Thursday, January 28, 2016

snowed in.

we got snow! so much snow!

last wednesday we got a little bit of snow and mostly freezing rain and ice. but it was still a snow day and the boys were begging to go outside in it. they loved it! bryant was home so we had a little snowball fight, made snow angels and made a snow man which they promptly destroyed.

abe napped for most of the outdoor fun but i had to take him out for a picture since it was his first snow! i started to just take him out and bryant was like, you may want to put a coat on him so people online don't judge you. ha! so i threw grant's hat and coat on him..

we warmed up with hot chocolate (or cold milk with marshmallows for grant, haha!) and crafts..

little did we know, the BLIZZARD of the century was coming on friday! i'm sure to call this a blizzard is just funny to the northerners but for us tennesseeans, this was big time snow!

our house was camouflaged..

i made snowman pancakes to get the boys hopped up on sugar before we went out to play.

we do not have proper snowgear, but we made do. i think we may invest in some boots and stuff at the end of the season this year.

grant had a harder time this day because the snow was SO TALL! he could barely walk and he kept falling and yelling "i'm stuck!!" bless him.

luckily, our neighbor had driven up and down our driveway a few times and made some tracks, so grant made his way over to the tracks and that's where he stayed!

i'm so glad bryant was able to stay and work from home (not that he had a choice! we were stuck!) but i love that he got to get out and play with the boys. he told one of his coworkers, "work will always be waiting for you, but you don't always get a snow day!" i'm so thankful that he has that mentality because i know a lot of people don't and as a result, they miss the important things in life.

and again, had to stick abe outside for a little photo op. i don't think he has a coat?? hahaha. #thirdchildprobs.

we were stuck for the rest of the weekend and so i had to get the boys out in "cute clothes" and try to get some cute pictures of them. isaac henry COULD NOT keep his eyes open for anything, further proving he is his papa's grandson. but i still got some keepers..


and then it got a little warmer and rained and the snow was gone as quick as it came. and man, i was glad. after a week at home.. i was itching to get out! and the boys loved watching the snowman melt! they thought it was sooooo funny as his nose fell off, then his head, then there was just a little chunk of snow left. they thought it was hilarious!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

abe at 7 months.

i know what you're thinking, how is it possible?! but it's true. abe is 7 months old!

abe at 7 months:
  • has his two bottom teeth! that teething was a doozy but those teeth are the cutest! 
  • still loves to eat (and nurse). he eats a solid breakfast and supper. mostly purees but he's venturing into some real food the last week or so. this morning he ate a pancake! i think his faves are sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, and graham crackers.
  • when we went to the doctor for 6 months (more like 6.5) we found out that he had had an ear infection and i didn't even know (and the mother of the year award goes to..) but he fought it off like a champ and only complained at bedtime by not sleeping a wink but preferring to be walked in circles for miles/watch brady bunch at 3 am. 
  • we also found out he's kinda a shrimp. so we've been beefing up his solid meals to help him grow grow grow! 
  • rolling and scooting all over the place! i fully expect crawling by next month but he is welcome to take his time because LEGOS. 
  • sits up a little but is still pretty wobbly. 
  • smiley britches.. some things never change.
  • transitioned out of a swaddle this month and is doing great! we are currently trying to get him to attach to some comfort item but our efforts have been futile. 
  • loves to rub bryant's beard. he's started to bite (while nursing, ouch!) and he especially loves to find two little hairs right at your hairline and pull them as hard as possible. feels great. 
  • got a johnny jump up this month and LOVES it. 
  • still loves his bros and all the action.
we love this kid. he's the man.

1 month.
2 months.
3 months.
4 months.
5 months.
6 months.  

