over it "looking at him" also, rachel's dad is a veterinarian. a few weeks after our visit..
ih: momma, aunt rachel's daddy is an animal doctor?
me: yeah.
ih: then why would he shoot that owl?!

we had already gotten onto isaac for kissing mclaine. and then one sunday his sunday school teacher told us that they had been kissing in sunday school. so we were getting onto him again about it and told him that he could not kiss her anymore..
isaac, weeping: BUT I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!

anytime he's talking about the day after tomorrow he'll call it "to other morrow"

isaac came home from school and told me that his teachers had been spelling his name wrong. they were writing ISSAC instead of ISAAC. isaac knows how to spell his name so i told him that if they wrote his name wrong, he could just tell them.
the next day, his teacher wrote his name on his paper ISSAC.
isaac: that's not how you spell my name.
teacher: well, that's what the crayon box says.
isaac: *slowly shakes his head* crayon box is wrong.

tara and garrett were watching the boys and let them watch pokemon. we don't let them watch pokemon because it's dumb. so they were super excited about it.
isaac: we got to watch pokemon last night.
bryant: oh?
isaac: pokemon is the best!
bryant: no. i don't agree with that.
isaac: *leans back, puts his feet up on a chair* you wouldn't know. you. wouldn't. know.

examining truett soon after he was born..
talking about the crease at his chin: oh!! i have a sad part too!!

he was telling us everyone in our family's whole name..
"abe has 4 names! abram bryant coker big baby."

isaac has gotten really into magic tricks so i had let him watch some on youtube. he walks up to bryant and says,"i'm gonna show you a magic trick. i need your hat and a glass of milk." hahahaha. nope.

teacher asks me to talk to him about telling other kids santa isn't real..
me: so what did you say isaac?
ih: well, i told him santa wasn't real and he said he was and i said no he's not and he can just ask my mom. HER NAME IS LINDSEY JO!
... oh geez.

the next day at school..
me: well isaac? did you talk to anyone about santa today?
ih: no...
me: you didn't tell anyone santa isn't real?
ih: well, i just told him that his parents like to play a santa game with him.

looking at baby pictures of himself..
ih: look at my orange nose!
me: yep. you had probably just eaten some sweet potatoes.
ih: or one of those green things that babies like.
me: i don't know what you're talking about.
ih: you know.. those green things that have a big seed in the middle that you can't eat.
me: an avocado?
ih: YEAH!!!

"santa lives at green hills i think.. if you want to get a picture with him." (green hills is a mall.)

a few weeks later bryant and i are talking about a date..
bryant: we could go down to green hills..
isaac: did you know santa lives there?

isaac comes in the kitchen while i'm fixing supper, he's wearing a santa hat..
ih: ho ho ho! what do you want for christmas little girl?
me: oh! i would like a clean house!
ih: well.. i can't do magic. 

grant says.

this post is long overdue so this covers a 6 month (or more.. oops.) span of time..

he's eating french fries.
picks up big french fry: look at dis big baby!
picks up tiny fry: look at dis wittle baby!
picks up normal fry: look at dis... baby.

for the 6 months or so leading up to his birthday his only requests when asked what he wanted to do for his birthday: "mowry (mallory) and a chocolate monster truck cake."

refers to abe as "my wittle polka dot."

me: grant, is that marker on your hand?
grant: i colored myself. but i'm not paper!

i was looking at my phone.
grant: can i see?
show grant what i was looking at. it was recipe or something including a picture of shrimp and avocado.
grant: hmmmmm.. yuck.

when we were potty training..
me: what toy are you going to get when you finish your chart??
grant: a gun!! to shoot.. isaac. boom boom. like that.
me: ...

grant overhears me talking to siri..
me: what's the forecast for today?
grant: i don't know?

praying: thank you for me. thank you for grant. and momma and daddy. amen.

me, singing: can you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street?
grant: drive.

always telling us "i love your heart." thanks grandpa.

our cat likes to bring us dead animals and there was a mouse on the mat.
grant: cat brought a mouse.
me: oh, ok.
grant: don't worry. it's not mickey. mickey has red pants.

me: hey grant, wanna go to the moon today?
grant: we can't! it's day time!

before truett was born..
me: who do you think truett will look like??
isaac henry: daddy. or me!
grant: chewbacca.

following new year's eve and the all the hugs and kisses exchanged at the ball drop grant will come and love on you saying, "i love you... happy new year."

