Wednesday, July 5, 2017

makes me want a hot dog real bad.

bryant took off work on the 3rd so we all went to the zoo. it was the perfect time to do all the things that i always say no to. ha! so we rode the carousel and the train. and we got to see the new rhinos!

then we got rained on, so we headed home to rest before heading over to cayte and jacky's for our traditional july 3rd dinner.

abe was thrilled to be at lou's house. always love hanging out with the kings! then we headed over to the light house to watch the city fireworks with a bunch of friends from church.

remember how at the christmas eve service i get all antsy about them handing my child a CANDLE?? and then on july 4th i'm like here's fire that literally shoots SPARKS!! isn't it fun?! don't forget to give one to the toddler!! what is this safety first life we lead?! pure caution.

abe isn't a fan. he spent most of the 3rd and 4th running for his life, ducking and covering and then giving us a guilt trip for forcing him to participate by grumpily saying "i don't like that fireworks. dat scary."

on the actual 4th mom and dad came over. bryant needed dad's help fixing something on our deck so they did that and then we grilled hamburgers because THIS IS AMERICA.

and i have been dying to take some baby and watermelon pictures so i jumped on it because it just felt like the right time..

just leave.

dad made some homemade ice cream with the boys which they thought was the coolest thing ever. he made sure to give them facts about the temperature of ice and the temperature of ice and salt and things that only he would know off the top of his head. so funny.

we ended the evening by letting the boys play with more fire because safety abounds and evidently i'm a sucker for spending $36 on doo-dad fireworks. i bought one called poopy puppy that looked like a dog that was pooping and then ended with sparks coming out his tail. if that doesn't scream LET FREEDOM RING, then i don't know what does. 

right as we were finishing up our super classy fireworks some neighbors put on their own personal fireworks extravaganza that we watched from the comfort of our porch swing. it was every bit as good as the city fireworks! thanks rich neighbor!

i had a great two days. and i'm thankful to live in this country. i know it's not perfect but it's pretty darn good.


abe at 2.

we thought we had kids with big personalities until we had abe. he is 100% personality 100% of the time. he's a nut. the other day we were talking about the resting dispositions of our children. we decided isaac- happy, grant- content, abe- SILLY. he's just silly.

his expressions are big and he's just a wild man. he repeats everything and is so so verbal. i think part of the reason he's so funny is 1. he talks like a big kid. you don't expect him to say things like "i'm a zombie" in a spooky voice because.. HE IS TWO. so when he does it is just hilarious. 2. he knows how to be funny. he'll do something that he knows should make you laugh and then his expression changes like he is waiting for you to acknowledge that he's funny.

i have a feeling we're gonna be in a heap of trouble with this guy. or maybe not because he's just loveable. those big brown eyes are a killer and his laugh is the absolute best.

showing off his muscles at his 2 year check up.. he's a tank. 90% for weight 85% for height. he's two inches taller than the other boys were at 2.

luckily he only had to get a finger prick but he didn't care because he got to have a bandaid.

he's also a big scaredy cat.

loud noises aka fireworks. mascots. disney world. his belly button. you know, normal things. his defense mechanism in times of fear is to just close his eyes, hunker down and go to sleep.

he lives off sugar and carbs and chocolate milk. the other day i grabbed donuts as a treat for us and our friends before heading to the pool and he seriously said "i want more donuts momma." all the way from the donut store to the pool.

he loves to swim. he loves playing cars and wearing hats/helmets and sticking all the stickers on all the things but especially on himself. he loves quickly petting dogs and watching Mickey Mouse or super wings. he likes dismantling all the lego minifigures he can get his hands on. he loves to read and listen to music. putting stuff in his pockets and taking his shoes off is his jam. he likes to chug his drink (chocolate milk) and then sneak and steal his brother's cups and chug those too. 

he's a great listener. like when you say abe! come here! he usually runs in the other direction. or if you say "do you need a spanking?!" he'll say "yeah."  

he loves to roll call our family every day. i-ick, mant, daddy, momma, baby twuett. and then jokes that each of our names is his name. 

mostly i just want to remember how much of a hoot abe is and i want him to hurry up and get to the age where they have a little more sense in their head. if you have had a two year old, you know. they just take it out of you. he really is a sweet boy. 

a crazy sweet boy. we say he's our favorite and least favorite all in one. 

abe's 2nd birthday!

the weekend of abe's birthday was super busy for my parents and they knew they wouldn't get to see him so the night before abe's birthday, papa and ne stopped by to bring presents and dollars and a musical card.

on his birthday morning we all busted in his room and sang happy birthday which he loved. he really loved his whole day and all the attention he got. we blew up balloons and hung dollar store streamers and inflated the birthday mickey mouse. he opened presents from us right away.. a frog camping chair, some mini cars that can fit in his pockets, and a bb8 helmet.

the original plan was to just have a family party but the big brothers laid on the peer pressure pretty thick.. "don't you wanna have a party abe???" "don't you wanna invite your friends over abe?? caylee lou lou???" so i caved and we threw a little glorified play date party complete with hot dogs and funfetti cupcakes. and we invited all of abe's favorite friends, which are all girls. hahaha.

we topped it all off with a family date at hoppity hop and pizza and more cupcakes.

happy day wild man! i hope you felt celebrated and know we all are just crazy about you... or maybe you just make us all crazy :)

truett at 6 months and 7 months.

these two months have been a challenge. and not because truett is a challenging baby. he's actually the easiest baby EVER. but month 5 & 6 were doozies and so we'll just combine them up into one big ole update.. also important to note is that we are trucking right along into month 7 and i feel like we've rounded a corner so all the praise hands.