Friday, January 8, 2016

isaac says.

isaac henry collected trash for like a month to "make a boat"..

gotta love kids and their quirks. 

the boys were playing outside in the yard and i was up on the porch watching them. isaac needed to go inside. on his way in he asked me, "will you keep a little eye on grant for me?" 

isaac was wearing his spider-man costume. 
me: will you help me pick this up? 
isaac: no. spiderman just wants to enjoy this (as he lays back and eats a laffy taffy.)

it's cold! we need some ear muffins!

dinner conversation one night..
isaac: well, i asked all the girls to marry me and they all said no. except one.
bryant and me: who was the one?
isaac: clainey. 
bryant: well, what did she say?  
isaac: she said "yes, i will marry you." 
me: why do you think you want to marry clainey?
isaac: she's so beautiful.. and she lindsey's kid.
bryant: so after you asked her to marry you what did you do?
isaac: i just kept doin' what i was doin'... i was dancing.

now he's moved on from clainey to another girl in his class at mdo. and when asked why he wants to marry magnolia he answers, "because she obeys the teachers."

the other day when i picked him up from school he told me, "i asked magnolia's momma if she could come over one night and she said yes. she's gonna like you." 

me: what do you think we should get daddy for christmas?
isaac: maybe a monster truck so he can go to work at monster jam and we can go see him and cheer go daddy! go daddy! 
me: i don't think we have that much money, can you think of anything smaller?
isaac: are you kidding?! i have so many quarters in my piggy bank! ...or maybe we can get him a toy monster truck or some legos. 
me: you think he would like toys for christmas? 
isaac: i'm sure. 

i was trying to do something with isaac and grant was destroying it so i told grant that what we were doing was for bigger kids.
isaac: yeah! big kids. bigger kids than you grant. i'm four!! and she's... a momma.

there was a cat in our yard and i was trying to get the boys to see it. 
me: look! what is that? 
isaac: an animal?
me: yeah, what kind of animal? 
isaac: i don't know. 
me: isaac. that black and white animal right there!! what is that?? 
isaac: hmmm black and white.. is it a zebra?
me: ... yes. there's a zebra in our yard.

walking through walmart (again) isaac sees an elderly asian man.
isaac, LOUDLY and right next to the man: momma! see that man? he's soooooo old. 
me, crossing fingers and thinking *please don't speak english. please don't speak english.* 
old man: chuckles. i'm sooo old??
me: dead. 

on bryant's birthday..
me: what do you like most about daddy? 
grant: daddy home! play toys! 
me: isaac what about you? what's your favorite thing about daddy?
isaac without hesitation: he poops well.

bryant: i love you.
isaac: i love you daddy. and i love your whole body. ... but you know what i don't like? your neck. 

isaac is really into saying the lord's prayer and has it memorized, mostly.. 
"give us tuesday. our daily bread."

when practicing for the christmas eve service children's choir he would always sing, "oh come oh come emmanuel! and ransom captain israel!" (help! captain israel is in trouble!!) 

sitting on the couch with bryant and me..
isaac: you know i'm a scientist, right daddy? i know everything about cereal and stuff.. and skeletons too.

some of isaac's latest drawings..

grant says.

this post is long overdue. grant has a huge personality and is so so funny and constantly cracking us up with the stuff he says. some of the stuff he says isn't funny in and of itself but it's just the way he says it. his voice is so deep for a two year old. he is fun.  

for the longest time when you asked him his name he'd answer "dwant hewo man!"

when he had first started saying his name was grant hero man papa was trying to get him to say it.
papa: what's your name?
grant: dwant soccah stah! 
papa: grant soccer star? 
grant: uh HUH!

ih, greeting grant one morning: hey grant!
g: hi dwant.
ih: my name's not grant? 

the boys were not getting along one morning so I was giving them a big lecture about how they are each other's best friend and they need to love each other. so i finished and asked isaac,
me: who's your best friend? 
isaac: grant.
me: right. grant, who's your best friend?
grant: sniffle sniffle. ne. sniffle sniffle. 

this was back in the fall but whenever you'd ask him if he'd pooped he'd blame every one else.. no, baby pooped! no, momma pooped! no, bubba pooped!

we were walking through walmart and i pushed the buggy out in front of me and let it go rolling down the aisle by itself and said "bye guys!" grant shouts "NO! not bye guys!"