the boys have been calling our van cindy. don't ask me.. so we'll be going down the road and i'll hear them chanting, "go cindy! go cindy!"
bryant: who named the van cindy??
isaac: grant.
grant: no. my name isn't cindy. my name is grant. our van is named cindy.

isaac's mdo teacher from last year just adopted a little boy and named him isaac..
me: boys! miss beth just adopted a new baby boy! and guess what his name is??
grant, no hesitation: porcupine?
me: noooo..
grant: cindy? like our van?

truett paul's birth story.

i love a good birth story! and with tru being 2 months old and all i guess it's about time to type this sucker out. time has just snuck right by. yesterday i seriously looked at my calendar and counted how many weeks old truett is because strangers in the stores are always asking me and i didn't feel like a great mom being like, "....ummmmm.. like 6 or 7 weeks? (it's actually 8 and some change) he was born in november?" it's hard to keep up! i've got a lot on my plate right now! i felt like the transition from 1 to 2 was great- bitter sweet- but great! and the transition from 2 to 3.. pssshhhh! a breeze!!! but this 4th child has made it feel like we have about 57 children at least. it's just a little nuts around here. good nuts, like the chocolate covered ones. but still nuts. i know, i know.. you're like GET TO THE BIRTH STORY. so we will..

truett had been measuring big. consistently 1-2 weeks bigger than i was. which isn't too surprising because i do tend to have big babies, but it was still large enough for my doctor to say that i could deliver him a week early if i wanted to. and i was really torn because this is (maybe) my last baby and i kind of wanted to experience the whole going into labor thing again and birthing him naturally again but i also didn't want him to be 10 lbs. and i was really starting to be uncomfortable physically and mentally. and his due date was thanksgiving and lest you forgot, i had to make arrangements for my other 3 children when i went into labor and sooo it was looking like it was going to be much more convenient if i was induced.

we scheduled an induction for thursday, november 17th. the boys had mdo. i made arrangements for them to be picked up by my friend tara. bryant and dad had taken off work and everything was situated. then the 16th they call me and are like, "we don't have room for you." and i'm like... nope. and they're like, "call back at 3 in the morning and see if we have room." GREAT. then they call back and say, "actually call back at 8." and i'm starting to freak out because i had my heart set on having this baby on that thursday and they're saying it may not happen.. so then my actual doctor calls me and i'm like "shoot straight with me here doc.. am i coming in tomorrow or what?" and he told me that i was definitely coming in but it probably wouldn't be until after lunch.. so that whole day and then the next morning was a big back and forth of can i come in? call back in two hours. take the boys to mdo. go to walmart and buy house shoes. can i come in? call back in two hours. start putting together a toy box. walk around the house.. can i come in? call back in two hours. and then they called me back! and they said come on in! so we did.

we got to the hospital at 11:25. the plan was for me to have my water broken and try to induce labor that way. i was already dilated to a 3 so they broke my water at 12:05. well of course i wasn't in active labor and all along i had thought i'd be getting there at like 5 that morning so i would be done or at least have a good start by lunch time and here i was just getting started. so at 12:15 the nurse asked me what i wanted to do and i chose to start some pitocin to kickstart some contractions. am i not the most patient person in all the land or what?! i also stood up for a good part of the day just trying to get gravity to do it's thing. after a little while on the pitocin my contractions started coming on their own so they stopped the medicine and just let me labor. my pain was super manageable. and bryant kept warning the nurses saying, "you can't trust her. her tolerance for pain is super high." ha!

so at 5:45 i was dilated to 6 and had been there for a while. i had been standing or sitting upright in the old school PE butterfly stretch for most of the day. so they kicked my pitocin back on to try and get some more intense contractions. and they were more intense for sure. but i was still rating my pain at a 3 around 7:00. i never know how they want you to rate that? they say a 10 is getting your arm chopped off.. but i've never had my arm chopped off so that's a confusing metric for me. so i said it was a 3.

my parents had been there and my friend cayte (who took all these fancy pictures!) and of course bryant. and everyone was pretty chill and just waiting it out and talking and stuff but i remember around this time things were starting to hurt more and when my contractions came, i wanted everyone to be quiet. regular conversation in the background of labor was super annoying to me. princess lindsey jo! i knew it was getting close. cayte was rubbing my back. and bryant was warning nurses. the nurse tech brought in the big rolly table of stuff they use to birth babies and it was all wrapped in blue plastic or it was blue and then it was draped in a blue sheet. and she told us "don't touch anything on this table that's blue." and bryant was like, "it's all blue?" and she was like, "yep." hahaha!

