Friday, December 19, 2014

number 3: 14 weeks.

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well, looky here. i've been 14 weeks for almost a week now.. so i should probably do a little posty post. nothing has really changed. actually, i have to keep reminding myself that i'm pregnant.

but here's a few things just to keep ya on your toes.

i go back to the doctor monday. just for the check up and i can't wait to hear that heartbeat. and i'm contemplating sneaking into the ultrasound room and sticking that wand on my belly when no one is looking and seeing if i can see a weenie or not.

also, i'm kinda thinking that i felt the baby move just a little. i mean, my email said that it's the size of a clenched fist so anything's possible right?!

and lastly, we may have decided on a name.. i don't know. but it's consuming my brain. so i'm ready to decide and get it over with!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

twas a week until christmas..

what?! am i stuck in a time machine? am i being punked?! ashton?!

so, obviously i've been blogger of the year lately. but i really do have stuff to say! like, i wanna show you my christmas decor.. only it's the same ole stuff you've already seen but i wanna show you it again. and then my house looks like this..

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and i'm pretty sure i cleaned that room 47 seconds ago. i know i'm not the only one. and really that picture makes it look not too bad, but believe me. it's crazy. 'tis the season. i told bryant yesterday that maybe maybe one day he'll come home to a clean house and supper cooked and not crazy children. in like 5 years.. or more. so let's just chat for a sec and pretend all of our chores are done. merry christmas from me!

1. i am loving the mail! christmas cards are my heart! i've just been taping them to the wall and i love looking at all those smiling faces and pretty babies and I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS! if you aren't on our christmas card list and want one from the ole cokers, holler at your girl.

2. how is christmas in a week?! i'm tempted to be like, "we haven't done enough magical crap!!!" but i am actually feeling really content. we've let isaac henry stay up late after bath on a few occasions and watch christmas specials and y'all, shows and not going to bed are his love language so he's pretty much in heaven and begs us/tries to trick us everyday to let him "stay up late and watch a movie with you guys!" i'm all, it's time to get a bath and get your jams on and go to bed and isaac's all, it's time to get a bath and get my jams on and WATCH A MOVIE!! we're gonna make sugar cookies and watch polar express tonight. christmas magic, here we come!

3. bryant and i celebrated our anniversary monday. 7 years! i'm pretty sure most people thought we were nuts when we wedded as babes. and we probably were. but against all odds, i love that guy more than ever. i love figuring out this messy life with him. and man, he's a hottie.

4. while december is crazy, there are these special days like today where we have nothing to do! no reason to leave the house! so we're still in our jams and it's 11:19. yikes. but it's nice to have a breather because let me just tell you about our weekend because i know we're the only people in the world that are busy and then you can anticipate all the things that i may or may not blog about (probably not.. let's not give me too much credit.) tomorrow i need to go to walmart to get the last few things for bryant's outfit for the tacky christmas sweater party that's on saturday. then bryant and i have eye doctor appointments. then we have my extended family christmas celebration which always promises to be entertaining. saturday morn, aunt em is coming to visit for a little bit and then we have a birthday party in the afternoon and then tacky christmas sweater party with our community group saturday night. and blah blah blah. but bryant's off all next week and CHRISTMAS! holla!

5. last thing, because 5 seems like a good place to stop and everyone says, amen! grant's walking-ish. he took like 15 steps in a row yesterday. he's getting pretty good. he's not falling as much and just getting braver. gotta make way for number 3! i should probably do a grant update soon because he's changing and cracking me up and is sooo different from isaac henry and i like him.       

Friday, December 12, 2014

isaac says.

because it's friday and my house is a wreck and we're going on a date tonight and have a crazy weekend ahead, let's laugh at some things isaac henry has said lately..

just your average super hero at the walmart..

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isaac luring grant into the living room, ET style, with goldfish. i was dying!

walking to our booth at a restaurant, isaac henry spots a man with a rather large beard.
isaac henry (shouting): LOOK AT THAT BIG BEARD!!!
bearded man and wife: laughter.
bryant and me: yep. that's a big beard.

talking about john the baptist at bible time..
me: would you eat grasshoppers??
isaac henry: NO WAY! ..i only eat sandwiches.

ih: momma? you need a wittle pat pat?
me: yeah, i could use a pat pat.
ih pats me on the back.
ih: you need a wittle pat pat on your butt?!
me: no, i think i'm good. *laughing* how did i get the two cutest boys?
ih: God gived them to you!!

after a long day..
me: i'm ready for daddy to come home.
ih: i'm ready to eat pretzels!!!!

we're upstairs playing and isaac is alone in his room. he suddenly comes out of his room, with no pants on and his ... is sticking out of the hole of his underwear (new discovery!)..
ih: MOMMA!!!!! i have a hole in mine underwear right here!! can i PLEASE pee out of it?!?!

me: what do you want for christmas?
ih: ummm.. ham.

we had just ate lunch for bryant's birthday at firehouse and on our way home we pulled into culver's drive-thru to get some ice cream.
isaac henry: we don't need another lunch!! 

we all just woke up from naps and while we were sleeping our neighbor put up one of those inflatable snow globes in the yard. upon seeing it isaac exclaims, "oh my goodness!!! it's just my luck!!! that's all i love to see for christmas!!!"

sometimes isaac henry asks me to draw random pictures for him on the chalkboard. on this day he wanted a turn..