bryant went out of town for a few days to a conference. when he got home, isaac runs to him "daddddyyy!!" and hugs him. grant was in the front room playing and he just steps around the corner so he can see bryant and bryant can see him and says "RRROOOOOOAAARRRRR!!!!!!"i think that means "i missed you."

isaac, complaining about something: i'm tired of this!
grant, in a super deep and grumpy voice: i'm tired too! 

on thanksgiving i was asking everyone what they were thankful for.
me: grant, what are you thankful for? 
grant: no. 

grant had done something to deserve discipline and didn't recieve discipline (sometimes we exercise grace.)
me: do you want to say anything for the grace? 
grant: no
me: thank you? 
grant: no way.

grant runs into the room full speed.
me: whatcha doing?
grant: i'm a race car! lightenin' mcqueen!

his cracker broke so he brought it to me, "my cracker is dead!!! fix my cracker??"

i was preparing grant for a handprint craft over christmas, which he hates.
me: grant we're gonna do a craft. 
grant: oh no.
me: oh yes. a craft. we're gonna paint your hand. 
grant: paint. my hand?
me: yep. 
grant: no way. 
me: yep, gonna do a craft, gonna paint your hand. 
grant: oh no. no paint my hand. no way!
we do the craft. he screams the whole time. after we're done..
me: did you like that?
grant: yes. 

grant got a baby doll for christmas and promptly named him wa wa wa.

boys were playing super heroes.
me: is batman a good guy or a bad guy?
grant: bad guy!
me: well then who's the good guy?
grant: abe. abe sweet.
me: awww, you're so sweet.
grant: no. abe so sweet. 

everytime you tell him he's sweet he says "no, abe sweet." or if you tell him he's cute, "no, abe cute."

i brought him his breakfast and set it down in front of him.
me: here monkey.
grant: no a monkey! i a car! a race car! blue race car! 

me: who's your favorite superhero?
grant: supe man! supe man flies! batman! america! charlie brown! 

Friday, January 1, 2016

how to: christmas card ornament.

one of my favorite things about christmas is getting all the christmas cards in the mail! i know i see your faces on facebook and instagram all year but who doesn't love some good ole snail mail?!

BUT. what do you do with the cards once christmas is over? i've always kept them because i'm a pack rat but let's be honest, i never look at them again. until now!

the other day an artist friend was at the house and we were discussing cards and this is what he said he does with the cards his family receives. it's BRILLIANT! i'm never turning back to boxing up your faces ever again! ornaments forever!!

this is what you do!

gather your cards.

now trace the picture you want to cut out. i used this masking tape but any circle will do. you need 20 circles.

sometimes you can get (and want to get) more than one circle from one card. and if there are multiple pictures on a card and you have to cut through someone's face in one circle, you can try to get their whole face in a different circle. i also cut some "filler" circles of pretty font or the greeting.

then i suggest making a little equilateral triangle for a guide to help you fold your circles.

put your triangle guide on your circle and fold up the edges to form tabs.

this is what it will look like once you've folded your tabs..

do that to all 20 circles!

now, use hot glue to glue 10 circles together in a row. alternating right side up triangle and upside down triangle.

it will look like this..

then glue the two ends together to make a ring, like this..

next you'll make two pieces like this for the top and bottom of your ball..

you do this by gluing the tabs of 5 circles together with all the triangles pointing the same direction.

then you guessed it! glue the tabs of the top and bottom to the ring you created earlier.

punch a hole and stick some string on there! there you have it!

and that's it! i got two ornaments from this years cards and can't wait to make this a tradition! much better than throwing those beautiful cards away!!

i'd love to see yours if you make one! they're so fun!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


you know we aren't a santa family for a whole lot of different reasons. and so when this elf situation popped up as a thing it was a no-brainer that we wouldn't do the elf. but then last year i wanted to. not the whole he watches you and you can't touch him stuff because that doesn't make sense for us but i just think he's fun and knew that the boys would enjoy it. i even went as far as to buy the elf on the shelf.