tru is a shrimpo. an official shrimpo which is aka failure to thrive which is aka FAILURE TO MOTHER. he had fallen off the growth chart and was just not gaining weight. many factors probably contributed to the whole situation such as he's very content and distracted so not very demanding (not cool when i am typically a feed on demand kinda momma) and my mysterious milk supply.

 to pump up the babe we went to a very strict scheduled feeding routine which was really killing my vibe and literally sucking the life out of me. have you ever tried to feed a baby that doesn't want to eat? not fun. on top of the around the clock feedings, my milk supply is usually just enough and in my professional opinion it wasn't even just enough this time. i was taking all the supplements and drinking all the water and eating all the oatmeal and doing all the things and he just wasn't gaining weight. which was frustrating because he isn't cranky, he acts satisfied, etc. it's all very confusing and discouraging. i'm not even one to stand on my breastfeeding soapbox with my boobs out and nurse until they're 3, i just wasn't ready to stop nursing and he didn't seem like he was ready to stop nursing but he was just so little. and if one more person suggested that i feed him avocados i was going to throw an avocado at them. to top all of that off i was feeling like it was time for me to try to lose some weight and then i feel like i can't restrict my eating because i have to consume enough food to make milk. and then his sleeping got all crazy. and i don't know if it was because we were on this force feeding schedule or if, ya know, HE'S A BABY. but again with the killing of the vibes.

but like i said, we've really turned a corner and let's let the past be the past. i think we've heard enough about how much of a anxious train wreck milk machine i was for 2 months.

as far as eating: we've transitioned from breastfed with a few solid meals to breastfed and supplementing with formula and a few solid meals to formula fed but breastfed sometimes like in the night because you people who actually wake up enough to make a bottle in the night deserve a medal with a few solid meals and let's see if he'll eat some of that macaroni in the restaurant because we forgot a bottle. and as much as i think bottles are the most inconvenient thing in the world (i had to buy one of those formula holders for my bag?!?!) i'm finally feeling like tru is a "normal" baby again and not a fragile feed every 3 hours flower.

other than all that craziness..

truett is just happy, content and sweet sweet sweet. he rolls and scoots all over town.. or at least the floor. he's got the bluest eyes and long ole feet. he doesn't really giggle, he only CRACKS up when he laughs. go big or go home.

he loves a snuggle, his bros, the exersaucer. he's typically a great napper. his smile is just a big open mouth. we feel like of all the brothers, he looks the most like grant. and besides the whole being a skinny pants he's really the best baby in the world. if you don't agree i'll fight ya.

i'm glad he's ours and i'm not proofreading this blog so i hope it makes sense. YOLOOOOOOOOO.

Monday, May 8, 2017

truett at 5 months.

this has been on my to do list for oh... 3 weeks or so. truett is 5 months old! and i feel like i've been slacking on documenting his babyhood. i so don't want that to be the case because he is just the sweetest but ya know, life. 4 kids. yada yada yada.

at 5 months:
  • i already documented that truett was a shrimpo at his 4 month checkup. and while that is still true he did gain a whole pound! 
  • he is still nursing frequently. i feel like my milk supply decreased some this month but i've been trying to drink more water and take some supplements to keep the good stuff flowing! tru also chows on some baby food twice a day. he's tried pretty much everything fruit/veggie wise at this point and seems to like most things. he probably likes sweet potatoes best.
  • he is a thumb/finger sucker. definitely prefers to suck his fingers over a paci. 
  • i've never had a baby that just falls asleep while they're playing.. until now! multiple times truett will be playing and will just lay his head down and start sucking his fingers and just go right to sleep on the floor.. the other day he took a 2 hour nap on the floor! hahaha. 
  • rolls all over the place and scoots some but not showing progress in sitting up at all. 
  • likes to play in his exersaucer.
  • is ticklish, loves eskimo kisses, and his bros. 
  • he is just the sweetest, easiest baby. our friends give us a hard time because his little cry is just so quiet. even when he's mad, he's just quiet. 
  • along with his birthmark on his arm a small brown birthmark has popped up on his forehead near his hairline.. which reminds me- he's getting more hair!! 
  • he usually goes to bed between 7 and 8 and sleeps until 4:30-5 and then sleeps in our bed with me until the big boys wake us up around 7. 
in the words of grant man- truey is just so tiny and cute! we love that little shrimp.  

Friday, March 31, 2017

just. get. out.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

truett at 4 months.

tru is 4 months old! time is just flying right by and this babe is just along for the ride.he is absolutely the perfect 4th. he's just go with the flow and sweet as pie.

at 4 months:
  • yikes. he's only 11 lbs. 9 oz. aka, a squirt. we had this same issue with isaac henry at 4 months so it wasn't super surprising to me. but we did have to start solid food. and i know that seems exciting but i just don't love it. food is just so messy and inconvenient (in my opinion!) compared to nursing exclusively. 
  • so he's had some food and doesn't seem to love it, but he's eating it. so, success? 
  • i'm just not a scheduler so i can't tell you much about his schedule but he usually takes 2 good naps and wakes up twice a night. 
  • he sleeps in his crib for everything. much to my dismay he started acting uncomfortable in our bed so i have to make the trek upstairs in the middle of the night. wahhhh. 
  • he finally rolled from belly to back. he'll roll onto his side from his back but not fully over.
  • he still takes a paci at bedtime but his go to self-soothing is sucking his two middle fingers. 
  • he still has his little stork bite between his eyes and a little brown birthmark appeared on his left forearm this month! 
he's such a easy baby. so so sweet. i'm glad he's ours.

isaac henry. grant. abe
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