"it's a hotdog!"

ih: how many days 'til christmas?
me: 14.
ih: only 4 days?!?! (holds up 4 fingers.)
me: no, 14 days.
ih: (defeated) my can't hold up 14..

we're out running errands..
ih: momma! we need to get home!! i gotta get a scoop of ice cream.

ih is telling me about when he grows up: when i grow up like a man i can be a worker guy, or a police officer, or a farmer guy... but i would love to be a daddy.
me: *puddle on floor*

me: do you think we'll have a brother or a sister this time?
ih: a brother. me no like girls.
me: yes you do! what about olyvia? you love olyvia!
ih: yeah, and me love clainey too. but me no love sisters.
me: but if it's a sister you'll still love her, right??
ih: no.

Monday, December 8, 2014

number 3: 13 weeks.

sooo, second trimester. i guess we should talk about this baby. i got an email this morning saying that it was the size of a peach! that's huge!

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iphone picture taken in comfies and i'm not looking too cute and this is exactly the same thing i did with number two. and where is my originality?! did it die with number 2?! #thirdchild

let me just recap the first trimester and then we'll dig in a little deeper.. it sucked and then it didn't.

symptoms: earlier on i felt like awful. so much nausea and puke. absolutely no energy. and all the teenage pimples you could ever dream of. so then we found out i have a low thyroid this time, which i didn't have with the boys. and it caused a lot of extra anxiety and worry and blood work at the beginning because no one likes to here, "everything looks really great!! except..." so i was all, "crap." but as it turns out, low thyroid is pretty common and not that big of a deal. they got me on some medicine and within a week my energy levels were back to i'm tired because i'm in my first trimester and have two hoodlums normal and not i'm on my death bed and will literally die if i don't nap right now abnormal. about a week after that my nausea subsided and now i'm feeling real good!

cravings: during the no good awful nausea days all i could even think about eating/manage to eat was fast food cheeseburgers and fries. and sugar-y cereal. i was a little terrified that i would gain 500 lbs. but now i'm back to normal eating habits. although i have decided it's unfair to be pregnant during the holidays because you're getting weighed all the time and.. yikes.

fat: yep. the seasoned uterus is at it again. and there's some grant fat left over so i'm looking real good and pregnant. maternity pants all the way.. and by maternity pants i mean, if i'm at home, leggings and jams, my friends.

gender: ahhhh! everybody wants a girl this time. and at first i was like, who cares?! boys rock. i love boys. blah blah blah. but i can't hide it anymore, i kinda want a girl. i will not be sending a boy back and i will love him and all will be well because hello, it's a baby and really, who cares?! but we're gonna have to buy all new clothes anyway because june clothes and october clothes don't jive and i think it's a girl and i just kinda want it to be. and then we heard the heartbeat and it was 172! GIRL!!!!! but then i was looking at grant's pregnancy journal and his was 171 and he's very much not a girl, so ppsshhhh.  

names: i will most likely be delivering this child in the looney bin because picking a name is driving me bonkers!! we have a short list but none of them have that I WILL NAME MY BABY ____ IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO! feeling. i mean, we have some great options and they're cute and whatever. and i will not list the names here because that feels really vulnerable. and i don't care if you like what i like (honestly, don't care! you're gonna love the kid no matter their name is.), but i don't wanna talk about it here. so text me or email me and i'll tell you. ha! also, isaac henry insists that we name the baby bob, so there you have it. i do love suggestions. i like old, classic, southern, double names. give 'em to me!

is that a good enough update? i feel like yes.

in case you wanna compare the bellies.. they're pretty alike.
isaac henry. grant

Monday, December 1, 2014


well, there's nothing like blogging for 2 weeks straight and then stopping, am i right?!

and i don't wanna hear no jokes about how you didn't mind the silence.

anyway, what better way to jump back in than to tell you about our thanksgiving?

we got up and ate cinnamon rolls that i had intended to fancy up like turkeys, but that just didn't happen. for one thing i accidentally bought the cinnamon rolls that are just a glorified biscuit and not swirled up.. you know what i mean, right? and secondly, when it came down to it, i just didn't really feel like it. and i told no one my plan so no one even knew that i failed.. until now. it's the thought that counts?

bryant watched charlie brown thanksgiving and some of the parade with the boys while i started fixing lunch.

mom and dad came over to our house and brought turkey and dressing and gravy. and i made a bunch of sides and my traditional thanksgiving pies. and we had a big ole feast. can i just say how i love thanksgiving food?! oh my my.

after we gorged ourselves, we just played with the boys for a while until they were ready to nap. then we put them down and played board games because that's what we do on the holidays. we ate an early supper of left overs and mom offered to put the boys to bed and let us go see mockingjay. so that's what we did. i love those movies. they're just so good!