but then i flip flopped and returned him. but then i flip flopped again and picked up this little elf ornament on after christmas clearance last year for $1.50 because i thought wellllll, maybe i will do it after all and if not it's a whole $1.50. 

and that's how bob was born.

so on november 30 i told the boys that someone was coming to stay in our house until christmas and he was gonna do funny stuff. that was the extent of bob's story. no rules. no he's watching you. just silly stuff with bob.

of course isaac henry did not fall for it. we call stuffed animals "babies" in our house. and i showed him bob roasting marshmallows on dec. 1 and he was like, "momma. he's not real. he's just a baby. you know babies aren't real." and i'm all for the truth so when he was like "you did that momma." i admitted to it. but we still had loads of fun!!

the boys got a huge kick out of all the funny things that bob did and every morning they would come down looking for bob. grant would walk around hollering, "bob! where ah oo? bob! where ah oo?" until he found him. at kari's birthday party, grant spotted her elf and went to grab it. of course i stopped him and explained that they don't touch their elf. a few minutes later i heard him say under his breath, "imma touch dat bob. imma hold it." hahaha!

and i'm not gonna lie, i mighta had a little fun doing this too. this junk is my momma jam. the boys were saddened to see bob leave. but that's the thing about bobs, they have to sleep in the basement until it's christmas time again! so magical! hahaha. i think it's safe to say that bob will return.

Monday, December 28, 2015

christmas time is here.. and over.

christmas has come and gone! we had lots of fun this year. the boys are at really fun ages to be able to do lots of christmas magic. and i am one tired momma.

i don't really feel the disappointment i felt last year. i feel like we had a great christmas season. but i am glad for it to be over. i'm just glad to be back to reality and not so much make all the cookies!!! christmas craft!!! christmas lights!!! SPRINKLES!!! all the live long day.

that being said, we did do all those things. made the cookies and gingerbread houses and all the treats. and looked at christmas lights. and spent time with friends and framily. and did advent jesse tree and actually stayed pretty on top of it this year! and made sooo many christmas ornaments. and put up decorations. and wore cute outfits and christmas jams. and had bob the knock off elf [more on him later]. and watched all the christmas movies and polar express is meh. told all the people that santa isn't real. and sang all the jingle bells.

as for the christmas eve and christmas day activities..

we went over to mom and dad's for lunch on christmas eve and they spoiled the kids and us. surprise surprise.

i don't know why i haven't figured out that we don't have to buy the boys stuff at all because mom and dad just do enough on their own. they're good to us.

that night we got all spiffied up and went to christmas eve service.

i mean, come on!! they are the cutest.

and isaac got to sing in the little children's choir. oh come, oh come emmanuel. "and ransom captain israel!"

but mostly he played #isaachenryforpresident and waved and greeted folks and stood at the front of the church and hugged a little girl at the end of the song [while they were supposed to be walking back to their parents] for an extended period of time. sheesh.

after service we went over to ms. lucy's house with some friends and had a great time. the kids all had a dance party and the grown ups ate yummy snacks.

christmas morning! the boys were thrilled to open presents. and they just make me laugh.

isaac henry asked for a reindeer hat, a drum with a tie, and beds for his rescue bot crew. he's strange. also, those beds don't exist. so i made them with cardboard and hot glue. he got a few real toys too.

grant got some of his favorite things in life. weapons. superheroes. annddd.. a baby. grant named him "wah wah wah" and he's just the sweetest thing. i'm the proudest grandmother around.

abe got a bunch of old toys that i dug out of the closet and wrapped. hahahaha. and he didn't even know! or care! because he's literally the best baby in the universe.

we stayed in our jams all day. mom and dad stopped by to hang out and eat lunch. we dilly dallied around until supper time and took our pajama party over to the millers' and ate supper and lounged around with them.

it was a merry little christmas.

oh! and this was our christmas card..

we were going for funny. it makes me laugh at least! we are a tree. hahahaha!

and here's some ghosts of christmas past so you can say, "time flies! they're growing like weeds! how did this happen?"

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