at 7:45 they checked me and i was dilated to 8. i told them then that if it was going to be much longer i wanted an epidural. and everyone just kinda shook their head like.. that's not happening. the nurse called my doctor so he could head to the hospital. aaaannnnddd i started feeling like i needed to be on my side. which is how i felt when i was having abe. so here i am on my side, clinging to the rail on my bed and i'm like, "i've got to push!" and the nurse is like, no no no don't push! just breath. and bryant's like, IF SHE SAYS SHE'S GOT TO PUSH SHE IS GOING TO PUSH! and i'm like I'M PUSHING! and the nurse is like hoo hoo hoo just breath don't push. and well, that's not easy to do. i tried. i legitimately tried to breath and not push but it just wasn't happening. and then there came a point where i realized truett's head was pretty much out and i needed to roll over onto my back and finish having him. with bryant, my mom, cayte, and two nurses in the room. without anything being "ready" and my doctor still not at the hospital. truett was born at 7:57.

8 lb. 10 oz. 21 inches long. not tiny, especially for being a week early! and he was sooo purple. like, is he ok? purple. he just came so fast once he got going that he had a lot of bruising.

his hair had a golden tint and his eyebrows were completely blonde. lighter than the other boys have been! so he may be my real blondie. he was definitely my grossest messiest baby, just covered in goo. and his little ear was bent in half. it has since popped back up to normal ear status.

my doctor came in a little bit after he was born and delivered my placenta which hurt way way more than delivering truett. it was kinda stuck in there so he was really having to push my belly because i was starting to bleed a little too much. once that was all situated i nursed truett and we face timed the boys. they were with my friend tara and when she asked them if they wanted to stay up and wait for truett to be born so they could facetime him isaac henry said, "i would wait all night to meet him!" then we ate a late dinner of cracker barrel- turkey and dressing and all the fixin's! i was starving!! i hadn't eaten all day except the granola bar my dad had in his bag that i scarfed down when the nurse wasn't looking..

the next day, the circus came to town. and they all just loved him. they also loved the buttons on my bed and the cable tv.

we had a few more visitors that day and then friday night, we went home with our sweet little caboose! (probably.)    

Thursday, January 12, 2017


bob is seriously one of my favorite things. and i think it's so funny because our boys don't think he's real. they know that we move him around and stuff but they still think it's soooo funny and fun. they run down every morning and look for bob and find what he did and then grant always says, "silly bob!" i love it.

on the first day of bob, we forgot (and continued to forget multiple times this year...) and hurriedly stuck him in their backpack for mdo. which of course they loved.. "bob wants to go to school too!" easy to please..

this year, we found a girl elf and had to add her to the mix.

when they came down and found bob..
ih: bob has a friend.
*walks closer*
ih: ooooohh! it's a girlfriend. do you think bob got that girlfriend with his magic?, you just bought her.
me: *laughing* yeah.. what do you think her name is?
grant, with no hesitation: lindsey bob.

on christmas morning, this is how i found bob and lindsey bob. bryant bought me that cow canvas for christmas and had set them up like they painted it. cute husband.

and then christmas night i told the boys bob was over and isaac was like.. "momma, can you just put bob and lindsey bob by the basement door and write a note that says see ya next year?"

of course i can ya little weirdo. of course i can.

christmas at the cokers!

honestly, i was not feeling it this year. i think just with the whole having a new baby thing and the added pressure of that on top of trying to make christmas all magical just left me feeling a little humbug-ish. especially because i felt like last christmas was really fun and we did lots of fun things. but we powered through and managed to complete our little christmas checklist of magic for the boys and hallelujah.. it's over.

decorating the tree. matching christmas jams. jessee tree family devotion going ever so smoothly. handprint trees.

gingerbread house shenanigans. nutcracker by isaac henry. goofing off in the life sized nativity.

the annual king coker christmas cookie extravaganza! pj day at mdo.

wilson family christmas. christmas lights and popcorn.

christmas eve hamburger date. christmas eve service. all wrapped and ready!

christmas morning.

christmas with mom and dad and cinnamon roll monkey bread.

other notable things that happened this christmas..
bob reappeared. and although he was lazy this year, he deserves his own post.
isaac henry got reprimanded at school for spreading the santa isn't real gospel. oops. 
christmas was on a sunday so we got to go to church and be with our people and it made my day.
we spent time with bryant's fam so the boys got to play with some of their cousins and it made their day. 
we ate so many cookies.
magic. pure christmas magic.
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