thanksgiving was a good day. it was laid back and delicious and i wore my "thanksgiving pants" aka maternity pants, ha! so it was a good day.

i think holidays can sometimes be not fun. when your family doesn't look like you expected it to look, there can just be a lot of disappointment. and it can be sad. and i have felt that in the years past. i felt little bits of that this year. but i'm learning to just enjoy what i have, the family i have. life is hard, but God is so good. and mostly i just felt a sense of sweetness this thanksgiving.

i am so thankful. for so many things. for my hard working, funny, handsome husband. my sweet, silly boys. a new little baby that's growing in my belly and is already so anticipated and loved. my parents who love us so well and help us so much. our amazing friends that have become our family. our great church family. women i admire and can seek wisdom from/walk the momma-hood road with. our super cool new dream house [how did this happen?! how do we get to live here?! crazy!!]. jesus and his never ending grace for me when i fail every day as a wife and a mom and a friend and a person. so so many things.. ice cream. new friendships. friday night family movie nights. you!

you get the picture. we're blessed.

and now it's december.. what. the. heck?   

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

isaac says.

during grant's one year pictures, laura was getting a few of isaac and this is how he wanted to pose..

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seriously!! we didn't coach him at all!! i think we probably said, "smile." but that's it. hilarious!

he always says scarf for scar. i think it's the cutest. ie: daddy has a scarf on his arm. jesus has scarfs on his hands.

i'm in the kitchen. isaac henry's in the living room..
ih: momma!!! come here!!!
momma: *walk into living room* what buddy?
ih: wellllll, i can whistle. listen.
me: ok, let's hear it. 
ih, shouting: WHOO WHOO! WHOO WHOO!

we're visiting nana [my grandma] one day.
nana [to isaac]: you are growing like a weed!

isaac is looking out the window at all the leaves falling..
"momma! look at da weaves fallin' down! they're coverin' the ground. like pepperonis cover pizza."

bryant brought me some socks home from work and we were talking about them.
bryant [to me]: i like it when you wear colored socks. i think it's hot.
me: ...
isaac henry: momma! these socks are for you to make you hot!! ... for da cold winter.

isaac henry was grounded from watching tv. he and i were sitting on the couch eating popcorn, grant was playing in the floor..
isaac: can we watch a movie too?!
me: nope, you can't watch shows right now. you lost your privileges. 
isaac [sounding defeated]: we'll just pretend to watch a movie... *looks at grant*... grant is da movie.

i found a forgotten slice of isaac's birthday cake in the pantry. it was very moldy, so i obviously threw it away. isaac witnessed it.
isaac: why you throw my cake away?!
me: well, it's moldy. it's not good anymore.
isaac: momma. i'm sorry YOU RUINED MY CAKE.

isaac henry recounting the bonfire we had at our house for the youth..
"member last night when we had a bonfire??? and we made hotdogs. and ate smashmellows??? "

a few days ago isaac henry took a really long nap. when he woke up..
isaac henry: i slept a long time.
me: yeah, you did! 3 hours!
isaac henry: is it christmas now?

walking through walmart isaac spies a man with an eyepatch.
isaac henry, shouting: ARRRGGG MATEY!!! YOU IS A PIWATE!!!
me: ...
pirate: ...

Monday, November 10, 2014

a recipe.. kinda. cinnamon roll popcorn.

so there's two things that i cannot get enough of so far with this pregnancy. fast food cheeseburgers and french fries and cinnamon-y cereal or similar treat. pretty much i'm counting on being 400 lbs.

i was responsible for snacks at community group last week and i figured my church fam wouldn't love a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch as much as i would so i whipped up this yummy popcorn and brybear was all "BLOG. THIS." because he loves y'all.

so i took this really professional foodie picture...

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when you pick it up and put it in a bowl some of the cinnamon falls off so i promise you aren't gonna be overcome by the power of cinnamon. don't let my food photography mislead you.

and now i'll tell you about this gourmet popcorn that legit tastes like a cinnamon roll.

pop two bags of popcorn in the microwave. you can also make it old school but i'm technologically advanced and gourmet so the microwave is the way for me.

while your popcorn is popping mix 1/4 cup of sugar and 2 tbsp. of cinnamon. or eyeball it. 

lay out your popcorn on a sheet of wax paper. pick out all the unpopped kernels. those would be an unpleasant surprise.

melt 2 tablespoons of butter and pour that over the popcorn. sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture over popcorn.

melt 3 squares of white chocolate almond bark [or a cup of white chocolate chips. so many options with this "recipe"!] and drizzle that over the popcorn.

let the white chocolate set up and then transfer cinnamon roll popcorn to a bowl or your mouth. your call.

i think this would be the perfect neighbor gift for christmas or a festive snack to take to a holiday party or a yummy treat for your friend lindsey jo in lieu of a third bowl of cinnamon captain crunch.. not that that happens. the possibilities are endless!
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